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When you think about it,

it all makes sense. NEVER has the TSA found a domestic terrorist! The underwear bomber and shoe bomber were foreign nationals, with obvious anti-US tendencies, BUT, the TSA has made our lives miserable, and MUCH more expensive, as they feel up grannies traveling from Denver to Salt Lake City. Doesn't make sense? Oh, but it does, as you see who is profitting. The entire Homeland Security System, set up to profit Bush's buddies, has changed our lives forever. A somewhat good idea, that went totally ballistic. Just follow the money,whenever you wonder what's really going on. A few people are making HUGE profits (like Michael Chertoff) as we wait in lines. Show me where I'm wrong...

As I watch

the news tonight, I see my favorite nonpolitician speaking. If I could place someone in power, for MY country, and the future of my loved ones, it would undoubtedly be Colin Powell. A registered Repub, but someone who has shown he 'gets it'. Does anyone else see this?

A part of the trillion dollar problem,

we are left with, after the cowboy prez, is trying to 'nation build' with a bunch of illiterate, corruption prone Afghans. SURPRISE, it ain't gonna work. After W enriched his big oil and defense buddies, we are left with the bill and the consequences. Does anyone think we can win in Afghanistan, outside of FOXNews disciples, that is? Duh, it's a money pit, where we pay and the Bush buddies profit. Some things never change...

If you are like me,

this time of year you often get the urge to share with those less fortunate, but you're not sure how. I've looked around quite a bit and this is my favorite., for several reasons. All donations are matched, at 50 cents on the dollar, by the McCormack foundation, which also pays all administrative costs. Contributions stay local and are divied up among many worthwhile causes, mostly child oriented. From all the research I've done, they are just the best, AND, they don't keep hitting you up again, like some charities. 'Tis the season to share, and this is a good place to do it, in my humble opinion.

The voice of the Repubs,

FOXNews, is coming down hard on Obama (surprise!) cuz he wants millionaires to pay an extra 4% on income over a million dollars/year, and he wants a price freeze for gov't employees, BUT, they are totally against deficit spending. Seem stupid to you? Of course, unless you are a Repub/FOXNews fan, then you just close your brain and 'baaaaa' your support.

Another fantastic

Thanksgiving get together at Nate and Laura's this year. Piper wasn't quite used to all the people in HER house and took a little while to 'welcome' everyone, but she came around, shortly. With 2 sets of grandparents, 7 aunts and uncles, plus guests, it was a few more faces than she was used to, but, once she realized there were lots of goodies and no shortage of people to spoil her, all was well. The hosts provided the main course and guests brought piles of food, enough for left-overs for all to take, BUT, in one of the worst catastrophes of modern time, Carol and I didn't get any turkey, in our take-home. Can't tell you how it happened or how disappointed I was when I went to the fridge, and nada. I think I had tears in my eyes, but tried to hide it, as Ted and Kari came over and we watched CU take their final beating from Nebr, before they both change conferences. The good news? Couldn't get my (CU) bet in with Vegas Tolly, so that saved me something. T…

Texas police

can't patrol the border, cuz they are too busy busting 77 year old Willie Nelson with pot, AGAIN. They got nothing better to do than stop and search his tour bus? Sorta like shooting fish in a barrel for the Keystone Cops of Texas. Good job, guys, keeping the public safe by putting Willie in jail for smokin' weed. Bet they went out and got drunk to celebrate.

From the same mind, and mouth,

that didn't realize that South Africa was a country, comes Sarah's latest gaffe. "We have to stand behind our North Korean allies", she said on FOX, after saying she wouldn't appear on any 'biased networks'. Yup, presidential material if I ever saw it...

Easy test, to tell

if you don't have a clue, politically. This morning, on FOXNews, Sarah announced she wasn't gonna waste time on biased news outlets, like ABC with Katie Couric and her 'gotcha' interview. If you remember, Katie had the unmitigated gall to ask Ms Palin what, or which newspapers she read, and Sarah couldn't think of one. THAT was unforgivable, SO, Sarah announced on FOX, that bastion of impartiality,  that whe wouldn't appear on biased news networks. If that didn't make you laugh out loud, you just ain't payin' attention, or you just don't have a clue.

Knew this day was coming,

but still not easy. Dad called and said mom, (86 yr old) passed out for 20 mins and ambulance took her to hospital. Will let y'all know when/what I know.

'Follow the money'

has always seemed like the logical way to explain how our gov't works, SO, as the TSA bigwigs grow rich, it only makes sense to look at who profits. This is an easy one. Michael Chertoff, former Bush administration head of Homeland Security is a lobbyist for Rapiscan, who, with his clout, was awarded a $173 million contract to provide the scanners.The NY Post has a good story this morning describing the neferious role of Michael Chertoff, the former head of Homeland Security, who, like Rudy Guiliani, makes big bucks consulting on counter-terror strategies.

Grampa time tonight,

while the kids go see the new Harry Potter. Tough duty, having to play with Piper for a few hours. This was part of the 'hat on, hat off, game. What a cutie. She really amazed me how she could put puzzles together. Been watching 'Raising Hope' on TV, to learn how to be better grandparents, and I think it's working.

While I was looking,

for Carol's softball pic, I came across this one, which Ranny requested earlier, from a 'bonfire night' when Carol (on the left) was a cheerleader, at Kearney State. Sorry, just don't have many pics that survived from those days. I barely did, myself.

Don't know what I'd do,

if I were in charge, cuz it's not right to collect unemployment 'forever' and alot of these people have been doing it for 2 years, but the timing kinda sucks. One of the first things the new Repub House of Reps did was to cut off unemployment benefits, as of Nov 30th. I'm sure some of the recipients were milking the system, but, the truth is, after the disaster of the Bush presidency, there's just not many jobs out there. As I said, not sure what's right, but many families just got their safety net pulled out from under them, at the same time the Repubs are fighting to keep the tax breaks in effect for multi-millionaires.

Just to save Ranny,

the trouble of asking, (see previous post) here's a pic (of a pic) of Carol in her Rogue uniform.

The latest TSA pat-down fiasco,

reminds me of a story. MANY years ago, when we first moved to Colorado, pre-children, Carol, being the excellent athlete she is, was invited to play on a women's softball team. Ron's Rogue's were well sponsored with all their fees paid and had really nice red and gray uniforms. And they were good. We didn't realize why, at first, but after a while it became obvious that Tammie and Carol were about the only 'straight' girls on the team. One of the better players, we'll call her Terri M, cuz that's her name, could hit, run and throw sorta like a guy. Over the years I got to know and like her, cuz, 'not that there's anything wrong with it'. Fast forward many years, and we were in Central City/Blackhawk at the casinos one night, and who walks through, dressed like a biker guy, stoned on her ass, with a cute little chick in tow? Terri M, who hadn't changed all that much. A few years later, (last year), Carol and I were going through DIA, catc…

While I'm still thinking

about it, gotta tell you about 'Due Date', where Carol and I laughed a LOT. Zach Galafianakis is SO funny, and Robert Downey Jr is always fun to watch, but they were over the top in this one, sort of a remake of 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles'. Sometimes it got kinda sad, as the story hit too close to reality, but then they'd jolt you back to the comedy. Nothing is off limits or too risque, (well, almost) as Ethan and Peter travel across the country together. Bottom line, a lotta laughs. Couldn't figure out all the kids camped out in the lobby, til we noticed alot of them were in costume, Harry Potter costumes, for the show at 12:01 tonight. Looking forward to that one, too.

Just when I think

the American electorate is hopelessly stupid, Lisa Murkowski wins an historic write-in victory over Sara's personal pick in Alaska, where they know Palin the best.  AND, I found out how Bristol is surviving on 'Dancing'. Seems the Tea Partiers found a glitch where they can vote repeatedly, by using fake e-mail addresses, and they overwhelmed the system, (cuz these people vote, not intelligently, but overwhelmingly) Not surprising, but one guy in Wisconsin was so upset by the Bristol's 'success' he blew out his TV with a shotgun, and got arrested. Poor Bristol. Must be pretty embarrassing to have to keep going through the charade that she is a great dancer, when it is SO obvious that she's not.

As much as I like good beer,

I've never blogged about it, that I can remember, BUT, I've never had the 6-pack sampler from Grand Lake Brewing Co, before. Amazing, if you like really good, unique, beer. Don't wanna overdo it, but, this is good stuff. At least 3 different beers, out of the 6, are 'above and beyond'. Can't explain it, but if you have a chance to try it..... Grand Lake Brewing Co, the highest brewing co in the world. 'It's all down hill from here'. So true...

A small part of me,

makes fun of Prince William and Kate, BUT, actually, I love the fact there is some romance in the world today, as compared to all the bad news. What a lovely couple. Excuse me, if I'm not cynical enough, but I love the diversion, from all the negative stuff. Go for it, kids...

Many years ago,

one of my favorite bands to travel with, and where I had some of my most memorable memories, was 'The Who'. Great concerts, and really interesting guys. Keith Moon, Daltry, Entwhistle, and Pete Townsend, who I actually kinda knew, cuz I talked w/him several times. BUT, what I'm thinking and saying here, is their song, 'Won't Get Fooled Again', with 'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss', is relevant today, as that's what it's all about. After all these years, it's the same ol' shit. Dems vs. Repubs, who really cares, cuz there's not that much difference in 'em. Some things never change, but in those days, the music was much better...

Gotta share this,

with everyone who knows him. Richard, a Viet Nam vet, was the shortstop on our men's and coed softball teams for MANY years, and now lives in CA. Just saw him this summer when he flew back for Tammie's 50th.
Hey there folks,
Well I finally got an opportunity to go on my first cruise. I signed up for the Mexican Riviera for 7 days aboard the Carnival Splendor. Yes siree bob, I was on that cruise ship that was stranded and helpless off the coast of Mexico and made the headline news.When the fire broke out and shorted everything, the ship shuddered and lost speed. The cruise director, John, came over the PA system and calmed everyone down. Throughout Monday they tried to fix it so we had power but the damage was too extensive. They officially terminated the cruise that night. We didn't have any power, electricity, the toilets wouldn't flush, no water, no lights, no cell tower to use our cell phones, no hot food. We were totally helpless and drifting 60 miles out of our co…

You can't avoid him

Everywhere you look, and even where I don't look, as in all over FOXNews, there he is. Dubya is out there, pushing his new book, where he tries to put a new spin on the most disastrous presidency of modern time. He smirks as he says he has no 2nd thoughts. Oh really. Doesn't surprise me, cuz he never had a clue in the first place. He addresses torture, which, in his words was waterboarding 3 people, but blows off all the electrical, hot/cold, food/water deprivation, etc, he OK'd, and blows off the oil prices, the lies involved in attacking Iraq, and complicity in changing financial rules. And according to him, the recession, 'just happened', but he saved us. Am sick of seeing his face every time I turn on the tube. Crawl back in your hole, George, and just hope our country can survive the time you 'served' us, (up to the oil companies).

Whoa, pretty strange

The lobby of an all-inclusive resort, the Grand Riviera Princess, near Playa del Carmen blew up today, killing 7 and injuring many others, mostly Canadians. It seems it was a build up of 'swamp gas', or something similar, but not natural gas, used only in the kitchen. It blew out the windows of nearby resorts. Have never stayed at that particular resort, but have stayed at many, right in that area. Pretty scary.

We had planned to go

to the football game at Colo School of Mines, yesterday, when they played Univ Nebr at Kearney, in Golden, for the conference championship. Would have been nice to be w/Nate, Ted and the crew at a small time version of college sports, where tickets were $8, and a beer and hot dog well under $5. While we watched CU beat Iowa St, under their new coach, the game in Golden went into 3 OT's w/the Miners winning 53-51. Would have been a great one to see. Maybe Carol could have worn her old cheerleader's outfit.

Really disappointing,

that we have to purchase a channel, on cable TV, to watch the Buffs, today, but we did. Just in time to see them go ahead of Iowa St., who just last week went into overtime before they were beaten by a good Nebraska team. Would love to see my old classmate, Bryan Cabral, the CU interim coach, turn the team around, and see the Buffs play some serious football.  Heard the announcers brag about Boulder, saying it is located 'somewhere between the Rockies, and reality'. Go Buffs!

No one really thought,

that Bush actually wrote his book did they?  BUT, MSNBC shows, this morning, a bunch of 'his' quotes were stolen, from the likes of John McCain, Tommie Franks, Bob Woodward, Hamid Karzai, etc. When you're as sharp as a bag of wet leather, I guess you gotta get your 'quotes' somewhere, other than the huge volumes of W's 'misquotations' and blunders that they could have chosen from.

Speaking of the Palins,

Carol, and I guess lots of other people, like to watch "Dancing with the Stars". As a publicity gimmick, that really worked, they added Bristol Palin as a contestant. Fine, but they oughta keep it a dancing show, based on talent, not a popularity contest where her mother's backers can flood the show with votes and keep her on. It's not that it looks like she's enjoying herself. Each week, she clomps across the stage, doing her well rehearsed, robotic moves, looking like she just swallowed a toad. She cries during interviews about being away from home. Poor kid. I don't have anything personal against her, BUT, when Kurt Warner and Rick Fox, who can actually dance, get sent home, and miss thunder thighs stumbles on, puh-lease... First of all, she's not a star, and 2nd, she's not a good dancer, but I guess she is cashing in on the family name, which you really can't blame her for doing.

New poll shows,

most Americans, 52%, have an UNfavorable view of Sarah Palin. My first reaction was, right on!, but the more I think about it, I'm not that negaative toward her. She's good looking, fairly intelligent, and is a great capitalist. My problem is with people who think she's presidential material. Are you sh****ng me? Where would anyone get that idea, other from FOXNews, etc? One thing I DO hate about her, is her voice, as she screeches, 'Who loves their freedom, huh, who loves their freedom?', then waits for the sheep to cheer. Like fingernails on a chalkboard. Hot former governor, fast buck artist, yes. Presidential material? RU kidding?

Imagine my surprise,

as I read the paper this morning, skimming a review of 'Bad Religion', who played locally, last night. Had just spoken w/Kari about the band last week, though I haven't heard them, that I know of, and saw a quote from the leader, Greg Graffin saying, 'religion is such an easy target', but I didn't realize how easy, until I teamed up with Steve Olson'. No shit. Seems he co-wrote a book, 'Anarchy Evolution', that debunks lots of modern religious dogma. No big deal, but was kinda surprised to see my name in print, this morning, as he said.
One example might be our song I Want Something More. The lyrics discuss how we as humans struggle to form our world view. That is why religion was such an easy target — not to tear it down, but to identify its fatal flaws.

Hmmm, must be something about the name, Steve Olson, that stirs profound thinking.

Joe Scarborough had a good one, today

If the parties were ideologically pure, the battles would be easier to understand. But considering that it was a Republican president who doubled the national debt and a Democratic one who tripled the number of troops in Afghanistan, each party should save the lectures on how its opponent has a monopoly on bad policies.

A few days ago,

I mentioned that the former leader of Germany called Bush a liar, for saying Germany would support W's invasion of Iraq. His top aide also joined in today, saying,

"We noticed that the intellectual reach of the president of the most important nation at the time was exceptionally low," Uwe-Karsten Heye, who was Schroeder's spokesman at the time, told German news channel N24, according to the Telegraph. "For this reason, it was difficult to communicate with him. He had no idea what was happening in the world. He was so fixated on being a Texan."

SOO, I'm not the only one who noticed?

Missile in the air, off LA?

One: This traffic helicopter is up in the same place, EVERY day, and they'd never seen anything like it. Two. Look close, when they magnify the image, and you can see fire shooting out from the back, NOT like an airliner. Three. If the gov't can lie to us, they WILL. I don't pretend to know what it is, BUT, I know, based on prior experience, I don't trust the gov't to tell us the truth.

I love this truck

I bought a new Chevy Avalanche

And returned to the dealer yesterday because I couldn't get the radio to work.
The salesman explained that the radio was voice activated.
'Nelson,' the salesman said to the radio.The radio replied, 'Ricky or Willie?'
Willie!' he continued and 'On The Road Again' Came from the speakers.
Then he said, 'Ray Charles!', and in an instant ' GeorgiaOn My Mind' replaced Willie Nelson.
I drove away happy, and for the next few days, Every time I'd say, 'Beethoven,'
I'd get beautiful classical music, and if I said, 'Beatles,' I'd get one of their awesome songs.
Yesterday, some guy ran a red light
And nearly creamed my new truck, but I swerved in time to avoid him.
I yelled, 'Ass Hole!' Immediately the radio responded with,
Which one, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, or Sarah Palin? Damn I love this truck...

Who'd a thunk?

Bush Lying, Says Ex-German Leader

By: CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney
(CNN) -George Bush's memoir only hit bookshelves Tuesday, but already one prominent ex-world leader says the former president isn't being truthful when it comes to his description of a 2002 conversation about the possible use of force in Iraq.
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who left office in 2005, is disputing a passage in Bush's new book that claims Schroeder privately offered the president full-fledged support in 2002 should he decide to invade Iraq.
"The former American president is not telling the truth," Schroeder said Tuesday according to the German newspaper Der Spiegel.

Bush would lie about Iraq ( and other stuff)? Knock me over with a feather... See the whole article, here,

Interesting story on ABC Evening News,

this evening, about pastors (who had their voices disguised and faces 'fuzzed' out), in the Bible belt who had 'lost their faith', but still preached, cuz they couldn't find another job. They explained how, as they read the bible, they realized all the 'inconsistencies', and they wrestled with their consciences, and felt guilty, but didn't know what else to do. They said they knew of many others like them, who were afraid to say what they thought, for fear of being ostracized. Pretty interesting story.

Because it is a cold, snowy afternoon,

I was included as Carol watched Oprah, today, and guess who was there, trying to change history again? That's right, Dubya was saying how he was 'blindsided' by the economic turndown, (his words) BUT, he saved us from a depression. OH REALLY. This huge recession, 'just happened' during his watch, but he saved us with TARP. What a bunch of bullshit, but people were eating it up. He actually looked like a caricature of himself, some SNL impression of GW Bush, as when he laughed, his shoulders bounced up and down and head remained still.  The audience had to be hand picked to applaud at the right places, as they actually acted like they believed he had 'written' the piece of propaganda called 'Decison Points'. His ghost writers had a hell of a job, but they were pretty good, as he ducked and dodged around the damage he caused our country. Was kinda funny and sad, frustrating and maddening, at the same time. Bottom line, he damn near wrecked us, and as …

As we sit inside,

enjoying the huge flakes of the first snowfall, I'm reading one of Carol's catalogues and enjoying some of the stuff you can get printed on t-shirts, or whatever:

Inside every old person there's a young one wondering, What the Hell Happened?
Some people say I have a bad attitude, Screw Them
If you met my family, you would Understand
In dog beers, I've only had One
Sarcasm, just one more service I provide
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
Ha Ha, I'm retired and you're not
I'll have a caffe mocha vodka valium latte to go, please
Just be happy I'm not a Twin
I love the nights I can't remember with friends I can't forget
Behold, Fartacus
I'm not sure if I found a rope or lost my horse

Obviously it's a boring, but very beautiful, afternoon. Just glad I'm not out driving in it.

Dead Dan Walking

was finally sacked, after years of speculation. Dan Hawkins was officially fired as football coach at CU. Seems the final straw was last Sat, when CU blew a 28 point lead in the 4th quarter. What seemed totally inexplicable at the time, as he kept calling for pass plays, when the Buffs should have been sitting on a comfortable lead, made sense in retrospect, as it was obvious he was trying to get a passing record for his son Cody before he was sacked as coach. The interim coach is Bryan Cabral, a '78 grad, who was a Rec Therapy classmate of mine. We did several 'projects' together before he went on to be a linebacker in the NFL and then returned as an ass't coach for the Buffs. Will be interesting to see who the new coach will be, with lots of speculation about former nat'l champ coach Bill McCartney, and Dave Logan who has been a very successful high school coach, on the local level, as well as an excellent broadcaster. I'd vote for Logan, myself, BUT, at leas…

I take it all back,

what I said about Bush, being human, as I watch his interview with Matt Lauer on TV, tonight. He is the same smirking, lying bastard that earned his place in the inner ring of hell. As just a small part of his trying to justify the disaster of his presidency, he explains how Saddam killed 5,000 civilians, but dismisses the fact that he killed over 100,000, as he tries to overlook the damage he did, to us and the world. May he roast forever, if you believe in that kind of stuff.

Gotta admit,

as I watch W 'come out' and try to change history, that I hate him a little less than I used to. Not that I ever saw him as an evil genius, but, I see him more as being used, by his dad and Cheney, the Big Oil guys, and Rumsfeld, the Big Defense guy, who made billions for their businesses as they used the yokel they installed in the White House. However, I can't believe Dubya was as stupid as he seemed, as he was led down the path, toward wrecking a country. He HAD to know, even as dense as he seems. Still, am starting to see him as somewhat human, as he struggles to remake his legacy, as the worst president EVER, who took a record surplus and turned it into a record deficit, and left our country limping toward disaster.

Say it ain't so

The weatherman is forecasting an end to our 70 degree days, and saying rain turning to snow, tomorrow. Yuck. Has been so nice, for so long, that I've really gotten used to it. Guess it couldn't last forever, though.

Congrats to W,

for doing something 'sorta' right. In Dubya's new book, he explains how mad Dick was, for a long time, cuz Darth Vader wanted his buddy Scooter, pardoned.  After Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame were villified for saying Saddam had no WMD's, Cheney and pals went after them for telling the truth, which meant the prez and his buddies were lying. Scooter Libby was the front man, and rec'd 30 months after a trial proved his (their) guilt. Cheney was REAL pissed that Bush didn't pardon him, which he didn't do, as that would have been TOO obvious, even for the Bushie crowd. He did commute his sentence and restored all retirement benefits, etc, SO, what was the big punishment, for Libby, not to mention for the Bush crowd that KNOWLINGLY lied to start a war?

Just a few miles up the road,

and real close to Nate and Laura's, is the small town of Nederland, CO, home of Lake Eldora Ski Resort, Caribou Ranch recording studio, Barker Reservoir, and some unique local businesses, according to this article this morning.

Interesting little town.

Exactly 10 years ago, today,

on November 7, 2000, the presidential election pitting Al Gore against George W. Bush morphed into the legal recount contest ultimately titled Bush v. Gore. After Gore got the most popular votes, the election was decided by W's brother's state and his dad's supreme court. Alas, what could have been. Maybe Gore wouldn't have ignored the info about Bin Laden and 9-11. He probably would not have invaded Iraq, after Afghanistan, then allowed torture, and run up the price of oil, and allowed the financial markets to change the rules for 'liar loans' and eventually wreck our economy. Wow! Only ten years ago, but what a ten years it has been, after Bush profitted from the spoils of his family's politcal power.

Good article about W's new book, today

In his deftly crafted and utterly selective new memoir, W is the president we all wished him to be: compassionate, bipartisan, funny, charming, instinctive, independent, able to admit and learn from mistakes.

Heck, after I finished reading it, I was ready to vote for the guy. Read it all, here.
He liked being 'The Decider' but wasn’t interested in the unglamorous part of decisions, the due diligence required before you plunge into wars that can break the military.

Rather than looking at differences,

I prefer to concentrate on the similarities between John Boehner and Obama. Both are passionate golfers, addicted to cigarettes, have two daughters and were raised by a single mom and their grandparents, and... finally,,, drumrollll... They are both dark complected. Let's hope they can find a way to work together for all of us. Ha, I doubt it.

What a day, for sports

rode 30 miles on my bike, CU blew a 21 point lead in the 4th quarter, Nebr won by one in OT, my LSU Tigers beat Alabama and Zenyatta lost her final race by a few inches. Fun day, but could have been better.

SO close,

but Zenyatta came in second by about 8-10". Was too far behind, jogging behind, for too long. Finally made her move, but had to weave through the pack, and came in a close 2nd, to 'Blame', who will be 'horse of the year'. I actually had 5 different bets on the race, and would have done real well if she had been first, but won my 'place' and 'show' bets. Really sad that she lost her legacy by less than a foot, in a mile and a quarter race. The good news? I didn't put all my money on win tickets. like I was tempted to do, and made enough for a nice evening on the town. Still, she'll go down in history as probably the best female racehorse of all time. Too bad her jockey let her jog for so long....

Thanks, Kevin

Laura's dad, Kevin, was good enough to pick me up this morning, load my recumbent in his van, and drive us over to one his favorite bike riding trails. We did a little over 30 miles, following the Platte River, from 104th and Colorado, to Confluence Park in downtown Denver, where we hit the local Starbucks. Kev was nice enough not to leave me in his dust. Hope we can do it again sometime.

This is the big day,

when Zenyatta can retire, undefeated, as the greatest racehorse ever, or she's gonna break my heart (and bank account). As I posted earlier, they profiled her on '60 Minutes', and she is amazing, in so many ways. My thanks to VegasTolly, my buddy Tay, who lives in Vegas and was good enough to work with me in getting some bets down. In about 2 hours I'm gonna be real happy, or kinda sad, BUT, I really felt that I had to bet. Just a feeling. We'll see....

Have heard, in a few places,

that W was planning on replacing Cheney, the Dark Lord, but Cheney nixed the idea, according to Jimmy Fallon.

Have started watching,

the new season of, 'The Tudors', about HenryVIII, during whose reign, the Catholic and Protestant churches, fought and were established, for modern time. Depended upon who had the most money and biggest armies, as to who won. Be on the right side and you got land and riches. On the wrong side, you were dead, after being tortured. The royal families alternately fought and/or paid the Pope, who had his own armies, for approval. The roots of modern religion.

Thinking back.

on the time I spent with my dad, hunting and fishing, and the time I've spent with Nate, I realize how special these times are. However you feel about pursuing fish and animals, you can't argue the fact that it's a great bonding experience between a father and a son. Many hours, day after day, in a beautiful setting, where, most of the time, nothing is going on, SO, you just talk. As a bonus, you may get some walleye filets, or a  hundred pounds of elk, or some pheasants, ducks, whatever.  Kinda feel sorry for those people who don't have this part of their lives to enjoy. As always, feel pretty lucky.

As I've said before,

on Weds, I play golf with the old farts group at Coal Creek GC, and we had a tourney yesterday. Bottom line, I had my best round of this year. An 81, that shoulda been a lot better, but I blew a couple of short putts. I'm claiming that firing up the hot tub, the day before, and getting REAL loose, before the round, helped a bunch. An honest 81, no gimmes or Mulligans. Felt good, for an old fart.

Self congratulation time, again.

On Feb 17, '09, I congratulated myself, on my blog, cuz silver had gone all the way up to $14/oz. Then, on Oct 1, '10, I was bragging cuz it was up to $22. Today, it closed over $26, and I don't see an end in sight. After Bush, our financial system is in tatters, as the Dems TRY to save it. If it goes well, silver is going up. If not, it's going WAY up, BUT, is way overdue for a correction. Just one man's opinion, and worth exactly what you paid for it.

For the first time ever,

I'm doing a major bet on a horse race. This Saturday, Zenyatta is running in the Breeders Cup, and I'm going large. Just a feeling, and that's why they call it gambling, BUT, I'd kick myself if I didn't, if she wins. May kick myself if she doesn't, but I have a feeling....

As I watch,

the election returns come in, I see something crazy. The people don't like the economy, so they are voting out the incumbents, BUT, they are the ones who replaced the Repubs who wrecked the economy. SO, we get the original problem, back in place. 8 years of Repubs, voted out, and the Dems can't fix it it, in 2 years, SO, we get the problem people back in power. Insane, but so typical of the current political problems. SO sad. Am just glad I am not dependenat upon the economy or the politicians, cuz, the people are SCREWED....

The Breeders Cup,

is the richest race in horse racing, and is being run this Saturday. Zenyatta has a chance to make history, if she wins, as the only undefeated racehorse in US history. Of the 20 entrants, she is the only filly, also the oldest, AND the largest. She is 19-0 in her career and won the event last year. Some other facts: She starts out every race in last place and just lopes along, 'til she makes her move. She works out every day, but 6 times a week she is held back and not allowed to run full out. Once a week she's allowed to go full speed, and if she goes fast, she gets a bottle of Guiness stout. If she goes REAL fast, she gets two. She has contact with at least 14 people per day and someone is with her 24 hours per day. She enjoys 'showing off', by prancing and strutting before a race, and is VERY aware of her surroundings, with her ears cocked and eyes staring when someone talks to her. The bad news? If she wins, she is being retired and will never race again. Her jock…

Couldn't sleep last night,

and about 4:00, saw an amazing sight. The moon was just a sliver of light, like the pic above, but, it was at the bottom, sorta like a smile, or grin. Don't remember anything like that, cuz I'm usually not awake at that time of night, this time of year. Check it out, if you're awake tonight.

Congrats to the San Francisco Giants,

who 'owned' the Texas Rangers. The NL pitching, led by Lincecum and Brian Wilson, just smoked 'em. Too bad for W's team.

Maybe I'm prejudiced,

but I think this is a cute little girl, in her puppy dog outfit, especially when she says, 'woof'. Had a great Halloween with the kids and Piper. Was really nice to be back in time. Happy birthday to Ted, today, who's getting old.....