Ann ;Super-itch’ Coulter claimed Dotard’s latest ‘Nat’l Emergency’ BS was just a ploy, ‘to scam the stupidest in his base’. Wow, what level of stoopidity is THAT, when you talk about the stupidest of the stupid among us?

Asked about Coulter’s remarks, the Liar in Chief claimed he ‘didn’t know her’.
He thinks we’re all as stupid as his idiotic base?

Asked Friday about the power of conservative media over his decision-making, Trump claimed not to know Coulter, much to the surprise of many Twitter users who reacted in astonishment and amusement on the social media platform.

The Liar in Chief was in rare form today, with the LIES flowing from his vile mouth.

One of the most obvious, and oft-repeated by the LYING Pubs, is that Obama added more debt than EVERY prez in US history.
Trump: "President Obama put on more debt on this country than every president in the history of our country combined." This is false. Trump declares border national emergency to bipartisan skepticism From fiscal year 2009 through fiscal year 2017, the national debt -- which includes both the money the US government owes to others as well as the money it owes to itself -- grew from $11.9 trillion to $20.2 trillion. That's an addition of about $8.3 trillion, which is less than the debt outstanding when President Barack Obama took office, when President George W. Bush had already begun spending billions of dollars in order to cushion a deepening recession, and BILLIONS to service the existing Repub debt. (Remember, Clinton paid DOWN the debt every year he was in office.) Plus Obama had to pay for two Repub caused wars, based on Pub LIES, and YUUUUGE VA ho…

SO, after declaring a National Emergency, Dotard is off to golf, for the weekend. WTF? Golfing in the middle of an ‘Emergency’?

Everyone knows it isn’t an emergency, including the Liar in Chief, and his words about it will come back to haunt him in the numerous lawsuits that his LIES will create.

Trump Admits He ‘Didn’t Need To’ Declare National Emergency The president’s declaration of a national emergency over his border wall will likely end up in court. It will merely make it ‘faster and easier’ to please
his base.
President Donald Trump on Friday admitted that he “didn’t need to” declare a national emergency for his long-promised border wall, and merely wanted to “do it much faster” to please his political base. A number of legal experts — including George Conway, husband of top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway — immediately noted on Twitter that those words could easily be used against him in the likely legal battle over his questionable claim to a national emergency.

Dotard doesn’t listen to Congress or any of his qualified advisors. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t listen to ANYONE....


There’s a reason nearly ALL qualified economists (Dotard’s Navarro being one of the FEW outliers) say tariffs are WRONG and costly, paid for by the people they are supposed to HELP.

WASHINGTON, Feb 14 (Reuters) - U.S. businesses paid an additional $2.7 billion in tariffs in November 2018, according to data from a coalition of U.S. business groups fighting President Donald Trump's trade tariffs. The group, which brands itself "Tariffs Hurt the Heartland" and includes the Americans for Free Trade coalition and Farmers for Free Trade, crunches tariff payment data nationally and by state.

U.S. businesses are being hit by a double whammy of historic tax increases in the form of tariffs and declining exports as farmers and manufacturers lose opportunities in the overseas markets they rely on," Boustany said. Can you say ‘Thank you , Dotard?’

File it under, A mistake they will live to regret’.Yup the dumbass(R) in the White House appears to be creating a precedent of ignorance. Nothing new here.

Yup, the incompetent, Russian-backed, vain, arrogant, totally unqualified, Pussy Grabbing, porn star boinking, LYING, ‘Art of the Deal’ jerk, has decided to use ‘EMERGENCY Measures, to build his WALL, against the objections of his own party(R), opening a can of worms so any future prez can declare an ‘EMERGENCY’ for anything they choose, after failing to ‘Make a Deal’.
Go ahead, dumbass, let’s see how that works out for ya.
Just when you think the ‘whale shit’ clown can’t get any LOWER, he always does.
You brainiacs who elected this ‘embarrassment’ oughta be SO proud.....

Interesting story today, as the guy who killed a mountain lion, who tried to kill him, told his story.

About ten days ago, forty miles from here, a guy was attacked by a cougar, and lived to tell the tale.
He was able to choke the cat, while getting clawed and bitten, and survive a rare attack.
Tough dude....

Just like the Pahtologial LIAR began his administration LYING about crowd size, and then about ‘illegal voters’, 3-5 million according to the LIAR, but non-existent according the panel he created,

The Lying POS is still at it, claiming 10,000 at his latest event, with 50k outside.
NOT EVEN CLOSE, as the LYING jerk(R) thinks we are ALL like the gullible sheep, who either don’t know, or don’t CARE about his LIES.
The local Fire Dep, said there were MAX, 6500, with a couple thousand outside, as he LIED his ass off about crime in El Paso and crimes by immigrants, which are well under those by non-immigrants.
Do the sheep care?
They swallow LIES like fat people gobble potato chips, with ‘Give me MORE’.
Bottom line, if I gotta explain he’s a Pathological LIAR who LIES constantly, about EVERYTHING, you just ain’t paying attention, which is a prerequisite of a gullible FOXSheep, who watches Bullshit Mountain cuz they KNOW they’re gonna hear what they wanna hear, and TRUTH BE DAMNED!

If you want a vain, arrogant, Russian-backed, Pussy Grabbing, incompetent, porn star boinkin’, multiply bankrupt, Pathological LIAR, do we have the Clown for you.....

Speaking of LIES, Dot…

File it under, DUH, as if any thinking person, FOXSheep obviously excluded, would believe Dotard over Mueller and the FBI, plus all US intel. THe professional LIARS at FOX and the Liar in Chief have done all they can to discredit the ‘rule of law’ and all those that enforce it, and it’s WORKED, for the gullible audience of Bullshit Mountain.

MUELLER MORE CREDIBLE THAN TRUMP IN POLLWASHINGTON » As the special counsel investigation seems to be nearing its final stage, Americans view Robert Mueller as far more credible than President Donald Trump, but the public has scattered and partisan perceptions of Mueller’s motives and what he has found so far, according to a new Washington Post-Schar School poll. At 56 percent to 33 percent, more say they trust Mueller’s version of the facts than Trump’s. And by nearly as wide a margin, more believe Mueller is mainly interested in “finding out the truth” than trying to “hurt Trump politically.” Mueller has charged 34 people and secured guilty pleas from some of Trump’s closest advisers, including his former campaign chairman, deputy campaign chairman, national security adviser and personal lawyer, as the president continues to the investigation a ‘witch hunt’. In other news, the Liar in Chief’s pick to run the EPA, Wheeler, who was formerly a lobbyist for Big Coal is closer to being c…

Wow, am watching the news, not FOX, but ‘real’ news,

And saw that Colorado just passed $Six BILLION in sales, with the taxes going to Colorado, instead of the cartels, as the Colorado economy continues to be ‘off the chart’.
Wow, could the rightwingnuts be any more WRONG, as it is legal all through Canada and is gradually gaining legality through the US, except in the bass-awkward Repub-Base states.
Nothing new here as the ignorant herd(R) is always YEARS behind the rest of us, but they will ‘come around’ YEARS later, while listening to, and swallowing the crap from FOX, and the Bible Belt Base where being gay is a crime and voting for the LYING Pussy Grabber is God’s will.
You can’t make up this crap.....

Although I can’t stand the LYING, Russian-backed conman, I wish Dotard ‘an amazing experience’. Really.

Despite the circumstances, Bill Cosby said his time in prison is an "amazing experience," his press spokesman Andrew Wyatt said in a TV interview.

The Pubs love to point to the mostly Repub investigation in the Senate, which is still incomplete, but has found no direct link between Dotard and the Russians, as per the campaign. Just LOTS of links between his people and campaign, with LOTS of Russians.

‘We were never going to find a document between Donald and Vlad, written in blood, saying Let’s collude, but we’ve found lots of collusion within the campaign committtee and those closest to the president.’

But investigators disagree along party lines when it comes to the implications of a pattern of contacts they have documented between Trump associates and Russians — contacts that occurred before, during and after Russian intelligence operatives were seeking to help Trump by leaking hacked Democratic emails and attacking his opponent on social media. 

"We were never going find a contract signed in blood saying, 'Hey Vlad, we're going to collude," one Democratic aide said.

Wow, I’m shocked. The Pubs refuse to acknowledge obvious collusion between Dotard’s campaign and the the Russians, that ALL US intel claims to exist.
Absolutely shocking. 
BUT we still have the Mueller investigation.....

We all know that Dotard lies, a LOT, but his latest bullshit haas got to strain the gullibility of even the most clueless of sheep.

Yup, the Liar in Chief claims, ‘No president has worked harder than me, (cleaning up the mess I inherited)’. WTF?
The MESS you inherited?
A smoothly running economy, respect in the world, steadily rising jobs and a deficit whose growth was slowing every year.

Now, his schedule’s been revealed (and he’s PISSED vowing to FIRE the leaker), working 40% of the time, when he’s not golfing, watching TV (FOX), Tweeting out crap and insulting world leaders, paying off porn stars, running his business on the side, instructing his henchmen to LIE to Congress and eating cheeseburgers, he claims he’s the ‘hardest working prez ever.

And the sheep swallow it, like a presidential bucket of chicken. OMG.....

This Fox and Friends host showed the ‘brain power’ of the peopl that shovel the crap to the sheep, who swallow it and ask for more.

Fox & Friends” host Pete Hegseth made a surprising admission on Sunday, telling viewers that he hadn’t washed his hands in a decade and said he was skeptical that germs were even real. “Really, I don’t wash my hands ever,” Hegseth boasted on the Sunday edition of the program. “I inoculate myself. Germs are not a real thing. I can’t see them. Therefore, they’re not real.” And THAT is typical of the anti-science—pro-ignorance stance of the crew at FOXLies. You can’t make this stuff up.....

Wow, there’s getting to be a BUNCH of Dems running for prez.

Maybe a bankrupt conman, who gives them all grade school-bully nicknames, insults ‘em, grabs pussy, bangs porn stars pays them off, hooks up with the Russians and LIES his ass off can rise to the top.
That’s the Repub way, and it SUCKS, unless you’re a gullible FOXSheep, then that con man is PRESIDENTIAL.
Never mind, the Dem way is WAY different.
Stay tuned and see....

Can you imagine?

If Obama had all his buddies convicted of being in league with the Russians?
OR, if he refused to release his taxes.
OR, if he LIED, all the time? (The a-holes(R) freaked out cuz he said, you can keep your doctor, which he was told.)
OR, if he was an admitted Pussy Grabber?
OR, if had 18 investigations going on against him and his LYING henchmen?
Or, if he had several meetings with Vlad, and destroyed all the evidence?
OR, if he spent 60% of his day in ‘Executive time’ (watching FOXNews)?
OR, if he’d already golfed over EIGHTY TIMES, on the public dime, charging the taxpayers for his security detail to stay in HIS hotel and rent HIS golf carts?
OR, if he cheated on his third wife, with a hooker, then LIED about it, while he had a baby at home?
OR, he was so STOOPID that he had six bankruptcies, incl a casino, where it’s free money, for anyone with a brain?
OR, if he’d pissed off all our former allies, while killing the world economy, and making the US a world pariah?
OR, if he’d take…

Just saw our fearless leader, the one who says, ‘I know words, I have the BEST words, I’m like REALLY smart, a stable GENIUS’. (And the ignorant sheep swallow it).

Dotard thinks Nepal and Bhutan are in India.
AND, the dumbshit pronounced them nipple and button.
Of course the gullible, clueless FOXSheep will NEVER hear it
And you wonder WHY they are so uninformed and ignorant?
You sheep should be SO proud.

And, as the 18th investigation into the LYING sleazeball began, MS Warren had something to say....

President Donald Trump might be in jail by the time Election Day comes around, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said on her first full day of campaigning as a declared presidential candidate. "By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be President," Warren said to voters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, gathered at the Veterans Memorial Building. "In fact, he may not even be a free person." I;m claiming the a-hole QUITS by then, to keep his sorry ass outta prison, as well his LYING POS son. Book it.....

Although I don’t support Elizabeth Warren, OR her claim of being American Indian,

It is SO FUNNY to see clowns at FOX, and other jerks(R) claim she should be disqualified for lying, when their boy is a Apthological LIAR, who has averaged over TEN LIES PER DAY, since the Orange Clown entered the White House.
Yup, in Pub world one lie will disqualify you, but thousands of lies is NO PROBLEM.
Same old shit from the HYPOCRITES R US party.....

And in world news, Mexico’s former prez, Vicente Fox ‘nailed it’ when he told the World Economic Council, (that Dotard is boycotting), ‘Trump’s view of the world is F**K You’.
Thank you Vicente, for putting into words, what 2/3 of the US and 100 % of the world already knows....

‘‘Twas SO funny to see the montage of Sarah Hunkameat, one of Dotard’s “paid, Professional LIARS say the same thing, over and over, as Dotard’s henchmen were arrested, one after another.

Yup as one crook after another, from Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Gates, Stone, etc, Dotard’s paid LIAR had the same message for the gullible crowd that swallows her crap.
‘This has nothing to do with the president or his White House.’
OMG, who believes this crap?
Oh yeah. Never mind......

I hate most of the Pubs’ policies, and a lot of the Dems’, esp the new Green Deal.

And, this entire blackface thing is ridiculous.
The Pubs have no problem nominating and confirming a rapist to the Supreme Court, but the Dems ‘eat their own’ for a blackface incident 40 years ago.
If the Dems can’t nominate a winning candidate against the worst JOKE of a prez, EVER, they don’t deserve to win and we can all watch our country sink into oblivion, and watch this Repub admin wreck our economy and/or start another STOOPID war like the last time those LYING jerks were in charge.
C’mon, Mueller, get off your ass and save my country from the party that claims to be ‘fiscally responsible’, until they get in charge, then money is no object, whether spending on the most bloated military in the history of the world or giving unpaid for tax breaks to the one percent.
Some things never change....

And let’s hope Bezos can sur the National Enquirer out of business, which will shut down the only other source of ‘news’, along with Bullshit Mountain, for the gullible minions who swallo…

As I’ve said before, Dotard’s no idiot, but he knows what idiots like.


Watching a synopsis of ‘Gold Rush’, the #1 cable show, and learning how the ‘Hoffman Crew’ did.

Yup, this crew from Washington ‘bet it all’ on finding gold in Alaska. Season after season they chased it from Alaska, in different areas, to the Amazon, then to Oregon, and to Colorado (Breckenridge) and back to Alaska.
They started and ended every show with a prayer, to get rich, and I always figured they FINALLY would.... but it never happened.
Now Todd, the leader, is doing a ‘Rock Band’, after he lost his ass, year after year.
Who da thunk?
Anyway, I always thought they’d eventually make it, and give Jesus the credit, but it never happened, as Parker, Tony Beets and Rick Ness are finding yuuuuge gold.
What can I say?

OK, just for the record...

I’m the least racist guy you know, BUT, I don’t see any reason for a Gov to resign cuz he dressed in blackface, for a Michael Jackson ‘Moonwalk’, 39 years ago. C’mon! That’s idiotic, like the Pubs would push, as their boy says Nazis and other racists are ‘good people’, and the HYPOCRITES(R) have ‘No Problem’.
Black-face, 40 years ago, and the jerks(R) put up with Dotard? You gotta be kidding....

Team Sweden, in Mexico. Skol....


This just in, after Dotard’s ‘physical’.

As the Orange Clown was bent over the table, the doctor found something during the rectal exam.
Yup, he found Sean Hannity.......

Just saw Chris Christie(R) (who I really like, though not always agreeing with), and Chris said he realized Trump was gonna win after the ‘Christian’ reaction to the Pussy Grabbing thing, and then  there was the John McCain fiasco, where Dotard crapped all over McCain, the war hero, and the HYOCRITE Repubs didn’t give a shit, (my words, his thoughts).
So true, there’s NO HYPOCRITE, like a REPUB HYPOCRITE, after Capt Bonespurs dissed a true hero, and the idiots(R) still kissed his ass.

And you wonder WHY I hate the jerks(R)?

Dotard gets schooled, again, by Stephen King

Unlike Donald Trump, who doesn't read, Kim Jong-un knows The Art of War, by Sun Tzu: "Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance." 34.5K 8:07 PM - Feb 8, 2019