Saw one of the best shows/documentary/program EVER last night.

 Gordon Lightfoot-Documentary....OMG! What a genius. I had forgotten how many great songs he had/has. Still alive at 84 and was still performing when this was made, four years ago.  From rural Canada, to Toronto, to LA, then San Fran and on the NYC, he played all the best venues and met and played with all the greats of his era. Amazing interviews and songs from ‘If You Could Read My Mind to Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, (recorded in one take as a filler song), tha always breaks me up. Just check out You Tube for that song, with the lyrics, and see what an amazing poet he was, as well as musician. He wrote all his own music, with all the notes, chords and words. Gordon has gotten old, but he’s still kickin’. A true genius and what a great documentary. 

Four months after inciting a violent attack on the Capitol in a last-ditch attempt to retain power, former President Donald Trump on Wednesday demonstrated his continued grip on his party, as House GOP officials prepared to purge Wyoming’s Liz Cheney from her leadership role for criticizing him.

  Trump Proves His Hold Over GOP Again As House Leaders Prepare To Purge Liz Cheney The action has alarmed authoritarian experts who point to parallels in the old Soviet Union as well as in Nazi Germany, as party leaders dump those who dare to tell the truth. And Jonathan Weiler, a University of North Carolina authoritarianism expert, found parallels going back to Nazi Germany. “It’s interesting that Cheney is condemning Trump specifically for his use of the term ‘the Big Lie’ to push his false claim that the 2020 election was stolen,” he said. “The ‘Big Lie’ itself is a term often attributed to chief Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels ― the idea being that if you push relentlessly and totally a falsehood you can get ordinary people to believe it.” That remind you anyone? Other than Adolph, that is....

Too bad Dotard, but you were kicked off for a reason.

 MOST of us don’t wanna hear your LIES. Twitter suspends account that was posting Trump statements Twitter suspended an account on Thursday that appeared to be circumventing its ban on former President Donald Trump by posting messages he shared on his own  website .

I try to do a public service here, by exposing some of the crap from FOX and the Pubs,

 BUT, if you’re only gonna read one post, and click on one link, let it be my post yesterday on Ted Cruz. One of the best compilations EVER on a true Republican. ALL true and documented with pictures. If this doesn’t bring some laughs, nothing will. 

Common sense dictates that when tens of millions of people receive a vaccine, some of them will die in the following months from all sorts of causes that have nothing to do with a vaccine. It's an inescapable fact of life.

  Tucker Carlson's Fox News colleagues call out his dangerous anti-vaccination rhetoric But, Tucker Carlson would have his gullible, ignorant followers believe that if you die in the months after a vaccine, it was that shot that killed you. Never mind. Why do I care what those morons(R), think, do or believe? Let ‘em wallow in their ignorance. Nothing new here, and if someone’s gonna get infected, who better?

File it under, ‘what could possible go wrong, on Saturday night with a bunch of drunks?’

The Texas Senate has approved a Republican-led effort to allow people to carry handguns in the state without any kind of a license, background check or safety class. The Texas House had already passed a similar bill. 

How do you label an obvious effort to eliminate votes you don’t like by restricting the days you can vote, cutting back the hours you can vote and removing ballot boxes?

 If you’re a total hypocrite(R), you call it ‘election integrity’, and try not to laugh out loud as FOX catapults the bullshit., cuz we all know the 2020 election was Stolen from Dotard because of ‘voter fraud’. Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs 'Strongest Election Integrity' Law in US

They sure ain’t known for their smarts.....


Some people are acting surprised that Liz Cheney is being booted from the Pubs for telling the truth.

 WTF! This is nothing new. We all heard Dotard incite and insurrection, all based on The Big Lie that votes had been tampered with, BUT, when he was impeached before a Pub Congress, the Hypocrites exonerated him. And, we all heard his ‘perfect’ phone call with Ukrainian officials, telling them ‘no aid for you’, until they came up with dirt on Hunter Biden. During that impeachment, where the Pubs allowed ZERO documents or witnesses the guilty asshole skated cuz the Hypocrite Pubs totally denied the truth, to keep their boy in power. So why is ANYONE surprised that the bootlickers still kiss Dotard’s large, pasty white ass? The jerks(R) will do anything to stay in, or regain power. Truth and reality has NOTHING to do with it. Just ask Liz Cheney. Trump Republicans have had it with Liz Cheney and the democracy she chooses to defend Our View: Standing up for truth, the daughter of former Vice President Cheney now risks ridicule and banishment as the No. 3 Republican House leader

You can always count on the anti-science obstructionists(R) to do their part.


It’s looking like we won’t get ‘herd immunity’ like we have against polio, smallpox, mumps and measles.

 The same morons who won’t get vaccinated are probably pretty glad a yuuuuge majority of people got inoculated so we don’t have to worry about those diseases which used to kill and damage so many people. C’mon people, even Dotard says you should do it, but, I’m sure you can find some X-spurt who says you shouldn’t, while you ignore the yuuuge majority who says you should. Nothing new, though, for the anti-science idiots(R).

The essential Ted Cruz. The booger on the lip of democracy. Check it out.


Again, I’ve gotten negative feedback for calling Dotard-supporting Repubs morons. Not all Pubs, like Cheney and Romney, but MOST of them,

 who support a LYING, pussy grabbing pig, who incited a riot and continues to push The Big Lie. Okay, I gotta stop sending my beliefs to others, and posting them on social media. But wait, I don’t do that. I just post my opinions on my Weblog/diary, or Blog. And the morons who have a problem being called morons are coming to ME, to look at my views. I’m NOT a Dem and there are a LOT of Biden’s views and programs I don’t agree with. BUT, he’s better than the pussy grabbing, lying pig. Bottom line, I post here to unload my thoughts, so I don’t have to haul them around. And it works, for me. SO, if you have a problem, too bad. Maybe you shouldn’t back an asshole(R) who’s tearing our country apart with his continual LIES. I can understand an egotistical, lying jerk going for all the power he can grab, BUT, to have millions of Americans swallow his Bullshit? That’s unbelievable, like Dotard himself.

Crazy Liz Cheney, who lives in the real world, unlike most Repubs, refuses to LIE and is being sanctioned by her party.

  Rep. Liz Cheney is courageous while Republican men are profiles in 

You’ve got to be REALLY bad to get kicked off Twitter, and Facebook and Instagram.

 How about inciting an insurrection and CONTINUALLY telling LIES? Yup, that’ll do it. And that’s how Dotard was removed from those, and other, social media sites. Does that bother his gullible, ignorant followers? Of course not. They’re veterans of FOX, where lies are the norm and facts don’t matter. They swallow crap like Joey Chestnut swallows hot dogs. SO, as Facebook upholds their ban, like Twitter just did, those of us with a functioning brain say ‘right on, it’s a triumph of truth over bullshit’, while the morons ask, ‘Why are they doing that? He should be able to lie as much as he wants!’

They’re called Potussies, or Pussies for POTUS. Rightwingnut ‘women for Trump. To join you must have a double digit IQ.


There’s an old saying that’s very appropriate today, as always. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but NOT their own facts.

Think about that for a second. To be a leader in today’s G.O.P. you either have to play dumb or be dumb on the central issue facing our Republic: the integrity of our election. You have to accept everything that Trump has said about the election — without a shred of evidence — and ignore everything his own attorney general, F.B.I. director and election security director said — based on the evidence — that there was no substantive fraud.  This, everyone’s own facts, couldn’t be any more timely as the US, and the Repub party look at the last election, and The Big Lie, that somehow the voting machines were rigged, even though, nearly six months later, no one, not even the My Pillow guy, has been able to produce any evidence. Even after Trump’s own people, in charge of election security say it was the safest ever. Dominion is filing defamation suits as the rightwing bullshit outlets are walking back their accusations and publicly saying they were wrong. Does this matter to the typical righ

Just think of how many lives Dotard wrecked, because of he’s such an asshole, cutting down the number of LEGAL immigrants. The dumbass is just a continuing disaster, in SO many ways. And the idiots(R) want him back....


US auto makers, as well as many other manufactures, have been crippled by the chip shortage, unable to deliver vehicles to those who want them.

 It’s costing BILLIONS of dollars across the economy that’s TRYING to re-open. You wonder WHY we have no chips? Like so much, it’s cuz of Dotard’s incompetence as he put sanctions against the world’s LARGEST chip mfgr, hurting the US MUCH more than China, who just sell the chips elsewhere. Thanks asshole, and to the morons(R) who elected him. January 15, 2021 8:57 AM MST Autos & Transportation Trump's China tech war backfires on automakers as chips run short The chip shortage began with the Trump administration's actions against key Chinese chip factories, industry officials said. The shortage, which caught much of the industry off-guard and could continue for many months, is now causing Ford Motor Co  (F.N) , Subaru Corp  (7270.T)  and Toyota Motor Corp  (7203.T)  to curtail production in the United States. This article, from January, was just the beginning, as US manufactures are shutting down, for lack of chips, cuz Dotard wanted to ‘punish’ China. Nice job, asshole(R).

Good news from Twitter, where they don’t want Dotard’s LIES and bullshit on their platform.

Twitter CFO: No changes to our thinking on Trump's account After starting the riot on Jan 6, Dotard was banned from Twitter, and they aren’t letting the asshole come back. Let’s hope Facebook keeps up their ban. SO, the gullible, ignorant sheep are forced to Bullshit Mountain for their daily ‘Fix’ of Lies and bullshit. Luckily for them, the Propaganda Network is there for them, spewing LIES and garbage on a regular basis. Dotard said he was starting his own platform, BUT, like everything the Pathological Liar says, it was bullshit. Some things never change....  

Way to go, Repubs. Dump all over Liz Cheney for telling the truth about The Big Lie. At first I was pissed, then I realized,

 There is NO WAY Dotard, who lost the House, Senate and presidency can win in 2024, SO, I love the fact that the sheep are lining up behind the LOSER and backing him for the next election. With its cultish devotion to Donald Trump, the majority of  the Republican Party is choosing  a wannabe-autocrat over the  political system that made the United States  the world's most powerful nation and its dominant democracy, although he has little, if any, chance of winning. Go for it, you ignorant jerks(R)!

Dotard’s son Eric was just on Newsmaz, saying Biden can’t match his father’s energy.

 Oh really? That’s like returning to your home to find the cat has shredded the curtains and all your clothes in the closet, killed the houseplants, raided the pantry and pooped/vomited  all over, then saying, ‘Wow, that cat sure has a lot of energy!’

As Kentucky Derby fans traveled along I-71 to and from Churchill Downs over the weekend, it would've been hard not to notice while driving through Sparta the thousands of Super Duty pickup trucks parked in rows. This illustrates the multibillion-dollar impact of the ongoing global semiconductor shortage on the auto industry, specifically Ford Motor Co. Super Duty trucks built at the nearby Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville. These days, they're built and parked awaiting parts.

  So far, that lost vehicle production due to the chip shortage this year,  has been projected to be:: Ford, 362,663 fewer vehicles General Motors, 326,651 Renault Nissan Mitsubishi, 284,948 Volkswagen, 207,521 Stellantis, 202,486 Toyota, 113,555 Honda, 82,482 The chip shortage has various causes, but the largest, by far, is from Trump’s sanctions on Chinese chip makers.

Not only have Dotard’s tariffs hurt the US economy,

 His sanctions against Chinese chip makers have crippled the auto mfg business as well as every product who depends on basic, inexpensive chips, produced mainly in China. Just one more of the jerk’s disastrous policies that continue to hurt our country. Thanks again to the gullible, ignorant Trump lovers, who get their ‘news’ from the Repub Propaganda outlet that gave us the incompetent, LYING egomaniac. WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The United States added dozens of Chinese companies, including the country’s top chipmaker SMIC to a trade blacklist on Friday as U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration ratchets up tensions with China in his final weeks in office. Electronics Trump blacklisting of Chinese firms puts U.S. chip industry at risk, analyst contends by  Matt Hamblen  |  Dec 21, 2020 11:59am Thanks again, asshole.

I can’t wait to see all the charges against the lying piece of crap who pushed The Big Lie about crooked voting machines and the riot at the Capitol.

 And then there was the Ukrainian Aid $, held up for ‘dirt’ on Hunter Biden. What a loser.....

Housing prices are high and getting higher, mainly because of the YUUUUGE price of a new home.

 One of the main culprits? The tariffs imposed by Dotard, on everything from  lumber to steel, aluminum and drywall. The dumbass never understood how tariffs work and continually said how ‘Jina’ and other countries were paying the extra fees on nearly every commodity we import. Wrong, Dotard, like everything else that came from his vile, lying mouth. Americans pay the price of the tariffs. TWICE. Once on imported goods and secondly on lost exports because countries that have tariffs levied reciprocate with their own fees, hurting farmers  and everyone else who trades on the world market. The asshole singlehandedly destroyed decades of trade deals and agreements, with the help of his incompetence, unqualified minions. Now, we’re paying the price. Thanks again, to the gullible, ignorant FOXSheep for the LYING incompetent jerk(R) who added tens of thousands to the price of every new home.

Here’s a question to test your memory. Do you remember when Rudy Giuliani wasn’t a JOKE?

 Sure, there was a time, before he got involved with Trump, that he was respected in the US and the world,  if you don’t count marrying your cousin. Before his press conference in front of a landscaping company. And before his head leaked. Before he grabbed his privates in a Borat movie. Before he pimped himself to the Ukrainians for dirt on Biden’s son. Before his office and home were raided by the same people he used to be in charge of. Do you realize the evidence that had to be presented for the warrant to be issued? For the former mayor of NYC and atty to the prez to have his electronic devices confiscated? Before he pushed Trump’s lies about crooked voting machines. Remember how the evidence was always week? Sorta like Trump’s Health Care plan. If you can remember Rudy as anything but a joke, you’ve got a good memory. The good news? We saw what Dotard’s atty will do. Remember Michael Cohen, and how he flipped? Just wait til they tighten the screws on Rudy, with the

So sickening, but SO true, as the sheep swallow The Big Lie, with ZERO proof, from a Pathological Liar.

  With its cultish devotion to Donald Trump, the majority of   the Republican Party is choosing   a wannabe-autocrat over the  political system that made the United States   the world’s most powerful nation and its dominant democracy. The ex-President is showing that he doesn’t have to be in the Oval Office to damage faith in US elections and to trash truth, as his movement based on lies and personal homage takes an increasingly firm grip of the Republican Party. The widespread mistrust he continues to foster in the fairness of the US political system among millions of voters poses grave risks to democracy itself. Trump, using his bond with the conservative grassroots, has effectively made fealty to his false claims of a fraudulent election last year the price of entry for any Republican candidate in any race. Under his influence, one of America’s two great political parties has effectively shed its belief in democracy – a dereliction that is massively significant for the country’s fut

We’ve all seen the dumbass look on Tucker Carson’s face, but John Oliver describe’s the weasel’s demeanor perfectly.

 It’s the look you get when trying to explain Bitcoin to a 13th century peasant. Perfect! But the sheep eat it up, so he continues his act for the double digit IQ crowd. Nothing new here, but I love John Oliver’s description of the clown who appeals to Dotard’s minions.

If we’d have had a moron like Dotard as prez in the 50’s, with his ignorant morons swallowing his crap,

Polio would still be crippling hundreds of thousands per year. BUT, we didn’t have an idiot like him, with his moronic followers making vaccine political, SO, because of herd immunity polio is no longer a problem. Because of the FOXIdiots(R), though, COVID, and it’s variants will be with us for the foreseeable future. The good news? Those(R) who deserve it will be the ones getting it. SO, there IS a silver lining.

Wow, we can only hope...

  Trump added he was "100%" thinking about running again for the White House in 2024. "The polls show it and everybody wants me to do it: 100% I'm thinking about running and we will I think be very successful," Trump told Fox Business. "We were very successful." Go for it, Dotard! We’d love to have the same jackass who lost the House, Senate and presidency run again. IF, you’re not in prison by then...ha ha!

How stoopid does Dotard think the American people are? Oh yeah, he’s dealing with FOXMorons. Never mind....

 Does the Liar in Chief think we don’t ALL know that it takes many hours, and even days to count all the votes? He thinks the polls should close at 10:30 if he’s ahead? OMG? If you ever wonder how gullible and ignorant these morons(R) are, just check out Dotard’s rant. Trump last week called the 2020 election a "disgrace to our country." He said, "at 10:30 in the evening, everyone thought the election was over and that we had won. All of a sudden, late in the night, they closed up the tabulation centers and they came out with new numbers. This election is a disgrace to our country. And the whole world knows it and they're watching." If there’s a TEST for moronic beliefs, this has to be near the top. And this is what the asshole uses to ‘rally his troops’. OMG! What an embarrassment to the country. But, nothing new here.....

If you don’t believe it, just ask Dotard’s other attorney, Michael Cohen, the convicted felon.

  You don’t need to be a lawyer to know that when federal agents knock on your door with a search warrant and seize your electronic devices, you’re in big trouble. Ever since that happened to former Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday, he has tried to downplay the peril he is in,  saying whatever evidence  is on his phones proves that “the president and I…are innocent.” And if you believe that LIE, you probably swallow the THOUSANDS of other LIES from the Liar in Chief. I can’t wait to see Rabid Rudy on the stand, fighting to stay out of prison, offering deals for dirt on Dotard. Just like Michael Cohen did, when faced with decades in prison. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, you f-ing criminals(R).

For a Republican, Liz Cheney is surprisingly intelligent. What a kind of moron still believes the election was STOLEN, after over 5 months of ZERO evidence?

Oh yeah, the typical FOXSheep. The kind of gullible, ignorant minion who gets their ‘news’ from a Propaganda Machine. Nothing new here.  “The 2020 presidential election was not stolen,”  Cheney wrote . “Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.”



Wow, finally some justice and accountability for the criminals who thought/think they are above the law?

  Rudy Giuliani raids signal accountability is coming for the Donald Trump era The FBI raids of Giuliani's home and office should worry former President Trump and all who followed his lead in playing fast and loose with the law. Former President Donald Trump and his cronies should beware. The search warrants executed against Trump’s former personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, mark a leap forward in the Department of Justice’s look into the past four years of potential illegalities. It signals turbulent waters ahead for Giuliani and his former client alike.    These warrants are not easy to get. You need to convince a judge there is probable cause of wrongdoing. The warrant must also pass tough review at the highest levels of the DOJ. That these warrants survived this double scrutiny is itself a sign of serious trouble for the former New York mayor. It is  particularly unusual  for prosecutors to execute a warrant against a lawyer (the most recent notable example is someone else who serv

Once upon a time, Republicans considered themselves the political party of ideas. No, reall.

These days, the GOP is focused  mostly on tax cuts for the rich; voter suppression laws based on an enormous lie about election fraud designed to disenfranchise those who don’t vote for them; gerrymandering electoral maps to win a majority of seats with a minority of votes; and government interference in the personal family planning decisions of every American. Today’s Republican Party is increasingly embracing overt racism and bigotry at the same time that it promotes policies that exacerbate the wealth gap and concentrate a preposterous amount of money in the hands of the very few. Oh, and they have produced an actual, physical, golden idol of Donald Trump. And you wonder WHY I cant stand ‘em?

In a typical example of how the rightwingnuts ‘spin’ the news, we saw how they totally ignored the fact that

 Biden is WAY more popular than Trump, after the common measuring point of ‘The first one hundred days.’ The Repub propaganda outlet just ignored the polls that had Biden well over fifty percent approval ( a number Dotard never even came close to) and instead ran this headline. Poll: Biden Less Popular Than Police, Law Enforcement Agencies And you wonder WHY the sheep are so ignorant and uninformed? Just look at where they get their ‘news’ shoveled to them.  In another ‘telling’ article, the same ‘Christians’ who welcomed Dotard, the Pussy Grabber, with open arms and checkbooks are bitching about Biden, a lifelong, practicing Catholic, saying he isn’t a real Christian and should be denied Communion because of his stance on legal abortions. These HYPOCRITES(R) have absolutely no shame when it comes to mixing their politics and religion, as long as they get an advantage.

This story, in today’s paper, kinda pissed me off. Why would you drop charges against these assholes? At least not ALL the charges, against the LIARS(R) are being dropped.

Remember the Stolen Election, that all the morons swallowed, and the ‘Evidence’ that was gonna come out? Well, jackasses(R), we’re still WAITING......  NEWSMAX APOLOGIZES TO EMPLOYEE OF VOTING FIRM   NEW YORK  »  Newsmax apologized on Friday for airing false allegations that an employee for Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems manipulated machines or tallies on Election Day to the detriment of former President Donald Trump. Eric Coomer, security director at the firm, in turn dropped Newsmax from a defamation lawsuit. The conservative news network, in a statement published on its website and to be read on TV, said that although it aired the accusations against Coomer made by Trump’s lawyers and supporters, it found no evidence that they were true. “We would like to apologize for any harm that our reporting of the allegations against Dr. Coomer may have caused to Dr. Coomer and his family,” the network said. He said in his lawsuit that he had gone into hiding because of death threats. Co

At least we’re having discussions about policy, now, instead of dealing with the Liar in Chief’s full time assault on the truth.

  When President Donald Trump's social media feeds   went dark after   the insurrection at the Capitol, it felt like a fog beginning to lift. For more than five years, starting with his campaign announcement in June 2015, political journalism had been clogged with a nonstop torrent of exaggerations, lies and head-scratching pronouncements that scuttled efforts to focus on systemic concerns.   From  exhaustive fact checks  to contentious briefing-room clashes over the administration's "alternative facts," debunking the whirl of lies became a full-time process. The bad news? Late night TV has gotten pretty boring, without Trump’s daily bullshit, but it’s a small price to pay.

After Dotard slashed $2Trillion from the budget by giving the top 1% a YUUUGE tax break, McTurtleface was asked about the deficit.

 He had a famous reply, that you never heard on FOX. ‘Nobody cares about the deficit’. Have you him and the rest of the Repub jerks lately? Sorta like when Obama’s SCOTUS pick was ‘too close to the election’. Republicans....What a joke.

This, after CA and NY (by 89 total people) LOST seats and FL and TX GAINED seats, TX, by two.

 Their only ‘evidence’? Some states differed from the ‘estimates’. BUT, it give the morons at FOX something to bitch about, after the ‘Red Meat’ scandal was shown to be total bullshit. GOP reps question Biden admin on alleged 'political interference' in census, citing departure from estimates

At least the morons have a place to ‘gather together’.


As vaccinations numbers begin to recede, it seems we are going to fall short of reaching ‘herd immunity, which is necessary to protect AKK of us from COVID19,

 Which will be able to produce new variants and be an ongoing problem, killing citizens for a LONG time. Scientists are trying to find out WHY so many are adverse to getting an inoculation that will protect them, and their friends and family, as well as society as a whole. Scientists have found similar patterns among  skeptics in Australia and Israel, and in a broad sample of vaccine-hesitant people in 24 countries. “At the root are these moral intuitions — these gut feelings — and they are very strong,” said Jeff Huntsinger, a social psychologist at Loyola University Chicago who studies emotion and decision-making and collaborated with Omer’s team. “It’s very hard to override them with facts and information. You can’t reason with them in that way.” These qualities tend to predominate among conservatives. Wow! I’m shocked! We’re finding that conservatives aren’t convinced by ‘facts and information’.  Like Dotard, they just ‘go with their gut’. Duh, who da thunk? Throw in the fact that