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Latest quote from the Orange Clown

America is now moving forward!

Yup, just like Thelma and Louise....

It's sorta like finding the BIGGEST/WORST Trump LIES,

difficult, cuz there's SO many. BUT, someone saved me the trouble of finding the 15 most delusional hosts at Bullshit Mountain.
Thanks new-man2.
Can you believe there are gullible/clueless sheep 'out there' who actually swallow this crap?
It's the best explanation of how we got Dotard Drumpf as President of the US.
Gullible idiots....

The 15 Most Delusional Fox News Hosts  submitted 1 month ago* by new-man2 archive: Sean Hannity falsifies footage of tea party protestMegyn Kelly declares Santa Claus is whiteGretchen Carlson questions free SpongeBob SquarePants books being given to kids because of global warmingTucker Carlson believes Democrats came up with the concept of sexual harassment to take down the Republican partyStacey Dash says we should get rid of Black History Month and BETAndrea Tantaros says she’d look fabulous on a food stamps dietGreg Gutfeld calls fossil fuel a ‘renewable energy’Glenn Beck tries to call government under Obama an ‘…

Seems I'm not the only one who notices

the 'selective' news that's shoveled to clueless minions who get the 'news' from FOX.

Here’s What ‘Fox & Friends’ Covered On Manafort Indictment Day A tale of Trump tweets, Dean Cain and an emoji  cheeseburger.
Some poor SOB at HuffPost was forced to watch Bullshit Mountain, with the douche bags from FOX and Friends, for two hours, on the morning while the rest of the world found out about the indictments and guilty plea from the campaign staffer.
The FOXSheep, though, got a whole different slice of reality, dealing with: Prosecute Hillary, Trump Tweets, cheeseburger emojies, more anti-Hillary, rotten NFL'ers, more cheeseburger comments, BENGHAZI!, and the case for Dem/Russia collusion. The indictments/guilty plea weren't mentioned.
Click and read it yourself.
And you wonder why the clueless minions who swallow FOXCrap are so uni…

Formerly respected Gen John Kelly

now the trained monkey dancing if front of the Liar in Chief's organ grinder, says that the Civil War was fought for 'lack of compromise' Oh really?
SOOOO, should the slaves just be slaves on even days of the month?
Every other week maybe the slaves and slave owners should change places?
Should black humans be sold to white humans only in months with a 'R'?
Maybe slave owners should be forced to use on condom on black women they raped?
Maybe the chains on the slaves should be painted in cheerful pastel colors?

Wow, so many compromises that COULD have stopped the war, based on SLAVERY.
I'm sure Sarah Hunkameat can explain it though and I'm sure it's Hillary's fault.
Can you say BULLSHIT!

After it was reported that Papadopolous pleaded guilty

to meeting with Russians for the Trump campaign, and then LYING about it, Bullshit Mountain added it's own 'spin' to the story in a headline for the clueless sheep who read/believe the rag.
'A Laughingstock': Professor Rejects Claims by Ex-Trump Aide Arrested in Mueller Probe And you wonder why the FOXSheep are so uninformed and clueless?

And in other 'Are you fucking kidding me'? 'news' from FOX:

Gregg Jarrett: Still no evidence of Trump-Russia 'collusion' - but Hillary is a different matter
Over the weekend, the mainstream media was absolutely giddy with delight upon learning there would be an indictment by special counsel, Robert Mueller. Hey, Trump fans: Manafort indictment means your hero isn't perfect (and that's OK)Michael Goodwin: Robert Mueller should resign And now some GOOD news, from the REAL world:Analysis: It's clear Mueller is just getting started

After reading the new Gallup Survey numbers,

I have only one question.
What the hell is WRONG with those 33%? Dropped on their heads as infants? Would vote for a rabid skunk if it had an (R) after it's name? OR are they just ignorant, gullible FOXSheep who get their 'news' from the Repub propaganda outlet?
WTF will it take for these people to FINALLY remove their firmly and deeply implanted heads and recognize what's really happening?

A new poll reveals President Trump's approval rating
has plummeted to a record-breaking low. The poll results come from Gallup's daily survey, and
place Trump with a 33 percent approval ratings -- his
lowest favorability number to date with the same pollster
company. The daily poll also shows the commander in
chief with a 62 percent disapproval rating. As CNN notes, Trump's third-quarter numbers position
him as the president with the worst ratings in that span
in seven decades of surveys.

In typical Trump/FOX/Hunkameat LIES

they're claiming 'It's all OLD news, and nothing about collusion'. Bullshit!
Pappadopolis pleaded GUILTY to meeting with the Russians about buying dirt on Hillary, and lying about it.
The case against former Trump Campaign Chairman Manafort is just starting and he looks guilty as hell, with all his Russian connections and hidden money.
Do those clowns think everyone is as stupid/gullible as the FOXSheep, who'll swallow anything?
As for the 'dossier', it was begun against Trump by Jeb Bush (Fusion) and then sold to Hillary's campaign when Jeb was out. Nothing illegal or unusual. Duh, who da thunk you'd buy info against your opponent?
The Pubs got their dirt from the Russians, and then LIED about it, over and over and over. THAT"S what's illegal.
BUT, that's WAY too complicated for a dumbass sheep to understand, obviously.

Was at a class reunion last month

and had a good time talking with former classmate Jim Carlson, who was restoring a '55 Chevy Nomad. He was in the process of assembling a steel building, so he could work through the winter. He showed me pics of the large metal framing that was already up.
Got news today that he was killed when a gust of wind caught him and the metal roof panel he was installing above a concrete pad.
Really too bad cuz he was a really friendly, great guy. Feel sorry for his wife. But, it was quick and he died doing what he liked to do. There are worse ways to go, but still way too young.

My dear deceased mother

was a pushover for televangelists and religious hucksters. She had the unfortunate combination of being generous and gullible. SOOO, 4 years after her death, I still receive, on the average, at least 5 pieces of mail per week, asking for all kinds of donations and various pleas for money.
I hate to think how much money she sent out to the flim flam artists for her to still be on their mailing lists.
I know it was her money, to do as she saw fit, but c'mon, after four years, give it up!

After today's indictments and guilty pleas

the apologists at FOX jumped into the fray with their own particular 'spin' on the news.
In other words, they say this means nothing, let's prosecute Clinton!
The latest from the Repub propaganda network includes:

Trump slams Manafort indictment as irrelevant to Russia probe, calls for 'Crooked Hillary' investigationOh Really?
ERICK ERICKSON: It's Paul Manafort's indictment, not Trump'sHow about BOTH?Trump tweets on reports that Obama campaign paid law firm that hired Fusion GPSSoooo...
GREGG JARRETT: Still no evidence of Trump-Russia 'collusion' - but Hillary is a different matterYeah, she's not a Russia backed president of the USFOX is right, there's no evidence of collusion, YET, but I sure like the way the cards are stacking up... Just one Trumpie after another, getting caught in their web of LIES, led by the Liar in Chief. 

Talk about just 'pulling it out of her ass'

Sarah Hunkameat had this answer when asked about the indictments, and guilty plea, against Trump staffers.

"There's clear evidence of the Clinton campaign colluding with Russian intelligence to spread disinformation and smear the President to influence the election," Sanders said.

Oh really? You have a yuuuuge news scoop that no one knows about OR, are you just throwing out more bullshit for the sheep, instead of answering the question you were asked?

In the first of what I'm claiming will be MANY indictments,

and probably more significant than Manafort's indictment,
one of the Orange Clown's campaign staff was indicted for lying to the FBI, about meeting with the Russians during the Presidential Campaign.
Think about it!
You think he was/is the ONLY one?
He's just the first and I can't wait to see/hear more. As I say, just be patient.....

Washington (CNN)A former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser has pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the FBI after he lied about his interactions with foreign officials close to the Russian government, the campaign's clearest connection so far to Russia's efforts to meddle in the 2016 election. In court records unsealed on Monday, the FBI said George Papadopoulos "falsely described his interactions with a certain foreign contact (Russian) who discussed 'dirt' related to emails" concerning Hillary Clinton. C'mon Dotard, tell us some more about what a Witch Hunt it is..... I know the Super-Patriotic j…

Something the rightwingnuts love to ignore

is the fact that there is NO QUESTION that the Russians conspired to elect the Orange Clown.
The only question, and Robert Meuller is working on the answer, is if the Liar in Chief, and/or his close inner circle, can be successfully connected to that campaign.
Bottom line, we have Dotard Drumpf in the White because of the Russians.

 No matter how much Trump rants about the “Russia hoax,” the 2016 hacking was not only real and aimed at electing Trump but constituted a major victory for a dangerous foreign adversary. “The Russians,” he said, have “succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.”

As for the 'witch hunt', this morning we are seeing the first of the 'witches' brought in to face the music.
Oughta be interesting how the Liar in Chief reacts to the latest indictments, but there's one thing I can guarantee. His responses/Tweets will be full of LIES, and the sheep will swallow them. 
Some things NEVER change....

Robert Meuller's nickname is The Boy Scout

cuz he's so straight and narrow. The former director of the FBI was a near unanimous choice for special prosecutor because of his flawless reputation.
Now that he's come up with his first indictments, FOXNews has an opinion about him.
Michael Goodwin: Robert Mueller should resign
Same old shit from the Bullshit Mountain. According to them, it is Hillary and the Dems who should be under investigation. OMG! And you wonder why the FOX sheep are so clueless?

The Orange Clown keeps screaming

and Tweeting, cuz Clinton and the Dems hired someone to find dirt on him. Oh really?
Who da thunk that someone in politics would pay to find dirt on their opponent?

At least the Dems didn't meet with the Russians, like nearly ALL of Trump's inner circle. At first they denied (LIED) about the meeting, then when BUSTED they claimed the meeting was about Russian adoptions, and the sheep swallowed it,  (or just don't give a shit), until the Russians admitted the meeting was to find 'dirt' on Hillary. AND, it was just one of MANY meetings with the Russians, on many levels, all denied, until proven, then FINALLY admitted, like Flynn, Trump Jr, Manafort, Stone, etc. Just a bunch of lying assholes(R), who take the lead from the Liar in Chief.

Same old shit from the hypocrites(R), BUT, it keeps the sheep 'distracted', like a shiny object, and they can listen to FOX-PARP, who pounds it into their heads.... Dems Bad/Pubs Good, Dems Bad/Pubs Good, Trump is one of you,…

I can understand being a Repub

IF you are a one percenter, OR if you were dropped on your head as a child OR if you believe the crap from Bullshit Mountain.
Other than that, why the hell would ANYONE, (other than the same people who believe in Noah's Ark and the Garden of Eden, while NOT believing in evolution, science and climate change), actually believe the crap that comes out of the Liar in Chief's mouth?
I can show you over a hundred easily documented LIES, or you could Google it.
Never mind, I'm trying logic on the crowd that thinks the planet is 6000 years old, and snakes talk.
That's the low income/education, opioid addicted, welfare check cashing, Food Stamp shoppers, FOXLies believing Bible Belt crowd that gave us the Orange Clown.
And they think they are normal and SMART, cuz their ignorant neighbors reinforce their gullibility.
Never mind..... Enjoy your time with Dotard Drumpf.
It's just too bad the rest of the country has to suffer for your gullibility/ignorance.

It's called capitalism

and sometimes it sucks.

The Pubs like to thimk of themselves as fiscal conservatives, and they are,

whenever a Dem is in the White House, but get a Pub in charge and it's a whole new ball game.
Like when St Ronnie blew up the National Debt with BY FAR the biggest deficit we had ever seen, outside of WWII. Then there was GW and The Dick, who famously said 'Deficits don't matter', as they blew up the debt, not even counting two unpaid for wars, one they totally LIED us into, and THEN they paid out over $860 BILLION (Ft Knox holds $120 Bil) to their banker buddies to keep our country from completely imploding after 8 years of their 'leadership'. Oh yeah, our homes and investments lost 50% under their genius guidance.
Now, the same assholes(R) have a NEW plan, to cut taxes for the 1%, and toss a few crumbs to part of the middle class, while blowing up the national debt.
Republican leaders support tax cuts adding trillions  to the national debt now, but had dire warnings about  it under the Obama administration. ASHINGTON ― The late 1970s, the mid-1990s and the

You remember Trump's Cabinet appointments?

We knew MOST of them were/are disasters waiting to happen. Bombs planted to destroy the agencies they are supposed to lead, like Scott at the EPA, DeVos in Educ, Perry in Energy and Dr Carson HHR.

No wonder our Sec of State called Dotard Drumpf a 'fucking moron' and NEVER denied it.

I thought Zeinke, at the Dept of Int might be an exception. OMG was I wrong. This dickwad gave a $300 MILLION dollar no-bid contract to 2 bozos from his hometown of Whitefish Montana, and then claimed NOT TO KNOW ABOUT IT OR KNOW THEM, from the huge city of Whitefish.
Part of the contract calls for the Montana workers they are recruiting to get OVER $300/hour to work as laborers/carpenters and electricians, PLUS very generous room and board allowances and free flights (we pay) back and forth to Montana. Trucks and cranes are to be reimbursed to the company at over $600/hour.
And you wonder why the govt of PR is screaming to get them removed, while Zeinke is fighting to keep them, although he '…

We haven't even heard WHO

Robert Mueller's is indicting, but FOX has already decried the action, saying he's overstepping his authority and it's all a political vendetta against the Liar in Chief.
Plus, we have the Orange Clown rehashing the discredited Hillary/Uranium bullshit, that Snopes calls Definitely False.
BUT, it's the Typical Dotard Drumpf strategy of muddying the water, then calling Fake News whenever he or his henchmen get caught up in crimes and lies.
Then the sheep get so flustered they just concentrate on 'them damn Dems', while the Trump/Putin connections get drowned out by more Lies from The Donald. And why not? It works. They totally overlook the fact that Putin helped to install the vain, arrogant unqualified pathological liar, and in turn he's paying them back by dismissing/delaying BILLIONS in Russian Sanctions.
Same old shit as the Pubs overlooked thousands killed by GW and The Dick's illegal war, based on lies, but persecuted Hillary for years over BENGHA…

Can you imagine

Obama repeatedly telling people how smart/intelligent he is, and how 'he has the best words', and how his IQ is higher than his Sec of State?
RU kidding?
Only a total dumbshit would say that, 'over and over', as his dumbshit followers swallow it.
Unbelievable that the Prez of the US could get away with it.
BUT, we have the Liar in Chief in charge, supported by FOX and the sheep.

This just in

But Dotard Drumpf says 'Fake news'.
GOP now stands for Gross Orange Pile.
Deal with it...
BTW Of ALL the things the Liar in Chief does, the WORST is his CONTINUAL lying.
Literally HUNDREDS of easily documented LIES.
How can anyone support a pathological like Dotard Drumpf?
Really? At what point does continual lying become acceptable? Even to the clueless FOXSheep?

The Pubs are bitchin'

cuz the Dems hired someone to find dirt on Trump, and he came up with a 'dossier' filled with dirt and more. Duh.....
This was the same time that 'All the president's men', (incl son and son in law and campaign mgr) were meeting with the Russians, MANY times, (though they denied it all, it was undeniably proven), and then they came up with excuses like, 'we were meeting about Russian 'adoptions'.
Who swallows the Pub crap? Oh yeah the sheep.....
BTW, you ever wonder WHY Russia/Putin worked SO HARD to elect the Liar in Chief?
Hint: He has fought and is STILL fighting to keep 'Sanctions' from being implemented, which cost the Russians BILLIONS, when/IF they happen, but the Orange Clown FIRED the entire staff of the agency charged with enforcing those sanctions. Nice investment, Vladimir....
PS Every US intel agency (at least 17) agrees that Russia interfered in the US elections, in Trump's favor, but so far can't PROVE he helped them. Be …

We laugh at North Korea's 'state TV'

but we have the same thing with the Liar in Chief and FOX.
Bullshit Mountan basically has a one person audience and as long as they keep him happy, he consults them they broadcast what HE wants to hear, as the Orange Clown calls all the legitimate news agencies 'fake news', while the sheep listen in and get their 'news' from a network created by Repub political strategist, and serial sex offender, Roger Ailes.
It's called 'synergy' as FOX feeds Trump and Trump feeds FOX, where facts don't matter and LIES flow like wine. It used to be a big deal if a prez was caught in a lie, now one lie still has fresh stink on it when the next one hits. He MANY times claims to have 'proof', but it never materializes and he's on to the next lie.
No big deal anymore for the sheep. They just keep swallowing and say 'thank you sir, may I have another'....

Did you know

that the Russian sanctions, voted on and approved by Dems AND Pubs after Dotard Drumpf wouldn't apply them, was delayed for nearly a month after they were supposed to begin on Oct 1, and now are further delayed cuz the Orange Clown 'disbanded' the committee that was charged with instituting the sanctions, and 'fired' all the people involved with enacting the sanctions.
And you wonder WHY Putin wanted Trump in the White House?

Saw a good quote

In so many words he said,
'IF God had created man with sense, reason and intellect, He/She wouldn't have asked us to IGNORE those qualities when looking at creation, evolution and science.'
How true, as the Evangelists(R) who elected the Orange Clown deny evolution, climate change, basic science, basic logic/rationality and explain it by 'having FAITH'.


After two weeks in Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, all countries with coastlines on the Adriatic Sea, incl Slovenia, which is the coolest country I knew NOTHING about. Slovenia borders Italy and Austia an dis part of the Julian Alps, which are amazing. The cities of Ljubljana and Bled are some of the prettiest anywhere, a cross between Telluride and the place where Heidi lived. Check it out, right across the 'boot of Italy' to the east, above Greece.
The Dalmation Coast has the clearest water I've seen, plus many islands and Roman ruins all along. Cities like Split and Dubrovnik are 'off the chart' scenic, old and interesting. Took a Game of Thrones tour in Old Town Dubrovnik where a LOT of the series has been filmed.
Stayed in Five Star hotels, and amazing bus with WiFi and had interesting local guides, plus an amazing 'overall' tour Slovenian guide, who speaks 7 languages, to explain the history of everything we were seeing and take us to the best spo…

The Orange Clown declared WAR,

on the opioid crisis, promising to address the YUUUGE problem that confronts the country. But, he committed ZERO $ to his war. In fact he cut funding, while ramping up the war on pot, although a large majority, even assbackward Reps, support legalization, but his dumbshit Atty Gen is spending MORE to prosecute cannabis users.
Can you say IDIOTS?

Speaking with a FORMER Repub,

who hates Dotard Drumpf, he reminded me of how nearly ALL Repubs hated the Orange Clown as he belittled, lied about, talked over and gave names to their heroes, like Jeb, Rubio and the rest, while GW and Mitt hate him. BUT! Now he won and has an R after his name, and is the SAME asshole or worse, but the minions forgot who he really is.
God help us.

Italian media is reporting

that the Orange Clown is changing US Tax code and probably hasn't even paid taxes for a decade BUT no one knows, cuz the asshole hasn't released his own tax returns and his dumbshit minions don't know or care.
In Italy , they laugh at the Liar in Chief and the clueless sheep who elected him, while we who care, cry for our country, while his mountain of LIES climbs daily.....
You can't even investigate/be outraged from the last lie and BOOM, there's another,WORSE one. What kind of dumbshit is OK with this pile of shit telling piles of lies?
Oh yeah, the sheep, who have no problem with FOXLies.  Never mind....

I've heard....... That in Italy now

the news is reporting on another Trump appointed slime bag, Sec of Interior Zinke just handed out a three hundred MILLION dollar no bid contract to rebuild Puerto Rico, to a two person crew with ZERO experience in PR, from his tiny town in Whitefish Montana.
When confronted he did the typical Pub thing and LIED HIS ASS OFF!
At least that's what Italian news is reporting as they continue to skewer the Orange  lown who continues to be a total embarrassment/laughing stock.

Some good news for a change

in two weeks of travel through four countries I didn't see FOXLies on ONE TV! They hate the SOB and his propaganda network, and, it seems the Liar in Chief is feuding with Pubs, who call out his continuous LIES and his Tax Cuts for the Wealthy plan may be in jeopardy.
The foreign news also makes fun of his bone spurs and his Lying General that Sarah Hunkameat says shouldn't be criticized.
Bottom line, they hate him as much as we do, or more, if that's possible...

I had heard that the Dalmation Coast,

incl Dubrovnic and Split, is REALLY beautiful, but was totally unaware of Slovenia and the town of Bled. Google it. Off the chart...
A picturesque mountain town in the southern Alps, with an amazing lake, castle and Bavarian type village, beside a ski area. At least that's what I hear. Wow.....

Not bad for a beginner....

In a stirring defense of Donald Trump’s chief of staff, General John Kelly, the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said on Friday that it was “unpatriotic in the extreme” to offer irrefutable video proof that a four-star general lied. “It is unpatriotic enough to accuse a four-star general of lying,” Sanders told the White House press corps. “But to make available a video that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that that general lied is unpatriotic bordering on treasonous.” Warming to her subject, Sanders said that any American who sees undeniable video evidence that a general lied and chooses to believe the video “shows disrespect for our country and hatred for our flag.” “General Kelly has served our country with courage and valor,” she said. “He has earned the right to lie without fear of being contradicted by the facts.” Minutes after Sanders concluded her remarks, Kelly also received a vote of confidence from Trump, who called his chief of staff “a good liar, for a b…

BTW, did you see

where the Liar in Chief said, We're Bringing BACK Merry Christmas, (before it's even Halloween) and his idiot minions said Amen, and YouTube had a video of Obama saying MC 22 times.
BUT the jerks(R) are convinced there's a War on Christmas and they're culture warriors. Can you say Clueless?
BTW, what kind of brain, or lack thereof, gets their 'news' from a propaganda network created by the Political Strategist of the Repub. Party,  sex offender Roger Ailes? Oh yeah, the kind of brain that never learned to think, and believes in Noah's Ark and voted for Dotard Drumpf, and has thinking people all over the world, incl Europe, wondering WTF happened in the USA?
And we gotta explain, well there's a propaganda network that low IQ people swallow, etc......

Wow, I'm shocked,

According to the headlines here, Trump is lying his ass off about his call to the dead soldiers families, AND he got his mouthpiece Gen Kelly to lie about a Dem who he said claimed to have funded the FBI building, but luckily the video of the event still exists. ALL LIES from the Liar in Chief and crew, after claiming PROOF to the contrary. Who da thunk? Oh yeah, the FOXSheep who only get the bullshit 'news',  where they catapult the propaganda to those who don't know or care.

From what I hear....

when people travel, it is VERY hard to find a Dotard Drumpf supporter. Either his minions just don't travel or they are too ashamed to admit they like the asshole. Every insult toward the jerk is met with cheers and high fives and NO ONE, incl locals can stand the SOB. Embarrassment is a the most common word used to describe him. The only good I can see is that people try to be extra nice, so they aren't an Ugly American like the Orange Clown...

Every once in a while I get a chance

to see what the foreign press/media says about the US. Right now they are saying, 'He (the Liar in Chief) Just Keeps Lying'. Their words are 'It's just exhausting trying to keep up with his lies, cuz they just keep coming. He's wearing us out with his lies.' Then they went on to list a BUNCH, which I don't have room for.. Nothing new here, but it gets SO old and the whole world sees it. Some jerks (R) just don't care.....

Can you remember HOW MANY WOMEN

were sexually harassed at FOXNEWS? There are a BUNCH!
But, the clowns of Bullshit Mountain ignored it, as their founder, Roger Ailes, who conned the 'Religious Wrong' to become PERMANENT Republicans, was exposed, and then died.
Then there was Big Bill O'Reilly and several more.
BUT, when a prominent Liberal, Harvey Weinstein, who looks like a wad of gum rolled in cat hair, is busted, the clowns at Bullshit Mountain are OUTRAGED!
Alec Baldwin, the Donald Trump-impersonating
“Saturday Night Live” star is annoyed that Fox
News is attacking Harvey Weinstein over sexual
harassment allegations after the conservative
network covered up harassment within its own
ranks by former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes
and former host Bill O’Reilly. “The Weinstein Company should shut its doors,”
Jarrett said on Fox News.  “Oh, so companies with pervasive sexual  harassment issues at the leadership level 
should shut down?”  “Interesting idea.” said Baldwin...

I've always wanted to explore

the antiquities (more World Heritage Sites then anywhere), try the seafood, see beautiful islands and coast line of the Adriatic Sea, right above the Greek Islands, and I've heard it's nice weather and economical this time of year. Dubrovnik is supposed to be esp nice.
Oh well, maybe someday...

The Liar in Chief says he'll DOUBLE the offer

to 'shut the f**k up' to whoever claims the $10 mil from Larry Flynt.
WHITE HOUSE 22 hours ago Hustler founder Larry Flynt offers $10 million for dirt leading to Trump impeachment“Sure I could use that $10 million to buy luxuries or further my businesses,” Flynt writes, “but what good would that do me in a world devastated by the most powerful moron in history?” And to think there was a time I didn't like Larry Flynt.....

Remember one year ago

when the Pubs were bitchin' about King Obama, using Executive Orders to circumvent Congress? Of course you do and if you are a Pub, I'm sure you were bitchin'.
Well, at the rate he's going the Liar in Chief is on track to issue a MANY, MANY more. even when the Pubs hold ALL THREE branches of the Government?
Have you heard the Pubs bitchin' now, about the new King,
Didn't think so.. Can you say HYPOCRITES?
Usually when the Orange Clown uses 'the power of the pen', it's to declare bankruptcy, after he's sucked all the cash out of it and it comes time to pay the bills.
Crooked, lyin', Russia-backed SOB, but he's got (R) after his name so the sheep don't give a shit.

I'm not always sarcastic, sometimes I'm sleeping.....


The Orange Clown is many things,

incl vain, arrogant, unqualified and a pathological LIAR, but, he's not stupid.
When he decided to run for prez, one of the first things he did was claim to be a Christian, cuz he knows there is no larger voting block in the US. And if you can find a group who believes in Noah's Ark and the Garden of Eden, they're not gonna question much of anything you say, as long as you can 'blow the dog whistles' on their favorite subjects, like gay marriage, abortion and saying 'Merry Christmas.
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s evolution from twice-divorced casino owner viewed warily by Christian conservatives to evangelical favorite defending religious liberty was on full display Friday as he promised conservatives a return to traditional American values, including restoring “Merry Christmas” to the national discourse.

Yup, you can get away with referring to Two Corinthians and calling Communion 'My little wine and my little cracker' and bragging about &…

Seems I'm not the only one.

The other day I blogged about how I WISHED that this part of the country was 'normal' but I know it's not. Instead of a Saturday afternoon, post-football game crowd on the Boulder mall, the US is more like a West Virginia Walmart on a Saturday before Halloween. Well, it seems I wasn't too far off.
Today's USAToday published a Wall St Journal poll of the '50 Best Cities to Live in the US', and 3 of the top 5 (Highland Ranch, Centennial and Arvada, CO) were within a few miles of here. We would have had more, but Boulder, Broomfield and Louisville had home ownership prices that were TOO HIGH to make the list.
Like I say, it's always good to have my opinion validated.
Most liveable: America’s 50 best cities to live in
When I see the Orange Clown and wonder WTF happened?, I just look at conditions (and IQ's) in SO MANY Red States and think, &#…

There's a method to the moron's madness

WASHINGTON ― The conventional wisdom about President Donald Trump is clear enough: He’s an infantile, ignorant moron surrounded by a shrinking political base, a phalanx of enemies who used to be friends, and more investigators than the FBI Academy.
But by the end of this week, it was clearer than ever that
if Trump is a moron, he is a moron on a mission ― and
with more method to his madness than his enemies 
understand or want to consider. The tweets are a useful 
distraction ― a kind of air cover for his carpet bombing of 
federal policy and programs. In quick succession, the president and his small but focused
dead-end gang have used administrative diktats to wreak
havoc on clean air rules, immigration procedures, Obama-
care and the Iran deal, and he's just getting started.