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Friday, March 30, 2007

Why couldn't I,

have thought of this. It is SO perfect. Laura brought over a G W Bush chew toy for dogs. She said the pet store bought them, 50 per box, and couldn't keep them in stock. SO, I'm not the only one who would love to see an animal tear off his head and limbs??? Obviously not. I did think of G Dub toilet paper. PERFECT. But several entrepreneurs beat me to the punch. It's expensive, but they can't keep it in stock, either. I love it.... Nasty, but SO appropriate..

Only 33 days,

'til we leave for Mexico, and the party on the beach, also known as 'Ted & Kari's Wedding.' Can hardly wait.... Gonna be a fun bunch of people down there, and the more the merrier. If you can't have a good time at an 'all-inclusive' resort, on the beach, in the Caribbean, you ain't tryin'. Looking forward to a great time, with our friends and relatives. If you haven't booked yet, it's not too late. DO IT. Let me know and I'll hook you up with the tour company. You WON'T be sorry...

Just realized,

Keystone is closing in about 2 weeks! Can't believe it has gone so fast. The pic is Carol and I last week, when we had a FANTASTIC day at Keystone. Hate to fight the weekend crowds, but need to get all the days in I can. May head up tomorrow. The season is gonna be over WAY too soon...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Am watching

a program on TV, about the 'Boomer Generation', and just realized what an effect it had on me and my generation. Our heroes, JFK, RFK, and Martin Luther King, who stood up for what we believed, were all shot and killed. If you weren't there, you can't understand what that meant. It was 'us verses them'. Smoke pot, go to jail, for 20 years. YES, that's how it was. Viet Nam, fight their war, or go to jail. Thank God, it has 'kind of' changed. We have Bush, and his war, not NEARLY as bad, but, the same kinda crap. Please, stand up for what is right. The older you get, the more important it becomes. There is RIGHT and WRONG. Killing, for economic reasons, is WRONG. Hopefully we have come to understand this simple fact. Some people have not. Please, let us separate ourselves from 'them' and their sins. Stand up for what is RIGHT. Sorry for preaching, but some things need to be said....

Gotta lighten up a bit,

sooooo, I'll relay the story of a certain "Who" concert in St. Louis. As security, we were given a really cool Who t-shirt with a riverboat on it. Used to have a whole lotta cool shirts, that some bands gave out as a sort of backstage pass, but only one has survived. A Rolling Stones, Big Lips shirt, from a '72 Stones tour. Anyway, this particular show was memorable for a couple of reasons. One, Keith Moon, the original Who drummer, and one of the real wild men of rock n roll, was still alive and was in rare form. He threw a party in his hotel room, and had some lovely guests. Won't go into particulars, but not surprised he died young. Another memory comes from Connie. Never knew her last name, but she was famous... There is a line in a "Grand Funk Railroad" song, "We're an American Band", that says, 'Sweet sweet Connie was doin' her act. She had the whole band and that's a natural fact'. Well, some musicians claimed they played better if they had a release of 'tension' before the show, and Connie became famous as one of the best 'releasers' of all time. Some bands had her services written into their contract, like Heineken beer, or a fruit plate. Anyway, sweet Connie was doing her act, and the joke of the day was to tell one of the new guys she was famous for giving the best kisses, ever. SO, after some prodding, they'd go give her a big kiss, (she was always willing), then, we'd tell him what she was REALLY famous for. 'Twas good for a laugh while they ran to rinse their mouth out. But, it NEVER happened to me, I swear. Sorry if I offended either of my readers, but as I said, needed to lighten it up a bit around here... The other memorable part of that show was the opening band, someone brand new. Some country boys, named 'Lynyrd Skynyrd', who rocked the house.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Got results

pretty quickly. Heard back from Patient Rep at St Joseph's, regarding Kari's (lack of) care at their hospital. My complaint has been forwarded to their Review Board and (they say) they will be in touch with me. Hope they take it as seriously as I do. Dr Wolter is an incompetent menace and needs to be exposed. Fortunately, I am just the person to do it. I don't want anyone else to go thru the crap that Kari did. Stay tuned....

Sunday, March 25, 2007


on the SIXTH day, Kari was tranferred to University Hospital under the care of Dr Winston. Within hours she was in surgery and the valve (with two tubes into her brain and a shunt to her abdomen) was unclogged and she is "on the mend". I am going to aggressively make sure that Dr Jerkass (Kari's name for Dr Wolter, who did nothing but jack us around) is written up (by me) to show him as the dangerously incompetent menace that he is. Bottom line, Kari is groggy, but will be able to come home tomorrow, if all goes as planned. Am tired of hospitals for awhile. As for now, I have earned a beer, and I'm gonna have it. Later...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fifth day, and still nothing

happening with Kari. Still waiting at St Joseph's for decision on what to do. Dr. Jerkass, (Kari's name for Wolter) did wake her up early to tell her there was no news. SOOO, until something to report there, I will pass on this bit from the paper this morning that is SOOO typical of the Bush reign. Deputy Interior Secretary J Steven Griles became the 9th Bush Admin official to be convicted in the Jack Abramoff scandal. No surprise there, but what leapt out at me, was the quote,"Griles, a former oil and gas lobbyist who became an architect of the Bush energy policy, as Deputy Sec of the Interior...." Wow, what a surprise! From oil and gas lobbyist, to creating our country's energy policies, then selling out, even more, to Abramoff. Just when you think these "Bush Crooks" can't be any more blatant, you hear more about them. Just hope we can survive the Texas oil cartel's takeover of our country....

Friday, March 23, 2007


Here we are THREE days later, and Kari is still in the hospital, with nothing having been done, other than 2 CatScans, which, SURPRISE, showed nothing. A blockage of the valve can NOT be seen on a CS. Obvious to everyone, except Dr Wolters, who is probably the most obnoxious jerk, in the guise of a doctor, that I have ever met. Won't go into all the particulars, but after ignoring her, then questioning the fact she even HAS a problem, finally showed up today and said he was planning to do exploratory abdominal surgery, to see if her shunt is draining properly. After explaining how dangerous such surgery is, he wouldn't answer me when I asked, "Why not check it from the other end, that's where you're gonna have to do any repair, and that's where the problem has ALWAYS been before?" He gave me a BS answer, so I asked, "If you have to see if it drains, why not do it with dye, like Dr. Winston did? It is MUCH safer, and this is my ONLY daughter" Oh yeah, he also said Kari would HAVE to have her head shaved (40 days before her wedding). She has had approx 8 other brain surgeries, and never had it shaved before. Bottom line, after a confrontation, Kari now is being transferred to her old Dr, a person I trust, totally unlike the jerk in the white coat at St Anthony's. And it only took THREE days...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Twas a good day(for awhile)

Kevin (Laura's dad) and I went skiing at Keystone. Had a great time just talking and skiing on a beautiful Colorado day. Had been home for about 2 minutes when I got a call from Kari, calling from Exempla Hospital, where she was waiting for an ambulance to take her to St Joseph's for surgery on her shunt. Every few years, it seems, the valve implanted in Kari's head, that controls the pressure on her brain, gets clogged. This causes headaches, vision loss and some paralysis. Here we go again. This time it is with a new Dr, though. Dr Winston is not in her insurance group. We are currently waiting (about 6:30 now) to find out if they are gonna do surgery tonight or tomorrow. I don't think I'll ever get used to someone cutting into my little girl's head, but at least I knew and trusted Dr Winston at Children's Hospital. I have seen too many kids in the hospital with a cranial infection to ever stop being scared during this procedure. Also, it always hurts (me) so much to see Kari in pain after the operation. Hopefully this will go well and fast, but time never goes so slowly as when you are wating while a loved one is in surgery. Here we go again.....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Before the Pepsi Center,

and before McNichol's, it was the The Coliseum, that was THE concert venue in Denver, other than Red Rocks, that is, but that's a different story. Can't remember why we were at the Coliseum, could have been a concert, car show, prize fight, whatever, but my buddy Gary and I were backstage with "Pops", an old-timer who practically lived there. We got to know him thru concerts and he'd let us in the back door for other events. Anyway, we were there when The Doobie Bros, along with roadies, groupies, etc. showed up to get ready for the concert the following night. We hung around, talked w/them and ended up being asked. "What's shakin' in Denver tonight?" Don't remember all the details, but do remember we talked them into doing a free concert/dance at The Ghetto Lounge, 92nd and Washington. There was a house band, already set up, and the Doobs borrowed some of their equipment as well as hauled up some of their own. We called friends, some didn't believe us, but those who did, and showed up, got a FANTASTIC show, in a smoky little bar in Thornton, just down the street from Gary's house. Ran into Gary a few (many) years ago and he was bandaged up. He'd become a psychatric nurse, and some psycho had attacked him from behind and left some damage. Anyway, still think of that night, people LITERALLY dancing on tables, as the Doobie Bros put on a very memorable show...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Just realized,

that although I have ignored W and his ilk, as we enter the FIFTH YEAR of this disaster, based on lies, there are still those out there that support him. What is wrong with you people??? In Iraq, where George has made life a living hell, 18% of the people support the American occupation. Over 2 million people have left. Can't you see, or admit, when something is so obviously wrong? I will pay for a tatoo, on the inside of your rectum, where you are sure to see it, "Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11" How can you look at him, and Iraq, and say, "Yup, that's my guy." Have you no sense of reality? We are going on FIVE years. What does it take??? Ten years? Ten thousand American dead? Hundreds of thousands wounded? Oh, never mind, we're already there. A Trillion dollars? The WHOLE world hating us? Never mind, rational thought eludes you. I have no desire to debate you or listen to your "world is flat" philosophy. Get out of my life, leave me alone, I have no desire to associate with idiots. Can I be more clear???? (Sorry, loyal readers, both of you, but spoke w/an old buddy yesterday, now considered a former acquaintance, and found he's a Bush supporter. Not that he'll ever read this, but felt like venting, and it was either here or somewhere I might get in trouble. It HAS been awhile since I had a Bush post, and tomorrow is the anniversary of "shock and awe". Wow, who could have seen this result, four years ago? Just me and most of the thinking world, that's who. That does exclude some of you, though....)

This is Bailey,

the new kitty. Like I said, kind of a mutt with 4 white feet. Not the "looker" that Sophie was, but kinda cute. Fantastic personality, very friendly and really soft. Has a cute, "silent meow". Opens her mouth, meows, but no sound comes out. Holds her own with other (bigger) cats and even dogs. Needs to work on waking up too early and wanting to play. Would sell her soul for 'wet food', but is a very picky eater. Long and lean with long back legs. The better to jump up on the counter, with. All in all, a pretty good kitty. Nice to have one around again.....

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hey, it finally works.

After many unsuccessful tries, I FINALLY got a picture to post. This is a preview of coming attractions. "Drinks on the beach" in only 47 days. The wedding that seemed a long time away is finally getting closer. Looking forward to a great time with a bunch of good people. This is the swim-up bar at Barcelo Maya w/Paul and Kathy. Iberro Star is even better. See ya' there...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Am lucky to be alive,

when I think back on some of the road stuff, on the Feyline trips. Some quick memories... Just about asleep, goin' down the road, late at night. BAMMM. Voice from back, "Wha' wazzat?" 'Nuthin' "What WAS that? 'Nothing.' "G-- D---- it, what did you hit???" 'Speed limit sign.' "Oh... OK..." The time we headed out from Denver in a private bus, not sure where we were going but it was a long ride, and we had a REAL bus driver. One of the guys, L.C., said, "Here, I got something to make the trip easier." Since everyone else was doing it, (good reason, huh?) I took one of the large capsules too. Woke up a few hours later, really groggy, as people were asking, "Where are we?" The bus driver musta helped himself to one, also, 'cause he looked worse than anyone. We were on a gravel road, in the middle of nowhere (Kansas?) and the last I remember, the driver was walking out toward a farmer on a tractor, asking directions to the nearest interstate.... Late in the evening, we were playing cards, on a table in the rear-center of the Winnie. Otho was asleep in the rear/upper bed. From 75MPH to a full braking slide in an instant. Screaming tires, then money, snacks and bottles catapulted toward the front, but what I remember most, was the HUGE white eyes of Otho, one of my black buddies, as he flew over us, clawing at the air. Don't remember the reason for the panic stop, but will never forget the look of terror in those eyes.... Like I say, lucky to still be alive.

Stupid Google....

Have been trying to download (upload?) pictures ever since Blogspot was taken over by Google, UNsuccessfully. Keep getting a messgae that is is a temporary problem YEAH RIGHT. SO, no new kitty pics, no ski pics, no Mexico pics (from the past) to get psyched for the trip wich is coming up soon. 50 days? Am looking for suggestions on new books, now that I finally finished "Atlas Shrugged". What a book.... Don't need anything quite that heavy for awhile. Suggestions, anyone????

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Heard "Aqualung"

on the radio last night and it got me thinking. Between working, and just attending, LOTS of concerts, I have been asked which one was my favorite. Many jump to mind, including the last Bob Seger, a Who concert where a new band called Lynyrd Skynyrd opened for them, the first time I saw Led Zepplin, and a few others. BUT, my all-time favorite, and I'm not sure why, is a Jethro Tull show. What made this one different/really great, was the format. They opened with 'Aqualung', the entire album, in sequence, took a break, did the 'Thick as a Brick', as an album, took a break and came back with highlights of all the other albums. We worked several shows with them and I, and the crowd, REALLY got off on it. Ian Anderson was a master showman, and the lead guitar, (don't even remember his name), was fantastic. I used to have a blue denim shirt, that Carol spent MANY hours embroidering, and it was really cool. The lead guitar of JT wanted to buy it from me, and kept offering me more $$ for it. I never sold it, and still have it, packed away, somewhere. Those were the days, my friend....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Feel like I should post,

but don't have much to say. Am having such a great time going between golf and skiing, but don't want to rub it in to those who have real jobs. All I can say is, I did that for many years, and now that I"m old, I've found there IS some justice in the world. Hopefully, y'all can enjoy your golden years also. Too soon old, too late smart, but luckily, there is a 'twilight' too enjoy. "Atlas Shrugged" is an amazing book, and after struggling through over a thousand pages, I am now 'rationing' the last of the book. You know it's good when you don't want it to end. It has basically been a confirmation of many thoughts that I thought were mine alone. 'Tis good to know I'm not the Lone Ranger with this stuff. Thanks for the recommendation, girls...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

On the Road, Again...

When Barry would book a big name band, many times they'd do a series of shows in the Midwest, and we'd go on tour with them. But without most of the glamour. We'd travel in Winnebagos, usually three, and do security at various venues, while they flew, or had really cool tour buses. I particularly remember Neil Young's. Part of the contract in those days, called for food and drink for the band on the day of the concert. It seems like one thing they all had in common was their choice of beer. ALWAYS Heineken. For a long time, I thought of Heinie as THE premium beer, 'cause it was first choice of nearly ALL the bands. Alcohol was never a problem for us, because part of our job was to confiscate booze from people who were way too obvious trying to smuggle it in. There were SO MANY times when I'd check a backpack, or whatever, and find a bottle of wine, a bong and a baggie, and say, "That's illegal", while I took the wine (only) and say, 'Have a nice night". We'd have HUGE piles of contraband at the end of every show, and usually end up splitting it with the local cops at the end of the night. Barry's contracts ALWAYS called for NO COPS on the floor of the show. That's what we were for, but the police were around the perimeter. Got to know several of Denver's Finest by helping them load cardboard boxes of booze to take home. Barry also provided great food for the bands, and that was the job of Dan Fong. He turned into a semi-famous photographer, and recently had a large show in Denver featuring his rock n roll photos. Many of the photos at the new Red Rocks gallery are by Dan. But when I first met him, he was known as a great amateur chef. I soon learned that the Winnie that Dan rode in was gonna have MUCH better food on board than the other ones. Don't know that the other guys ever figured it out, but I sure did. Sometimes I'd help him with menu suggestions and shopping. I do remember he and Tom Swift were the first guys to get into photography. Wish I would have taken more pics, and I did try, buying a big, heavy SLR camera. I got kicked off of one tour for taking pictures of Bob Dylan on a tour where his personal photographer had an 'exclusive' for the tour. I thought that only referred to non-employees. WRONG. Had my film confiscated, and was removed from the tour. Kinda killed my photo career. Too bad, would love to have had my little digital camera back in those days. Could have made a fortune in blackmail. Anyway, Dan Fong went on to become a famous chef and photographer in the Denver area. Some bands, (like the Stones) even liked him so much they signed him for world tours. He was a good guy. Need to look him up some day...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kitty tale

When we got Bailey, our new kitty, she came with a very pronounced 'kink' in her tail. The last inch, or more, was bent sideways at a 90 degree angle. You could really notice it, by sight or feel, if you were aware of it. I'm guessing it happened when her tail was shut in a door. Anyway, a couple of days ago, a houseguest accidentally, (I hope), stepped on it, and Carol found the tip of her tail on the kitchen floor the next morning. Bailey went from being a decidedly "long-tailed" cat, to looking a bit stubby. Not appreciating her new look, I decided to help her out, with the help of some super glue. I think she looks much better. We'll see if Carol notices....

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Atlas Shrugged

Have just gotten back into this epic of a book. I have run the entire gamut of emotions while reading this heavyweight tome. From indifference, to mildly interested, through totally engrossed, to being bored, then being kicked in the head with some real universal truth. Ayn Rand CAN make you think. It makes me feel so inadequate to even attempt to describe what she has 'put to paper.' She does have a way of dragging out a thought to the absolute extreme, and then continuing for another five pages, BUT, she has some amazing thoughts. I wonder what her IQ was/is? She does make me feel small for being so unlike John Galt or Hank Reardon, but they are so 'over the top', as well as the character of Dagney, that I don't know that any mere human could compare favorably with them. Nonetheless, she does make me think, and that's worth something. I just have to stay with it for another couple hundred pages, and I'll feel like I did accomplish something. Not sure what at this point, but it does feel like it will be an accomplishment.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I LOVE Colorado,

'cause I can ski for a couple days, then golf like I did today, win enough to eat and drink while skiing tomorrow, then come back for a b-ball game, and golf Friday, before skiing Saturday again. Sorry to brag, but even I don't get too many weeks like this one, although it is that time of year, and it will happen some more. 'Tis an honor to live in Colorado....

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Gone for awhile,

Going skiing for Carol's b-day. Will get back in a few days...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Really enjoying,

watching Alex, Laura's bother, and his Broomfield b-ball team. These guys are good! Especially Alex. Fantastic ball handler and hustler. Can also jump and shoot. Not bad for a junior. They are now in the final eight and play D'Evelyn tomorrow afternoon. They beat a good Mesa Ridge team tonight, in a game that was a lot closer than the final score. Alex had some great assists and hit a bunch of clutch free throws to put it away at the end. Brought back a bunch of good memories, of exciting times, long ago....

Barry Fey was a 'character',

who loved to put up 'tough guy' front. At first, I was, like everyone else, a bit intimidated by him. But, as time went on, I could get him to smile and laugh occasionally. I remember one time, for some reason our paychecks got delayed, and Gary needed the money, so Barry said to come on up to his office and he'd personally pay us. A lot of it was in cash those days, which was fine with everyone. We went downtown, to the Brooks Towers, where Barry had his office on the top floor, and walked in while Barry was 'negotiating' with Z Z Top's agent for an upcoming show. He had a large electric frying pan full of BBQ beef cooking on his desk and was talking into a speaker phone. I remember him saying things like, "I only want you for one night, not the whole f'ing week." and "There's only 3 of 'em" At one point, he knocked the phone on the floor, and continued the conversation as he walked past it, stomping and yelling, all the while grinning at us and sampling his lunch. He was talking numbers all the while, don't remember how much, and finally said something like, "You ain't the only band available that night, I'll get back to you, maybe...", and hung up. He then offered us a sandwich, (very good), and said it was just all part of the game, getting the best price. In those days he always wore Converse All Star, white, high top tennis shoes and had a 1-2 week growth on his face. I ran into him a few years ago at a show he was doing in Boulder, and as he walked past me scowling, tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Smile Barry, you got a full house, you're makin' lots of money." He finally recognized me, asked how I was doing, (didn't remember my name {surprise}), then went off and started yelling again. A true legend in the world of Rock n Roll, who made a ton of money, and lost most of it gambling.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Heard the Seger song, "Turn the Page",

and a line in it, 'and you always seem outnumbered', brought back a memory. 'Twas the middle of the night, we were somewhere in the middle of Oklahoma, and our Winnebago needed some gas. So, we pulled into a truck stop, must have been right after the bars closed, on a Friday night. Anyway, I went in to get something to eat/drink and our guy who was paying for the gas, with hair way down his back, was the 'center of attention' in the redneck, cowboy hangout. There was the usual, 'get a haircut' type stuff, but my buddy, Tom Swift (his REAL name) wasn't the normal peace loving hippie they were expecting. He had a black belt in karate, but we were still really outnumbered, and I remember thinking he shoulda just shut up, paid for the gas and left, but he didn't. Luckily, our buddies from the Winnie came in about the time things were getting real interesting. The 'twins' walked in, and Jerry, the baddest one, walked up to the nearest cowboy and dropped him with one punch, turned to the rest of the crowd, with his equally large brother beside him, two more of our big boys behind them and said something like, "OK, who's next?". Fight over. We drove out of there thinking of "Easy Rider", and pickups with shotgun racks, but nothing more happened. Anyway, the line from Seger always makes me think of that night, when we did, "make a stand".