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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


New clubs. Will be trying them out tomorrow morning, (prob'ly about 30 degrees), and hope I will be able to hit them. Your Christmas presents depend on it, so wish me luck. Bad news is, I'm playing against some real sharks. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New golf clubs?

I have had the same set of Ping irons, which I got used, for over 25 years now. Because of new technology, I feel I have been at a disadvantage, when compared to my well equipped opponents. Have been watching E-bay and Craigslist for quite some time for just the right set of irons at the right price, Hopefully, I have finally found them. Keith, who I found on Craigslist, is supposedly going to deliver some slightly used Callaway X18's, 3-SW, tomorrow around noon. We will see. Am really looking forward to FINALLY getting some new irons, and possibly a hybrid 3. C'mon, Keith, I'm waiting.....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Scott McClelland, former spokesman for the dumbass in the White House, states, in a new book, that he was 'mislead' by the Pres and his inner circle, about the 'outing' of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Won't get into the whole thing, but, bottom line, Joe Wilson, her husband, the acknowledged nuclear expert on the region (appointed by Bush, Sr, who actually HAD has some basic intelligence), told the cowboy con-man, that there was NO WAY, Saddam had WMD. Just happened to be the truth, we now know, but the oil-man crew already had a plan to get oil to $100/barrel and told him to shut up. He didn't, and VOILA, we have the Iraq war and the 'outing' of Valerie. As I said, Duh, who didn't know that? Just the idiots who support him at all costs because they are too ignorant or too stubborn, (or BOTH) to admit the truth. They are still out there, but the number IS shrinking. Enough. You know how I feel....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

If you see this truck,

call the police. A couple weeks after we were robbed, Matt called me to 'commiserate'. Seems he went to work last Monday and noticed theives had cut into the chain link fence area behind his office and stolen 'The Bronc'. Unbelievable! This was a hunting 'beast'. Big new motor, headers, lift kit, big wheels and tires, chains, killer sound system, etc. Will be interesting to see how insurance handles it, as it was nowhere close to a standard Bronco. Same place the pop-up was stolen from a few years ago, after we fixed it all up. Damn crooks! They're all over the place....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

No Country for Old Men

What a movie! Can't wait til others see it and we can discuss it. If you liked Fargo, I think you're gonna like NCFOM. What the Coens did for North Dakota, is redone for west Texas. What a cast of characters. As the review said, 'the best (or worst?) villain since Hannibal Lecter. Tommy Lee Jones IS the sheriff, and Josh Brolin is perfect. I liked it better than Carol, and I'm not sure if it is 'picture of the year', as many reviewers say, but if the measure of a movie is to have you engrossed, during and after, then this is quite a picture. If you see it, please explain the ending, as I don't quite get it. Will be interesting to get other opinions. Later.....

I feel bad,

in a way I've never felt bad before. We had a poker game last night, at Scott's, with the usual suspects. Scott, Dave, Bugs, Matt, Wally, Dawg, and me. We played the normal games, 3-35-57, Wildnest, Jacks-Trips, etc. Normally we play 'til about midnight and go home. Last night, it went til about 3:30, and we had two taxis who eventually found the place, cause no one was in any shape to drive, and we were smart enough to know it. I slept on the couch. But, the bad thing is, I counted my winnings this morning, and, in a game of quarters, I won $244. I feel terrible. Not that most guys couldn't afford it, (except Bugs), but I can remember bluffing my way to most of my wins, and that doesn't seem fair against a bunch of drunks, but that's what happened. Not sure why I feel bad, or what I'm gonna do, but it just feels wrong. I DIDN'T CHEAT, but, I took advantage of the situation. Whatever, it just doesn't feel right....

Friday, November 16, 2007

Good job, police

Thornton police arrest six in busy theft ring
The wide-ranging burglars entered homes and took car keys, vehicles, laptops and cellphones, officials say.
By Kirk Mitchell

Thornton police arrested six members of a metro theft ring that went into homes to steal car keys and then drove away in stolen cars, officials say.
"You have a very brazen set of criminals who were rummaging through homes for keys while the occupants of the houses slept," said Matt Barnes, Thornton police spokesman.
The cat burglars have been stealing as many as three cars from a single home a night, Barnes said. They allegedly broke into 13 homes and stole 19 vehicles in Thornton alone, but they also stole cars across the metro area, he said.
"We made several arrests yesterday. We believe the major players of this ring have been identified and are in custody," Barnes said Wednesday. "We anticipate more arrests."
Police are withholding the names of the suspects while they seek three other members of the group, which targeted homes in one city and then jumped to other metro cities.
Thornton officers will present the findings of their investigation to prosecutors by Tuesday, Barnes said.
The burglars began breaking into homes in August and would target one city for a few days and then go to other towns when patrols increased, he said. Thieves stole cars as recently as Monday.
They would enter homes between 2 and 5 a.m. They stole whatever they could readily see in kitchens, including keys, laptops, purses, iPods and cellphones, Barnes said.
The thieves broke into homes and stole cars in Broomfield, Thornton, Arapahoe County and Westminster, Barnes said.
Kirk Mitchell: 303-954-1206 or kmitchell@denverpost.com

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This be us....

Guess we should be glad they didn't steal our car. http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/14588725/detail.html

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Crocs 'insider' update

Had lunch with my buddy from Crocs on Friday, and asked him lots of questions. Bottom line, I came away feeling real good about CROX. Am thinking I'm gonna wish I had used this opportunity to buy some CROX 'on sale', if I don't. According to Dennis, things are just fine with the company. Some growing pains, mostly diversifying too much, too fast, caused distribution problems, but production is ramping up, so they will be able to better meet demand in the future. And the future includes major expansion throughout the world, with many new products. Not sure if there is gonna be much movement before next quarter's earnings, but my guess is it will gradually creep up. The downside is a major market meltdown that could carry CROX down with it. Who knows, but there is no way the stock deserved a 50% haircut, and I'm thinking that will become evident in the near future. For what it's worth, in my humble opinion, $38/share is a steal...

Best steak ever?

Maybe so. At least I can't remember a better one. Carol and I just started a regular "Saturday Night Date", and for our first time out, decided to try a new restaurant, Saltgrass Steakhouse, near 92nd and Sheridan. Found out later, it is part of the Landry chain, which helps to explain the excellent quality. The long line to get in was our first clue that this might be pretty good food. The salad, the Key Lime pie and veggies were all first class, but, the steak, WOW. Hard to describe, but the combination of flavor and tenderness made my T-bone beyond delicious, and Carol's filet was just as good. Will continue to try new places, but we will be going back to the Saltgrass Steakhouse.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

How low can it go?

Obviously, CROX can't find a bottom, no matter how low it goes. Am trying to keep some dry powder for when it seems to stabilize, BUT, when is it gonna be? Obviously not 54, or 44, or 40, like I thought. We can only hope it goes up as fast it it has gone down, which I HIGHLY doubt. One would think, 36, which is less than half of where it was, would be a safe buy-in point. BUT, I am so gun-shy now, waiting for the other shoe to drop, I just can't pull the trigger any more. Please, wake me when it's over, and some type of sanity has returned. Until then, point me toward the 'Food Stamp' office...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I just hope,

I never have to fly a helicopter, to save my life. The game is kinda fun, though. WARNING----ADDICTIVE---http://www.helicoptergame.net/

Monday, November 05, 2007

How low can it go....

Thought I had seen the bottom, twice, and bought more CROX. Wrong! It just keeps dropping, after beating earnings estimates, it can't find a bottom. All I can think of is there must be something we don't know (yet). Just doesn't make sense for this stock to lose nearly half of it's value with continued growth. Oh well, technically haven't lost yet, cause I haven't sold, but I sure don't like the looks of it...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Golf deal

Those of you who know me, (both of you who read this drivel), realize one of my main interests is golf. Sad, but true. At my age/situation, it is hard to find interesting pursuits. Anyway, I just signed on for a FANTASTIC deal. For the next 365 days, we (my golf group) have a tee-time EVERY day. For a mere $667 each, our group plays every day (foursome) for the next year, including cart and range balls. Not only that, but it is on TWO really good courses. Heritage and Legacy Ridge. I'm thinking the average cost is gonna be less than $10/round. Just played Saturday, w/ Carol and a buddy and his wife. Would have been $260, but it was FREE. PLUS, 2 for 1 beer. Sounds to good to be true? WRONG. It is for real. Seems too good to be true, BUT, since I have actually played both courses, and all I had to say was, 'Corporate Golf Member, # ___', it IS for real. Anyway, this old guy is hooked up with free golf for the next year. YAHOOOOO, doesn't get much better, from my point of view.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Just had the worst ass-kicking I've ever had in the market today. Why? CROX announced earnings yesterday, and instead of the .63/share they had forecast, they earned .66. Sounds good, right? Some analysts had predicted .70, SO, they lost 36% of value. From $74 to $47 in one day, after BEATING estimates. Pure manipulation, lead by Cramer, the bald headed bastard, who actually cut a Crocs shoe in half on his show. The day before he had a special on how to manipulate stocks. I'm kinda sick, although Iwas playing with 'house money', it's still real money. The perfect storm. Miss 'the street' guess, then the company conference call/video got screwed up so no one could hear, followed by a massive across the board sell-off on Wall Street. Oh well, easy come, easy go, but it still hurts, to guess right on earnings, and be punished so hard by the insiders. Bottom line, haven't lost any actual $ until I sell, but on paper, I got my ass kicked up between my shoulder blades. Learned some real-life investing lessons, and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I've heard, so at this point, I feel like Superman. Still long and strong on the company, but it's gonna take awhile to recover from this one. Bottom line. still ahead in the investment game, but this hurt.