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A well earned honor

A group called the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco has been collecting signatures to rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant, a SEWAGE plant, after Bush upon his exit from office next year. The plan would place a vote on the November ballot to offer "an appropriate honor for a truly unique president," the group told the Times. Supporters said that they have enough signatures to qualify the measure.

And, I bet it passes. A fitting memorial....


According to Channel 9 News, there was a bit of an overlap, here at the golf course yesterday. Seems Jr. Golf was NEARLY over, when the Shotgun Willy's (stripclub) tournament started. Seems these 7-12 year old boys saw some stuff they weren't s'posed to. My favorite quotes were, "Yeah, some of the girls got out of control, but that's what they're paid to do." and, "Mommy, why are they squirting her t-shirt with a water gun?" Unfortunately, I was at a different course when the 'problems' occurred. Some days I got no luck. Unfortunately, no pics for this post.

Finally, some good news

LOUISVILLE, Colo. - ConocoPhillips wants its new Colorado campus to accommodate up to 7,000 workers.
The oil giant plans to transform the site in Louisville, just northwest of Denver, into its global technology center and training facility. The bulk of the research done there will be in renewable energy. They also moved up the completion date, by one year, to 2011.

Sweet! Spending some of that Big Oil $ locally. How many peripheral jobs will 7000 'good' jobs bring? Nice facility to have, 3 miles from here....

It finally happened!

W found out about my blog and sent me a personal response. Thanks, George.

Fat Bella,

getting stuck, trying get to the birdies on the side of the house. Exactly what you get, when you eat EVERYTHING in sight. Good luck, Bella....

More great news

WASHINGTON - Nearly one-third of America's top executives expect to cut payrolls in the coming months, reflecting fallout from the housing bust as well as soaring energy prices.

If 1/3 admit it, now, over 1/2 will eventually do it. How you think that's gonna affect an already floundering economy, with $4 gas, house prices going straight down, and food prices going straight up? Sorry to keep being gloomy, BUT, try to prepare for life-changing events....

Finally done!

Agreed to build a doghouse for friends, which was no big deal, 'cause I've built lots of them over the years. But, I screwed up big time when I agreed to use some leftover shingles they provided, instead of rolled roofing, which takes less than 10 minutes for one person to install. Shingles aren't TOO bad if you got help, or can use an air gun. BUT, I had promised it for this afternoon, 'cause I thought it was the only time the pickup truck was available, so I went ahead and shingled it, by myself. I DARE you to try to put shingles on that slope, using a hammer and nails. Oh, and something else, those scraps you see are ALL that was left. Started to do it right, where the tabs are spaced equally on the row above/below. BUT, would not have had enough shingles, SO, I pulled 'em off and started over. Not pretty to look at, but waterproof and done on time. NOT the fault of anyone but me. I had just forgotten why I never used shingles, even when they were free. Lesson …

Hard to believe, I know,

BUT, I finally found something W (shown here slamming the door after accidently surprising Cheney and Rush in a compromising position) and I agree on. The time has come for offshore drilling. Even Katrina and Rita caused no serious leaks to over 4000 rigs in the Gulf. Hope Obama can get on the right side of this issue.

Shoulda ordered 10

Have you heard

the right-wingers screaming? Going to war under 'oops, bad information' is alright. Torture is fine. Big Oil setting record profits each quarter while bankrupting our counry can be accepted. BUT, OMG, the world is ending, 'cause California is allowing same sex marriages. Look out, San Francisco. Bush and Cheney, who like the 'shock and awe' option, have the 'religious right' to answer to, and Rush is leading them on....

'Kitty Wars', takes a break,

when we let them outside for awhile. Here, Bailey checks out the fishies in the pond, while Bella watches the birdies on the course. No more ambushes, or 'see how many times you can make the other one roll', when you hit 'em full speed. Ted and Kari return from Europe this Sunday, and it will be kinda bittersweet to lose Bella. Bitter, 'cause it is SO much fun to watch 'em bounce off each other. Sweet, 'cause it will be nice to get a full night's sleep without a 'kitty war' in the bedroom in the middle of the night. Is ALWAYS fun to hear the travel stories from the kids. though.

Father's Day Concert

After a great BBQ and probably Nate's best effort yet (and that's REALLY good) at homebrew, we were treated to a concert on the new piano, with Nate accompanying on the bass. Amazing! I knew the kids had talent, but had never heard the fruit of Laura's ten years of piano lessons, and this was the first time I had actually heard Nate do entire songs. Especially liked the 'unusual' version of 'House of the Rising Sun', but the classic blues were really nice, too. Practicing the duets may or may not be as much fun as Guitar Hero and Rock Star, but I sure like the results better. But that's just me. Way to go, kids. So proud of you....

Travels with W

While Bush is being kept out of the country, to avoid more embarassment to his own party, articles like this appear overseas.
"In Old Europe, they’ve moved on, assuming that the American president has done all the damage that he can do. The blazing hostility toward W. has faded to indifference and a sort of fatigued perplexity about how les imbeciles de regime cowboy got into office, and how America could have put the world through all this craziness."

How, indeed? Bottom line, will they ever forgive us?

Is FOX out of line?

is the question today, on AOL, for saying Michelle Obama screamed about 'whitey' from the pulpit (they claimed they had the video, as did Rush, but can't seem to find it, when asked to prove it)? For calling her 'baby mama', an offensive, black, unmarried term. For reporting Barrack refused to say the Pledge of Allegience, and that he is secretly Muslim? OF COURSE! BUT, is there anything different there? Of course not. It is FOX, for God's sake. What do you expect? They have their agenda and it has NOTHING to do with the truth. If you don't know or don't care, as many of you don't, there is just NO HOPE for you. What else is new????

Bush, has some regrets...

He admitted that "Bring 'em on" and "Dead or Alive" may not have suggested he is a 'Man of Peace'. DUH, ya think? That, along with a war on, 'oops, bad information, torture and Abu Ghraib. Yeah, you may have some regrets, but NOTHING like we have about you.

In case there was a doubt,

on whose side, Bush and most Republicans are on when it comes to Big Oil raping the American consumer, a bill to rescind tax breaks for the oil companies, as they continue to post record profits, was killed by the Repubs.
WASHINGTON (June 10) - Senate Republicans blocked a proposal Tuesday to tax the windfall profits of the largest oil companies, despite pleas by Democratic leaders to use the measure to address America's anger over $4 a gallon gasoline.
These guys are OWNED by big oil, especially Bush and Cheney. Just hope they don't get a chance to vote on raising the 'oil depletion allowance', or, you can bet that will go even higher. What a bunch of crooks....

What did you think

would happen? When the prez and his vice prez, and all their buddies, are all 'Big Oil' people? Oh, and, by the way, have been best buddies with the Saudi's, for several generations. AND THEN, Bush decides to attack the oil basket of the world, on, 'OOPS, bad information'. Never, in the history of modern finance, has such a small 'cartel' managed to rape us all so deeply and completely. Oil at over $138/barrel. Up from $25 when W took office. Gotta give it to you, W. You da man!!!! This might actually hurt some people, though, even Bush's 'idiot' supporters, ya' think? BUT, you deserve it. Hope it hurts....

Did any y'all notice,

among all the things that Scott McClellan said, in his book about how he'd been screwed over by Bush, that when he first realized he was getting lied to ( he'd thought it before, but finally KNEW it) is when W said he 'didn't remember' if he'd ever done cocaine. WTF??? How can you not remember? Say I didn't. or I did, as a stupid young man, BUT, to say, 'I don't remember?' That's when Scottie boy finally realized he'd 'been had' by the cowboy conman. I'm not proud of it, but I sure remember IF I did coke. Even Bush, one of the stupidest among us, to ever walk upright, remembers that. He just thinks everyone is as stupid as he is. IMPOSSIBLE! BUT, some of you are, You just won't admit it.

Independence Pass,

between Leadville and Aspen, opened today. Took 'em this long to plow thru the 30' drifts, and today, it snowed more. Global warming? For real, but 'on hold' for awhile, here in Colorado...

"Twas 40 years ago today,

that Bobby Kennedy was killed. Back when a lot of good people were killed. Bobby may have been the best Kennedy. It was all part of what we grew up with. Stand up for what's wrong, and get shot. Abraham, Martin and John,,,, and Bobby. Why am I afraid for Barack????

Just when I think

the Bush administration can't be any more boneheaded, they prove me wrong. The 100 Billion $ contract for in-air tankers to refuel Air Force planes, was awarded to AirBus, a European company, over Boeing, where over 14,000 jobs are expected to be lost because of it. UNBELIEVABLE, even for the Bush crowd, to give a US military contract to foreigners as our economy collapses. Makes you wonder what kind of 'under the table' negotiations went on with this one. I'm sure some of W's cronies are gonna retire 'in style', even for his crowd....

Speaking of early-in-the-year,

fishing trips, shortly after getting my driver's license, 4 of us decided to drive to the far western side of the state, to Merritt Reservoir, where the trout were supposedly hitting. 'Twas just gonna be an overnighter, in our tent, and we planned on eating fish, so we didn't take much food. BIG mistake. Ended up catching one small fish, before the late spring blizzard forced us to hole-up in the tent. It only snowed for a day and a half, but Merritt is WAY out in the boonies, and not a high priority for snow plows, SOO, while we waited for the plow or spring thaw, whichever came first, we got REAL hungry. Normally, I hate sardines. The smell alone is enough to turn my stomach, but I'll never forget how good that last one was, on that last piece of bread. I think we were only there for 3 days, but 3 days with no food is a LONG time. To this day, I always take extra hot dogs, Spam, or whatever, because I never want to be that hungry again.

Cold call.

Cabin fever had set in and we decided we needed a fishing trip. Coop and I had heard the trout were hitting on the Green River, below the dam on the Flaming Gorge, near the Utah-Wyoming border. 'Twas early May, but it had been warm and we were eager to try out our new 'belly boats', which were glorified inner tubes, with a smaller tube as a backrest, and a nylon body with a sling to step into, to keep us upright as we floated a wild river. As we put in, in the morning sunshine, it seemed like a great idea. Within an hour, however, as the horizontal snow and freezing temperatures hit, having lost the air in my tube when I snagged it with a treble hook, (while trying to land a nice trout), I was having second thoughts, sitting on the only floatation I had, a wheel barrow tube, which barely kept my head out of the water as I bounced thru the rocks of the many rapids, thoroughly soaked, knowing the only place to get out of the deep canyon was SEVEN MILES downstream and I w…


a president that isn't an idiot. What a concept! What a change! Go Barack!!! It's gonna be a tough race, with the right-wingers pulling out all the stops, to make him look weak and un-American. BULL-oney! Please, just give me a president that can complete a thought, without a teleprompter or making up new words. What a change that would be...

Rick's first ESPN article

Rick left Sport's Illustrated, for ESPN, about 6 months ago, and had a 6 mo. no-compete contract. In the meantime his father died. This is how he started things at ESPN . Go to Rick Reilly's debut.

Finally, had my birthday party,

last night. My daughter, Kari, had conspired against me, to keep it from happening, but she finally ran out of excuses. It was such a great get-together, with the kids/spouses, that I feel kinda let-down this morning. It's over, and who knows how long it'll be, with all the busy schedules, until we're able to do it agin. The presents and food were wonderful, but just the time together, which went way too quickly, is what made it special. Thanks, Carol, and kids, for making an old man very happy on one of his MANY birthdays. Love you all....