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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kari update

She is safely home, and the stone passed. Let's hope that's IT, for a long while...

As of Thursday, we are

temporarily unavailable. But if you need to see Bailey, she will be home with Don and Bear. C U later, amigos...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just saw, on FOX,

how Clinton was WORSE than Bush, for the American people, because he lied, but Bush didn't. We are talking blowjob vs. thousands killed in a war, based on lies, not to mention our economy being trashed, torture, etc. The party that took the largest surplus in the history of our country, and turned it into the largest deficit, and claims to be 'fiscally conservative'. And the sheep lap it up. Excuse me. for being so logical, but the WORST part is, there are millions of people who actually think they are getting real news, when they watch FOX. There's just enough REAL news to be relevant, but that has such a 'spin' on it as to make it irrelevent. I can't believe some people can be fooled, so badly and SO often, by a news network, bought and paid for, by the Republican Party. Never mind, FOX fans, you wouldn't understand...

Enough, already

Just got a call from Kari, who had an emergency ambulance ride to the hospital, last night. She's better now, but from 11:00 'til about 6, was in BAD pain, with a kidney stone. Never had one myself, but Carol has, and says it's the worst. Am waiting to hear she is home and OK. Not sure if it passed, or just slowed down. Poor kid...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fun time, last night

as Tammie had tix for us, and a bunch of our friends, to Madcap Comedy Theatre. All improv w/some funny, quick, performers. Had a cocktail and dinner at Bar Louie, then over to the comedy club. Great to see the crew again. but it went too fast. Will have to do it again.

Good news

Kari just called, and, after 10 days, is headed home from the hospital, with all new plumbing, and pumped full of antibiotics. Let's hope and pray that it's a LONG time, 'til she has to go back.

It's about that time,

when we fly off to the beach. Am truly sorry if you take it wrong. Am not bragging, just blogging. Can't write about FOX News propaganda all the time, even though I am truly amazed they can be so blatantly anti-Obama before he has even had a chance to try to fix W's mess. OK, enough about that. This morning, as the snow flies, and temperatures plummet, we are getting our sun block, books and I-pods ready for the trek south. My buddy Don, and his dog, Bear, will be staying here with Bailey (who has Bear totally intimidated). Worked out well for both of us, so, later this week, Bailey gets new roommates. Will try to post something from Gran Bahia Principe Coba, IF they have good internet access, which I would assume they will. BUT, may be too busy with other things. Still a few days away, but, looking at it snow, I just wanted to get in the mood...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


how the Repub attack machine, through Fox News, Limbaugh and O'Reilly, snipe at Obama, spending TOO MUCH $, trying to save the economy, while they totally ignore the fact thct that their boy is the one who got us in this mess. I just don't understand how people can be SO stupid, as to swallow that crap. Nothing new, though..

Friday, January 23, 2009

During Obama's 'honeymoon' period,

nearly everyone is hoping the new president can succeed, and begin lifting us out of the quagmire the previous 'occupant' left us. NEARLY everyone, that is. Rush Limbaugh, the right-wing buffoon, worshipped by many Neanderthals, in our NEARLY united country, has come out and publicly stated, "I hope he FAILS". Typical crap from the right. Let the country slide down the rat hole that W left us in, so Rush can say. "I told you so". Why didn't they just let the pig OD on his drugs????

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just got home,

and am glad to report things went very well at the hospital. Kari looks and feels pretty good, considering... Been a long evening, but couldn't have been much better. Tough girl.


We just heard that Kari is scheduled to have surgery this afternoon at 3:00, to replace all the valves, fittings and tubes. Will let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a day!

Bush is gone. Obama is here. And I made some good $, playing golf, here in Colorado, in 72 degree, MAHVELOUS weather. Life is good..

Kari update

The last blood test revealed too much of a BAD bacteria, to allow a new surgery, today. SO, it was put off for two days. Good news, bad news. Don't want to proceed with any doubt. Will get back to you...

It's finally here

Deliverance from the Bush era. I can't believe the feeling of relief and hope. This high, could not have been without the low that we sunk to, with W in charge. Let's hope we can survive. It ain't gonna be easy, and I'm not sure we will, with the quality of life, to which we have become accustomed. Our treasury and confidence have been sacked, by an administration that is without equal in modern times, in their wide ranging damage across all levels of our society. Thank you SO MUCH, you Bush supporters.... But, it is a brave new world. All things are possible in America. W is back in Texas. The whole country has a new, positive attitude. Bottom line, it will be so nice, and SO different, to have someone with a working BRAIN, in charge. 'Twill be such a nice change...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Will Ferrel as 'W',

in 'You're Welcome America', a one-man Broadway show, should be pretty funny, in a tragic sort of way. Both Mr. Ferrell and Mr. McKay, the producer, said they were initially concerned that they might not have enough material for 75 minutes, since Mr. Ferrell had never played President Bush for longer than a 10-minute segment.
“We very quickly discovered we could do a three-hour show with this character — the more you dig into who he is, where he comes from, it’s really shocking and extremely interesting at the same time,” Mr. McKay said. “We can’t help but fail in portraying the scope of how much of a disaster the last eight years have been.”

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kari update

The first phase of Kari's 'new plumbing' went pretty smoothly, last night. She was taken into surgery 40 minutes early, before we could even get there. Usually, or always, they are running late, for some reason or another, but I guess the Drs. and nurses had plans for Friday night, so they hurried things along. Now, it's 4 days of specialized antibiotics, (Vancomyacin), to kill any infection, with her 'brain in a bag' as Kari calls it. The CSF is shunted to an exterior bag, while she is in the hospital, until her surgery, on Tuesday, when they replace all the plumbing. The good news is that she's doing pretty well, all things considered. The bad news is that she's in the hospital, AGAIN, for a week or so, just when she had started to get her life back. We all just wonder if/when it's ever gonna get fixed. Sure makes me realize how much I love her, though I don't need this to remind me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here we go again...

Kari just told me that Ted was looking at her incision/scar that had not healed properly from the last surgery, and, believe it or not, the plastic tubing was visible, outside her scalp. UNBELIEVABLE! The scar tissue, that had been cut through SO MANY TIMES, hadn't healed, and the 'plumbing' broke through. Now, it's gotta ALL be replaced, because the system has been compromised. The valve, fittings, and all the tubes, including those to her abdomen, that just got put in place, have to be redone. The poor girl was just getting her life back, starting to teach, again, just this week. Is hard for me to write/think/believe. I thought we were done with this for awhile, but, here we go again. Excuse me while I pull my hair out...

I screwed up, and believed FOX

During my experiment, to view 'alternate' news, I watched FOX, yesterday, and saw that the new pick to head the Treasury, Geithner, had not paid his income taxes for several years and had an illegal housekeeper. Not the guy to head the treasury, I thought. BUT, today, I heard the truth about it. He signed off on what his tax lawyer had prepared for him, but a technicality showed up later on a W-2 withholding, and he immediately fixed the problem. His housekeeper was totally legal when he hired her, but several years later became 'illegal' for 3 months, on another technicality. Typical FOX bullshit reporting. At least they're consistent. The sleazy bastards...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Excuse me while I gag,

as W leaves office and pats himself on the back. Heckuva job, Georgie! He says he kept us safe. RIGHT. He had been 'on the job' for nearly 2 years, and had just gotten a report of "Al Queda plans airliner attack on US", on 9-11. To make up for it he started a war on, 'Ooops, bad information'. He claims "No Child Left Behind" as an educational success. HA. Ask any teacher what THEY think. He claims Africa loves us, for all the aid he gave. Ask the rest of the world what THEY think of him. As he leaves the US economy in ashes, Big Oil, Haliburton, and the FOX news crowd love him. The other 85% of us, with an operating brain, say GOOD RIDDANCE, and hope charges are filed against him, for his many crimes.

Bailey loves the snow

Typical cat, huh? With her Norwegian Forest Cat background, Bailey loves to prowl through the snow and pretend she's feral. Until she gets hungry, that is. Then it's back to the house and her kitty crunchies...

Only one week,

and he's gone. The damage, however, will linger for MANY years to come. They should ride him out of town on a rail, not in a limo...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Was watching the PGA tourney, today,

from Hawaii, and saw a great story. I graduated with Kirk and Karl Melson, twins, who were/are built like rocks. Anyway, they had a blurb on TV, today, during the tournament, that I had heard last summer, at my reunion. Kirk's son, Bret, set a Guinness World Record, for the longest ever,' hole in one'. Not only the longest, at 476 yards, BUT, it was at the toughest rated course in the US, and on the number one handicap hole, at that course. Unbelievable, almost. Bret Melson had a hole in one on a 476 yard hole! WOW! I didn't totally believe it, when I heard it, BUT, it was on TV today. Amazing...

Trying to find something positive,

in the national disaster of the Bush presidency, he, and his apologists like to claim, he 'kept us safe'. Bullshit!. That would be true, IF, his administration had begun AFTER 9-11, but it didn't. Nearly 2 years into the debacle of his reign, the security agencies warned of terrorists flying planes into buildings. It was ignored. SO, to make up for it, he attacked a country that had NOTHING to do with it, and killed hundreds of thousands of innocents, PLUS more Americans than Bin Laden. Don't give me that crap of him being a great protector. He's an unmitigated disaster, without equal...

Bush legacy?

As we near the end of this national embarrassment, what will/should be W's legacy? The worst recession, depression in 70 years? A war based on lies? A 'Big Oil' guy who raped the nation with $147/barrel oil? Hundreds of speeches/statements where he mangled the language? His assault on scientific thought? His continual appointing of foxes to guard the henhouses, so his buddies could prosper? His suspension of the the Geneva Convention so he could allow torture? The domestic spying? That idiotic grin? Who knows. We have SO MUCH to choose from...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Garrison Keilor reprint,

from today's paper.

And we allow the Current Occupant to leave the Mansion d'Blanc with a big grin in a couple of weeks, his self-esteem apparently fully intact, imagining that his legacy will emerge golden and shining in a hundred years after all of us are deceased. He is one of the cheerfullest idiots you ever saw, a man who could burn down his own house and be happy that the patio was still standing. Had Congress impeached him, his defense would have been that he was not capable of understanding the charges.Laura got the publishing contract, though the world is not abuzz waiting for her to tell us that he was not as dense as he looked.

Good way to describe W. The cheerfullest idiot....

Friday, January 09, 2009

Sarah Palin, part 2

Sarah Palin's main problem with the Katie Couric interview, was the fact she couldn't answer one important question. She couldn't come up with ONE newspaper or magazine she reads. She had 3 chances. Couldn't think of one. IF she told the truth, she would have said she got her news from FOX. But, she didn't, and therefor she just sat there, looking like an idiot. SURPRISE!. Typical right wing crap. They get ALL their news from ONE source. Like the 'brain trust' in the White House, who readily admit it. The TV's, there, are ALL tuned in to FOX, ALL the time. SURPRISE! Thank God, it's finally changing. About time...

Just booked it

Gran Bahia Principe Akumal. Never been there, but, it has great reviews, and we got a good deal, so were goin'. Good remedy for winter blahs, just thinking about it. Will let you know if it's any good.
Click on link below, virtual tours, main pool

Sarah Palin is whining

about 'the left wing media' picking on her, but not Caroline Kennedy, because of 'class' issues. NO, Sarah, it's because she may run for the US Senate. You were running to be a heartbeat (of a really OLD guy) away from the most powerful position on earth, for which you were/are TOTALLY unqualified. You may have been a great mayor of Wasilla, the meth capital of Alaska, and a popular governor, where oil tax dollars are handed out to residents in large checks. But there's a HUGE difference between Wasilla and the White House, and if you and the rest of your right-wing reactionary crowd can't understand that, I'm amazed, but not surprised. It just goes to show how ignorant you, and your rabid supporters actually are.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

A word of advice,

to all those right-wing jerks, who are, all of a sudden, calling for fiscal responsibility, after their boy, W, has trashed the US economy, with his lies, cronyism and general incompetence. Just sit down, and shut the f--k up! You got no right to say anything, as Obama tries to fix the unprecedented damage that the cowboy conman has done to us, and generations to come. This 'Bush Depression' ain't gonna be pretty...