A LOT of life comes down to,

who you believe? There are MANY news sources out there. A few of them, like FOX, are merely the voice of a political party, and I gotta admit, MSNBC, also has a definite political agenda. HOWEVER, most news agencies merely report the news. The mainstream media, counting overseas outlets, mostly has it right. My point? If you want to believe FOX, do it at your own risk. Admit that is is totally biased, AND, if that is what you WANT to believe, just do it. Bottom line, just don't confuse it with the truth.


ladyj said…
whose choir are you preaching to, son?
Fam Guy said…
You'd be surprised, maybe, at the number of FOX disciples who read this blog. They just never comment.
ladyj said…
Some just won't admit to buying in to that clap trap on a public forum. I would be ashamed to be associated with that "news" organization. In my view, it is the same as the National Enquirer...Biased "rag" journalism.

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