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Friday, July 17, 2009

A moment of reality, here

I really think that most people don't realize the slippery slope that W and the Repubs put us on. Michigan unemployment is officially over 15%, which means the REAL number is near 30%. Over 15 states are over 10%, which means 20% in reality, and the numbers are growing at a geometrical pace. I think MOST people don't understand the extent of this disaster. This is HUGE! Our way of life is slipping away, like a snowball going downhill. Bush wrecked our economy to a point that only the historians will be able to truly document. There is NOTHING the current politicians can do, to halt the slide. Slow it, MAYBE, hopefully. We are faring better than most, here in Colorado, as jobs dry up elsewhere, and we will remain a destination point. Bottom line, hunker down, and get ready for survival mode. Sorry to be the messenger, but please, show me where I'm wrong. This is something we have never seen before, but our parents did, during the Great Depression. IS gonna be interesting, though...


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