My new book,

'Gone Tomorrow', by Lee Child, has a reference to Ronald Reagan sending Donald Rumsfeld to Baghdad, in 1983, to present Saddam Hussein with a pair of solid gold spurs, as a symbol of his support. Just wanted to see if was for real. It is. The Reagan administration installed Saddam, with our $, turned him loose, and he turned into a monster against the Iraqi people. To make up for it, W unleashed his 'Oops, bad information, 'Shock and Awe', war on them, which killed and wounded hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, and took out the water and electrical grids in a desert climate. No wonder the US is so popular in Iraq. Damned Republicans. After Viet Nam you'd think they would have learned something. Nah.. What they learned is that there is 'Big Money' in war, if you are in the right place. Sure worked for W and his Big Oil contributors...


ladyj said…
I also read Iraq wouldn't absolutely confirm or deny it had WMDs because it feared Iran invading.

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