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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Have read a couple books, lately,

and one was kinda memorable, although I didn't like it that much at the time. 'The Art of Racing in the Rain', is told from the perspective of a dog, as his owners go through some hard times. Wouldn't really recommend it, cuz it was too much of a downer, BUT, I did take some good thoughts from it. We humans must be a bit strange, when viewed from a dog's eyes. Do they really spend time wishing they had an opposable thumb and a tongue that would allow them to more enjoy the taste of food?  Also found a good new author, Barry Eisler, who has several books that I am gonna read. Love finding a new (to me) writer, and usually go through several bad (or average) ones before I do. P.T. Deutermann may be another good one. Am about half way through one of his and like it so far, BUT, have found it's much easier for an author to start a book, than to actually finish it well.


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