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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Those poor people

who got hit by tornadoes, have been devastated. The weather guys are talking about the Fujita Scale, which tops out at F-5, with winds over 200 mph. The Oklahoma City tornado, which I worked, set an all-time measured wind record, when the guage broke at 318 mph. Still have the article on the wall over my desk. Absolutely unbelievable destruction, with the biggest (of many tornadoes) over a half mile wide and on the ground for over 20 miles, right through OKC. Kinda hard to find your claims when all the street signs are gone, as well as all traces of the house, except the foundation. When you looked closely at the video of the debris cloud ,swirling around the tornado, you could see cars and trucks, spinning around, hundreds of feet in the air. Pretty amazing when they came down, through the roofs of houses.... 


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