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Friday, April 29, 2011

Went a funeral, yesterday,

which is always good for putting life in perspective. Dennis was the husband of Nancy, who Carol worked with for many years at State Farm. He  passed very quickly and unexpectedly while listening to his I-pod.
As we left the indoor service and gathered outside with the Navy Color Guard, under a clear blue Colorado sky, a beautiful, huge, bald eagle flew right in front us. Middle of the afternoon in north Denver. Dennis was a very patriotic veteran, and the ceremony, including the program, had many bald eagles, in different forms. As I saw the majestic bird glide over us, (fortunately before the 21-gun salute), I immediately filled with tears and could hardly see. Was really a cosmic moment. I later complimented the funeral director on great special effects and he said he had never seen it in the area, before. Pretty amazing....


Anonymous ladyj said...

Some folks have different ways of saying goodbye. My mother sent butterflies.

8:52 AM  

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