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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

He finally said, 'out loud', what we've known, forever

In a remarkable bit of honesty, Jack Kingston, the Republican Congressman from Georgia, explained in the New York Times today:
A lot of people would like to stay on the sideline and say, ‘Just bomb the place and tell us about it later. It’s an election year. Republicans don’t want to change anything. We like the path we’re on now. We can denounce it if it goes bad, and praise it if it goes well and ask what took him so long.'
The same old story from the Pubs. Do NOTHING, then bitch when the prez does something, no mater WHAT it is. Nothing new here, other than ADMITTING to the same old strategy.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I knew it wasn't good,

when my doc called me at home with the biopsy results. Malignant melanoma. Now, before I even get the stitches out from the first surgery, they're gonna cut a few more square inches out of my arm. The good news is they caught it early, but the bad news is I have one of the nastiest types of cancer. Have always been lucky, and there's no reason to believe that'll change. We'll see...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I used to think

that melanoma was just another word for skin cancer, but have found out recently, that melanoma is much more rare, and nasty.

  • An estimated 76,100 new cases of invasive melanoma will be diagnosed in the US in 2014.
  • An estimated 9,710 people will die of melanoma in 2014.
  • Melanoma accounts for less than two percent of skin cancer cases, but the vast majority of skin cancer deaths.

  • Bottom line, have been way too reckless, getting way too much sun, over MANY years.


    Thursday, September 25, 2014

    When 'The Talent' at FOXNews(R).

    found out that a woman pilot, from the UAE, dropped bombs on ISIS, the clowns who continually claim that the Pubs 'War on Women' is a left-wing plot, had some comments for their viewers.

    "After she bombed it, she couldn’t park it," Greg Gutfeld quickly cracked.
    "Would that be considered boobs on the ground or no?" Eric Bolling asked.

    And then the whole set cracked up, cuz the boys are SO funny. More 'high class' entertainment from Bullshit Mountain. You're welcome.

    Rick Santelli, the resident Tea Party Bozo, on CNBC,

    recently got 'taken to the woodshed' (his words) for his CONTINUAL rants against 'all things Democrat', (cuz, in his mind, they were OBVIOUSLY gonna cause rampant inflation). Well, after being proven wrong, day after day, for over 6 years, (although his supporters still kiss his butt), today he went back to another favorite rant, that Obamacare is gonna wreck the country, as he disputed the numbers that show costs are down and many more are insured. Same old crap from the right. Make up bad scenarios, ignore reality, and then move on to bitch about something else, while TOTALLY ignoring all the bad stuff that happened when your boy was in charge. Nothing new here, as the right-wing cons 'pick and choose' the numbers they want, to justify the positions they hold, NO MATTER what the facts say.

    In their continuing effort

    to trash all things Democrat, Bullshit Mountain features 'The Dick' (and Liz!) Cheney, badmouthing the prez for ......, basically EVERYTHING, while several of their 'X-Spurts' bitch about Obama 'dithering', rather than the 'Preferred Pub Policy' of , 'Fire, Aim, Ready'. BUT, in a new effort to reach out to their base, FOX is reporting that 'Men With Big Bellies Make Better Lovers'. (Really, I can't make this stuff up.) AND, to tantalize their base even further, I predict there will be a new FOX study that proves large-breasted women prefer double digit IQ's and tiny dicks. FOXNews, the joke that keeps on giving...

    Wednesday, September 24, 2014

    Saw a good movie yesterday,

    cuz Tammie recommended it. "This Is Where I Leave You' is about 4 siblings who spend a week together, at the family home, after their father died. Thought it might be a bit 'too close to home', but it was well done and we enjoyed it. Wouldn't give it an A+, but has a great cast and moves right along, with interesting characters and some good laughs as well as some serious content. Was never bored and made for some good discussions, which are signs of a good movie. Thanks, Tammie....

    I guess I should have expected it,

    after ALL the years in the sun, without sunscreen, but was still a bit of a shock. When I got my first physical after becoming eligible for Medicare (I'm OLD), the doc looked at a splotch on my arm and called the nurse, asking for his next available appt, so he could cut it out, ASAP. Today he removed a section a little over an inch by 5/8 inch, and sewed it up with 7 stitches. He said it was 50/50 that it was malignant, and we'd know in about a week. I thought it must be pretty common in people my age and asked how many he did, like this. He said one last year and this was the 2nd this year. Hmmm. It kinda got my attention.
    PS. I wanted to distract myself while he cut it out, so looked at the music on my phone and decided on 'Comfortably Numb', (by Pink Floyd) which I hoped my arm was. My doc liked the choice and we listened together, while he cut and stitched. Am feeling a bit queasy now...


    would have you believe that students and teachers in Jefferson County, CO, are demonstrating because they don't like the idea of,
    'promoting citizenship, patriotism, essentials and benefits of the free-market system and respect for authority'
    BUT, the real problem is because a small group of very well organized Tea Partiers took over a school board election, with very low turnout, and they're trying to re-write the curriculum. Their first act was to hold an illegal, late night closed door meeting, where they hired a lawyer, with school district money, to defend their illegal actions. They are now trying to remove 'less than ideal' parts of US history from the teaching material and are trying to teach that 'any kind' of civil disobedience is WRONG. In an unprecedented result, they received a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT vote of 'No Confidence' from the teacher's organization. That means they had ZERO support from the people they are trying to railroad. With a daughter who teaches in the district I know that this is going to be a long, nasty battle, as a small group of zealots are trying to force their will and beliefs on the majority. And SURPRISE, FOXNews is supporting them by 'changing the argument' to make the teachers and students look bad. As always, FOXFUXw/FAX, and this is a perfect example.

    Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    Last night's Daily Show

    was classic. The 2 Texas(R) congressmen, whose main contributors are ALL 'Big Oil', are fighting climate scientists, because the scientist's jobs, (according to them), 'depend on scaring people', SO, the Pub jerks discount the science, INSTEAD of their contributors. And the FOX sheep say 'Amen', as always. instead of believing 'scientific facts'. Never mind. They're sheep, who believe what they are told. Nothing new here....

    In a nutshell,

    the HUGE divide between Pubs and Dems boils down to one major difference. The Pubs have a problem with what's GONNA happen with the Dems in control, (cuz they believe FOX) as per economic problems (inflation, etc), which hasn't happened, and there's no evidence it will, six years into a healing process.  BUT, they have NO PROBLEM with what ACTUALLY happened, (economic meltdown) when their boy was in charge. HUGE difference. Reality vs Bullshit Mountain. Nothing new here, BUT, is interesting when you look at the FACTS. Once you find millions of people who actually BELIEVE the Noah's Arc story, you have an audience who will believe ANYTHING, reality be damned. Political BONANZA, for the Pubs, with an audience who have no problem with fantasy, presented as fact. PERFECT, for FOX....

    Speaking of headlines,

    FOX, the 'Fair and Balanced Network' who never had any problems with the multiple disasters of the Bush administration, continues their 'unbiased' reporting with, 'Americans Are Passengers on Titanic With Obama at Helm'. Yup, the clowns at Bullshit Mountain obviously want a captain like GW back in charge. Do they think no one remembers 2008, after 8 years of Pub rule, when W gave the banks over $865 BILLION to keep the country from imploding, while two 'unpaid for' wars were raging?

    The headlines this morning,

    said healthcare costs in the US rose at an annual rate of 1.8%, the lowest rate in decades. BUT, will the 'sky is falling' Pubs admit they were wrong when they claimed soaring rates and a clogged system (which also didn't happen) after Obamacare took effect? Of course not. Just like they don't reply to NOAA's numbers on the climate that show record heat on the planet after they claim a leftwing conspiracy/hoax. OR, will they admit the 'rampant inflation' from the Fed's policies, which were nec to save the economy after the Bushies wrecked it, never came to pass. They scream and yell, predicting all kinds of chaos, unless they get their way, THEN when it doesn't happen, they just quietly sit on their thumbs and spin. Nothing new here, but it does get old.

    Monday, September 22, 2014

    Truth test today on Channel 9,

    has to do with Cory Gardner's ad against Udall(D), that said he voted with Obama 99% of the time, 108 out of 109. BUT, this was 'hand-picked' votes. they don't mention this was out of 219 votes, and in MANY of them, Udall split with the prez. Same old shit from the Pubs. Just as FOXFUXw/FAX, so do Pubs in state elections.  Nothing new here, as the sheep fall for this crap....

    Sunday, September 21, 2014

    I realized something a while back,

    that Ive been working on. Happy wife means happy life.
     If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. SO, am making the effort. Works for me.....

    Cory Gardner, Pub candidate

    for US Senate, running against Mark Udall in COlorado, gave a major speech yesterday, slamming Udall and Obama for stopping the Keystone pipeline. But, as always, there are a few things he DIDN'T say.
    The pipeline has been stopped by the (R) State of Nebr, because they don't want it. ALL my relatives(R) in Nebr, that I have spoken with, are adamantly AGAINST it.
    It is Canadian oil, shipped across the US, for world markets, that may rupture and ruin the groundwater. It doesn't help the US at all, except for the few temporary construction jobs it provides, and, OH YEAH, the Koch Bros who get the contracts (profits) for the pipleline and the terminal in Texas, where it LEAVES the US.
    Typical Pub propaganda, that glossses over the facts, blaming Obama for a Pub problem (like Iraq), with huge profits for the 1%. Nothing new here...

    Bill Maher recently joined

    other major journalists, incl Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert and myself, stating that FOXNews is the largest single reason for political 'polarization' in the US, today. Really. I don't think there's any other person or organization that even comes close. I was gonna call them a news agency, but Bullshit Mountain morphed out of that description long ago, although they do include a glitzy background, along with a huge crew, dominated by bimbos and old white guys, as they use a news(?) platform to disseminate their propaganda, with the funniest EVER motto, of 'Fair and Balanced' to describe their unique brand of swill. BUT, if I gotta explain it, you wouldn't understand it. Nothing new here, but there's a reason the biggest talk show/comedian/commentators have a common foe. The overflowing colostomy bag known as FOXNews exists for one reason only. To defeat Dems while promoting Pubs, by whatever means they think they can get away with. To think there are those who consider them a legitimate news agency is absolutely amazing...

    Thursday, September 18, 2014

    For many years,

    I have tried to enlighten the sheep, who just don't care, as long as they get what they want, from Bullshit Mountain. BUT, I have a new tagline, which I am documenting at this point. FOX FUX w/FAX. Perfect! Concise! FOX FUX with FAX is my contribution to reality. You're welcome.

    I know Rush and the clowns at FOX

    know better, BUT, the real experts in the field just released the newest climate figures.

    The planet just had its hottest summer on record, according to data released Thursday by NOAA's National Climatic Data Center. It's also well on its way to having its hottest year ever, said climate scientist Jake Crouch of the data center.
    The global temperature for summer was 1.28 degrees above the 20th-century average of 61.5 degrees.
    Records go back to 1880. Climatologists define summer as the months of June, July and August.

    This won't stop Bullshit Mountain(R), from skewing the numbers (in favor of Big Oil) and feeding the sheep whatever 'facts' they want them to believe. BUT, for those of us in the real world, who care about the future, this is rather sobering news, and it confirms what we were told on our Alaskan cruise this summer, where our ship had to go nearly 2 miles further up the Tracy Arm fiord, compared to earlier years, to see the same glacier, as it continues to recede faster each year. Not saying climate change is all bad, OR there's anything we can do about it. It just IS, no matter what the sheep are led to think, as FOX, FUX with FAX. Wow, I like it, and it is SO true.

    Wednesday, September 17, 2014

    Am watching 'The Roosevelts',

    a Ken Burn's documentary about Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. An AMAZING American family, with boundless energy and intelligence. Teddy was the consummate Repub, with a blood lust, as he killed thousands of animals and started a war, with Spain, just so he could fight, cuz he felt his father had dodged the civil war. The big difference? He saw the huge divide between the rich and the common people, and fought to bridge the gap. He created fed agencies to protect the land, air and water of the US, instead of fighting enviromental policies, like modern Pubs, and created national parks and wilderness we still enjoy. Today's Pubs live to WIDEN the gap between the 'haves and have-nots', as they try to kill the govt agencies that protect us from graft and corruption, with a mantra of 'drill baby drill', on public lands. Fantastic documentary that everyone should see....

    As we watch Rick Steve's tours of Europe,

    he has a special on the Bohemians, who were a part of Serbia, that didn't 'bow down' to the Vatican, and the popes. They were persecuted, killed and tortured for centuries, as they refused to deny their ancient beliefs, and pay tithes and taxes to Rome. I imagine I would have been one of them, if I had lived at the time and been brave enough. The Catholic church sucked  property, money and art from all those who 'believed' and especially those who didn't. Don't believe it? Just look at the Vatican museum and take a peek at the bank account of the Catholic church. By FAR, the largest business in the world, and if you didn't go along with it, (as it was supported by the 'church and state', who had ALL the power) you were not only condemned to hell, but you lost your life and property, with the blessing of the church and state. Not surprisingly, the 'state supported' religion took over, and it became the base of the 'modern' Repub party and southern politics. Who da thunk?

    There are a LOT of PUB nutballs,

    incl Rush, Sean, etc, BUT, is there anyone worse than Lindsay Graham(R)? RU kidding me?

    Monday, September 15, 2014

    As I watch the news

    about Scotland maybe seceding from the UK, it reminds me of our trip, when I learned that my fav Scotch is Laphroaig, with it's smoky taste, and I happen to have a bit left, for a while. Mmmm, very special....

    How To Fix a DEAD Ryobi 18v battery

    I was gonna buy a new battery for my rechargable 18v Ryobi drill/saw/flashlight, but (since I'm thrifty), I looked online and found this. I had a dead battery that wouldn't take a charge, but this 'easy fix' did it. Amazing...

    Sunday, September 14, 2014

    Today, the FOX headline screams,

    'Two Years Later, Benghazi Facts Still Unknown', BUT, the true headline should be, 'Two Years and Fifteen Investigations Later, Bullshit Mountain Still Beating Dead Horse'. Just in case the Dem candidate for prez could possibly be Hilary. Same old shit from the same old bullshitters, and the sheep eat it up...

    Saturday, September 13, 2014

    You know me, I hate to brag, BUT,

    when our big screen TV went out, I was gonna replace it, but realized it sits in a custom made cabinet,(that also fits the Bose sound system), SO, it was gonna be a pretty big deal. Thrifty (or cheap) guy I am, I Googled the symptoms, ran diagnostics, and found the problem. Local TV repair said $199 for the part, and  min $200 labor. SO, I ordered the part online, ($29) and replaced it myself, (after a 5 day wait). VOILA! It works! Gotta admit, I was looking forward to a new 60" Plasma, and may happen someday, but, there's no hurry now...

    Friday, September 12, 2014

    There's a lot, 'not to like'

    about the police shooting in Ferguson, MO, but one of the most disturbing is all the military equipment that has been given out to the law enforcement agencies, there, and all across the country. Billions of dollars of new and barely used equipment, from the 'Bush Wars', that SOMEBODY sold to the military. We know 'Oops, no WMD's was an economic decision by Bush/Cheney, but, when we see the HUGE amount of equipment left behind, destroyed, given away and being hauled back the US, (see 60 Minutes), we can begin to realize just why Bush and the Pubs were so eager to push the country into war. Although hundreds of thousands were killed and injured, a select few 'defense' contractors 'made a killing' supplying the govt with bombs, bullets everything else needed, or imagined, to wage war on the other side of the world. Just like Viet Nam, that I thought could never happen again, But it did. Thanks George. But mostly, it was 'The Dick'(R).

    Wish I'd Said That.

    Economic forecasters are often wrong, But it’s less common for supposed experts to keep making the same wrong prediction year after year, never admitting or trying to explain their past errors. And the remarkable thing is that these always-wrong, never-in-doubt pundits continue to have large public and political influence.
    But what about the economists who go along with the cult? They’re all conservatives, but aren’t they also professionals who put evidence above political convenience? Apparently not.
    The persistence of the inflation cult is, therefore, an indicator of just how polarized our society has become, of how everything is political, even among those who are supposed to rise above such things. And that reality, unlike the supposed risk of runaway inflation, is something that should scare us,
    This is what we see, and have seen, for MANY years, from the right-wingers who have screamed that Obama is gonna wreck the country, with runaway inflation, while they fail to acknowledge what Bush(R), ACTUALLY did. Nothing new here, but it gets SO old, to hear the same crap from the same people, who think they are SO smart, while consistently being SO wrong.

    It's gone now,

    but we woke up to about an inch of snow. Gonna gradually warm up the next few days, but this was a a 'preview of coming events', although we still have over a week of summer remaining. Best part of the year, coming up.

    Thursday, September 11, 2014

    Won't know til we wake up,

    but they're calling for snow tonight. Whew, seems a little early, and THEY may be wrong, but we'll see, tomorrow. Seems crazy, cuz the weather was PERFECT on the golf course yesterday. On the way home, picked up a bushel of Hatch chiles, pork, onions, refried beans, garlic, tomatoes, spices etc, for our annual batch of 'green chile'.
    Update: Had forgotten how much was involved with making a few gallons of green chile, but, it's all coming back to me....

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    What a difference

    a year makes. One year ago, we were in Edinborough, Scotland, really enjoying the city and our tour when we heard dad had passed. The lead story on BBC was from Broomfield, USA, and the Colorado floods. My phone and email were hacked. Seems like way more than a year, as I have aged much more than that, but it was only 365 days. Yesterday, I was depressed, in a way I couldn't explain, until I talked myself out of it, as I realized we all have to die, and we couldn't have asked for a better 'passing', than the way the folk's went. It still hurts, because I loved them so much, but I am dealing with it in a much better way, today. I made the decision to 'fast', in remembrance, and it felt right. The good news? The memorial tree and bench, in the best part of Harmon Park is in place and looks great, AND, the estate is near to being settled, finally. Nebraska lawyers have a very profitable scam going, with their special 'Inheritance Tax', and the laws involved. Bottom line, has been quite a year, that I am glad to have behind me.

    Tuesday, September 09, 2014

    If there was NOTHING else

    to base my vote on, I'd vote against all the jerks(R) who voted to 'shut down' the govt last year, as a protest against 'Obamacare', when there was NO CHANCE of it being repealed, and it hurt a whole lot of little people, which is typical of Pub policy. Also, Cory Gardner(R) has an ad running, (which totally failed the Channel 9 'Truth Test'), as he tried to 'rebrand' himself, supporting wind energy. Are you kidding? The Pubs, led by the Koch bros, have CONSISTENTLY been against anything that isn't fossil fuel (Big Oil), labeling green energy as 'govt waste'.  Nothing new here, but is worth remembering....

    After many hours

    and 'clean up' programs, we got our laptops back, sort of, but the TV is toast. Gotta decide whether to repair or replace it, and if we replace it, with what?

    Don't know what's going on,

    But today my laptop is down, after losing our large TV and Carols laptop yesterday. This is weird.

    Monday, September 08, 2014

    What a day..

    Our TV bit the dust and so did Carol's laptop. As always, technology is great when it works, but....

    In another example of the absurdity

    of Texas(R) laws, where the Repub ruling party will do anything to preserve their majority, it is now legal to present a firearms permit as ID to vote, BUT, a student ID isn't considered valid. Guess who the 'educated' voter would vote for? What you think? Dem or Pub? Same old crap from the party of uneducated, low information voters who gave us Bush/Cheney and the problems that still plague us...

    Sunday, September 07, 2014

    I've owned a lot

    of watches in my life, and had several 'fav' possessions, BUT, I know that I've never had any better than my Pulsar, Solar watch, that I bought in Daytona Beach, about 12 years ago. I was just getting into a major 'storm', and my watch battery went dead. Normally this would be a minor inconvenience, but, when everything is 'shut down' with no eclectricity, and no stores open, it was HUGE, so I decided to spend some extra money on a watch that didn't take a battery. That was over a decade ago, and after expecting to 'reset' my watch, like I'd always done, and replace the battery, I have been pleasantly shocked to have the best watch EVER, that doesn't need batteries, OR need to be reset. One of my fav possessions....  My Pulsar. Solar watch, whose face is a solar collecter. UNbelievable, but real....

    FOXNews(R), has a 'Fool of the Week', award,

    and SURPRISE, it's always a lib, or someone else with a huge intellectual advantage over their double digit IQ audience, SO, I wasn't real surprised when they picked on Eric Roberts this week, cuz he had the audacity to blame the rise of ISIS on GDub. How could ANYONE, (except the sheep who graze on Bullshit Mountain) NOT see that? Duh, just what is the 'statute of limitations' for f***ing up that part of the world?  ISIS never existed, and Al Queda wasn't even CLOSE to their size and power until the Repub War Criminals destabilized the Middle East, jacking up the price of oil TENFOLD, (Surprise!, it's the family business, and then there's Haliburton) and made millions rise up against the US, many wanting to become martyrs, as they saw it as a religious war.
    WOW, what a stretch, blaming ISIS on Bush/Cheney? Who ELSE would you blame, after their 'Oops, no WMD's fiasco, that turned world opinion against the US, after 9-11? Unless you're a FOXNews(R) sheep, with a permanent 'anal/cranial inversion'? Then, of course, you'd blame Obama, like they do for ALL their problems, that he hasn't fixed 'fast enough'. Nothing new here, as the sheep choose FOXNews(R), instead of reality...

    Saturday, September 06, 2014

    Like a starving mutt,

    who found a rancid bone, FOX is back on Benghazi. Two years and over a dozen investigations later, they are growling and drooling over something no one else cares about. On Bullshit Mountain, where the deaths of tens of thousands, based on lies, is no big deal, they aren't about let the future Dem candidate for prez give a logical explanation for an event she had nothing to do with., CUZ, that's 'how they(R) roll' as they(R) try to win back the White House. As if we don't remember what happened the last time they(R) were 'in charge'....

    Friday, September 05, 2014

    It would be nice,

    to walk into the Colorado gov's office, and hear him say, 'Hey Steve, how you doing', as could happen if Bob Beauprez(R) is elected, cuz we know each other and I helped get him elected to his first public office (when I was a Repub, before Bush 'screwed up the brand'), and was one of his first bank customers (meeting with him MANY times in Lafayette) and have been to his home, advising on construction, with his wife. BUT, he's a Pub and we have some issues, (although he's a great guy). I also have issues with Hickenlooper(D), as he has screwed up, a bunch, BUT, he's not Repub, which is a good thing. Not sure yet, how I'm gonna vote.....

    Surprise!, FOX and the Pubs are bitching, AGAIN,

    cuz Obama is 'dithering', and his policy is 'Ready, Aim, Fire', instead of the Pub policy of 'Fire, Aim, Ready', as he is putting together a world coalition to fight ISIS. The 'Chicken Hawks' don't understand what's happening, cuz they don't have a clue, when it comes to WORLD policy, instead of 'cowboy mentality', basesd on lies. HUGE difference, and the sheep, MIGHT understand someday, but I doubt it, as they get their 'news?', from FOX(R), where they are 'anti-Obama, ALL the time'. Same old shit from the propaganda arm of the Pub party, who won't be happy until they control the purse strings again. Anyone remember (2008) and what happened last time?

    Just when I think

    the clowns at Bullshit Mountain can't shock me anymore, they always do, such as with this headline, today. "Obama Threw Away the Victory in Iraq". This is such crap on SO many levels, but just a few are: There was never a victory, only a momentary lull in the fighting. He just honored the withdrawal agreement signed by GW in 2008. It was ELEVEN year after Bush/Cheney (war criminals who can't visit MANY countries, cuz they'd be thrown in jail, rightfully so), lied us into war to (very successfully) boost the price of oil. The VAST majority of Americans (remember, it's a democracy?) were in favor of leaving Iraq. The Sunni/Shiite war has been raging for over 1300 years, and was under control until 'W's Big Adventure'.
    BUT, those facts don't stop FOX(R) from bitching about EVERYTHING the prez does, after he was handed a steaming pile of shit, (thanks George) and was expected to 'fix it', as is typical of the Pubs. Nothing new here, but it gets SO old, as the sheep swallow the swill and ask for more....

    Thursday, September 04, 2014

    There's a lot of stuff on TV,

    but, when we can't decide what to watch, our 'default', is Rick Steve's travel videos. EXCELLENT!, as he shows his fav trips, and we can enjoy the places we've been, and the places we want to go. Thank you, Rick.
     PS, Rick was/is one of biggest contributors to Washington's drive to legalize cannabis. Don't believe it? Google it. Rick is a unique, very successful world traveler, as he enjoys a good toke (and great wine), along the way. If I gotta explain it, you wouldn't understand it. Nothing new here....

    WIth his head deeply and firmly implanted,

    Bill O'Reilly proclamed, from his Bullshit Mountain pulpit.
    "When you hear something on a partisan-driven program, do not believe it!"
    No, he wasn't talking about his own show. He was talking about frenemy Jon Stewart, who had accused him of being more outraged about the media coverage of Michael Brown's death than about the death itself.
    "Distortions are how some people make a living," he warned his viewers.

    And the sheep said Amen, while the 'ungullible' laughed their asses off.

    In other FOX(R) 'news', they claimed the root of the problem with ISIS lies with Obama, cuz he withdrew troops from Iraq, 'too soon', (after ONLY 11 years). as they TOTALLY ignored the real 'root of the problem', after Bush/Cheney's 'Oops, no WMD's' war, based on lies, which destabilized that part of the world, BUT, was a huge success for Big Oil.
    FOX News, what a joke....

    Wednesday, September 03, 2014

    'Women are REALLY stupid',

    has to be the thought process of the Pubs. Cory Gardner(R), who has been on the FAR right, for his entire political career, trying to ban ALL abortions, severely restricting basic birth control and voting to shut down Planned Parenthood is trying to change his image. He's now claiming that he wants birth control pills sold 'over the counter' in an effort io seem 'female friendly', BUT, there's NO WAY that could happen. It's just a typical Pub smokescreen for low information voters. Nothing new here, as they try to change their image, (after spending many years establishing it), with millions of dollars of Koch bros money, buying misleading ads. LOL....

    Tuesday, September 02, 2014

    Just realized,

    I haven't been doing any 'book reports', that are part of my diary, so I can look back and remember which authors I like, and one of those would definitely be Harlan Coben. Have read and enjoyed several of his books, incl, 'The Woods', 'Stay Close', 'Missing You', 'Long Lost'. 'Tell No One', and 'Six Years'. Also read 'Collateral Damage' by H Terrell Griffin, which was good, as well as 'Mr Mercedes', which was a another good Stephen King book. The best I've read recently, is 'The Heist', by Daniel Silva, that Carol is reading, and enjoying, now. He has several other books that I plan to read, AND Lee Child has a couple of Jack Reacher books I haven't read, yet. Also read 'Private Berlin', by James Patterson, that was pretty good, and 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane', while cruising, that was strange, (and short), but good. Am now into 'Guilt', by John Lescroart, but am not sure I'm gonna stick with it, as I dumped 'The Silkworm', by J K Rowling, under the pen name of Robert Galbraith. Also quit on 'The Book of Life', by Deborah someone. OK, that's all I can remember, and I've got that part of my diary out of the way, for now.

    The FOXClowns bitch,

    about Obama asking for a minmum wage hike, citing 'INFLATION' which is bullshit. DEflation is a much bigger problem, as austerity in Europe has proven, BUT, that doesn't keep the FOX sheep minions from screaming about a nonexistent problem, cuz they don't understand basic economics. As more people make more money, it gets 'respent', unlike the trickle down theory', that transferred billions to the 1%'s bank accounts, never to be seen again. Bottom line, you got the working class, who need the money to survive, and the one percenters(R), who pull the $ out of the economy, as we see the divide between the 'haves and have nots' increase. The Pubs bitch about people 'not working', when it's impossible to survive on 'min wage'.. Nothing new here, as the sheep don't have a clue, while getting their 'facts' from Bullshit Mountain.

    Cruise golf

    Along with 3 pools, several hot tubs and basketball court, the top deck of the 'Miracle' had a 9-hole miniature golf course. Best view ever, from a 'mini' course. The water in the 'Tracy Arm' fiord, with the Sawyer glacier, was an amazing shade of turquoise, beside the blonde hair.

    Darn you Tammie,

    although it is refreshing, after the initial shock, of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Had thought of doing it, in memory of my buddy Tom Heller, who passed last year, from ALS. Terrible disease, that needs a cure, so I'm also sending a check. Hopefully there's enough $ and interest to get some serious research done. Would post the video, but I screamed like a little girl, when the cold water hit, SO, you won't see it here....

    Monday, September 01, 2014

    Yup, I agree,

    'Click on' to enlarge, and read
    Obama is too slow to commit 'bombs and bullets' against ISIS. Why? Bush/Cheney are the ones that stirred the hornet's nest in that part of the world, (to pump up the price of oil), and commited American lives and money, (totally wasted, based on lies), in Iraq. Now, the prez (and 'we the people') are VERY wary of doing it again. Rightfully so, But, the sheep just blame Obama, not understanding the basis of the problem. Nothing new here, as they get their 'news' from Bullshit Mountain, with their heads 'firmly implanted'...

    Carol found a weird looking tomato worm

    this morning on one of the tomato plants. After Googling it, I found that the Braconid wasp lays it's eggs IN a worm, then they hatch and burrow OUT, forming these cocoons, that hatch into wasps. Yuck. Pretty strange, BUT, am glad to see the voracious tomato worm eliminated.