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Good news!

Carol's flying out in a couple of weeks, then I'm flying back for elk season, in Nov. There is life after adjusting! Ground Hog's Day (the movie), is not going to win. Gonna quit at 9:30, after starting before 7...

New poll #'s out

and Obama is up about 10%, BUT look at the polling process. As Carol says, 'Who is at home, during the day, NOT with a cell phone, and willing to talk w/pollsters. Oldsters, that's who. McCain's base. The youngsters, who only have a cell phone, (no land line nec. which pollster's use) aren't included. SO, what's the REAL numbers. MUCH higher Obama. We'll see. Just saying, looks like we aren't gonna get more of McSame. We can only hope and pray. Our country, economy, and way of life, can't survive 4 more years of Bush policies. Let's hope it's not too late, as our economy crashes, after his 'reign of error'...

Break time, again,

Sunday night, at 8:30, after starting before 7 this morning, and I feel like I'm quitting early, but I'm gonna do it. My favorite dinner, crackers (Club, multi grain, yum), canned salmon, with a little wine. Oh yeah, and getting away from the computer. Heaven... Am about 90% online w/the new system and will be 98% within a few days. 'Tis always a tough learning curve, but have gotten thru most of it. As always, "Staying sane is Job One", and I feel I am mostly there. The real world is crowding out my new spiritual life, and am fighting it, but am hoping it's temporary. Just not enuff hours in the day. Oh well, it's time to kick back and stay sane. Luv to all.

OK, am taking a break,

to blog. Got up at 4 this am, (I swear) and have worked steadily til now, 6:30, and am gonna take a break while I eat my canned salmon and crackers for dinner. While I have been immersed in the Ike catastrophe, the economy has been crashing. Gotta say, 'I told you so". GW Bush has taken down more American institutions, including Bear Stearns, Washington Mutual, Merrill Lynch, Fannie May and Freddie Mac, Lehman Bros, and the list goes on and on, than any one EVER. Close 2nd was GHW Bush who took out the Savings and Loan Industry, with his other son, Neil, (remember Silverado, etc). They get in power and change the rules so their fatcat friends can prosper. The entire fincancial system, which survived 2 world wars, and the depression, will be lucky to survive George Bush. Read my blog the last year. I told you this recession would look good when we are in depression. AND IT'S COMING! It's gonna filter on down from house values, to brokerage houses, to banks, to credit…

Another test

0f my latest camera. This is my work area at my apt. I spend alot of time here....

Too busy to blog

and that's pretty busy. Ususally up and in the pool doing my wake up laps by 6, and only stop for quick homemade meals, sandwiches, soup or canned salmon and crackers, until I crash about 11. BUT, I am making progress and can see a day when I can get back to a normal 14 hour day.

I think I will remember

these last few days, as the time God was finally able to get thru to me, in spite of my stubborness and thick head. He IS real, and I think he likes me, in spite of my many flaws. It's been quite an awakening.

Got up at 5, this morning

and started off with a swim to wake up. Was gonna get a lot done today. At about 7 I picked up a virus, and my computer went crazy. With the help of Ted, who I woke up, and 3 1/2 hours of working on it, it seems I am OK, I hope. We'll see. A virus taking over would be one of my worst nightmares.

Turned a corner today,

that usually takes a lot longer to get to. After working with the TV on in the background, I have come to see how lucky I am. They showed the long lines of people, waiting in the sun, some for over 12 hours, to get an application for food stamps, only to stand in another line, for about as long, to get from $14 to $30 worth. People came out crying when they heard what they got. People with kids, babies, old folks, and some even passed out. This is gonna get ugly(er). There are SO many people that had so little and now have nothing. Houston crossed a milestone today, and got power to 50% of the people. Tha means nearly 2 million DON'T have power, and haven't, for a week. Food in the fridge spoiled long ago. Nearly all businesses in the affected areas are shut down, so people can't work, even if they want to. Traffic is a mess, and today, I lost cell phone usage for several hours in the middle of the day, cause the network was overloaded. BUT, the good news, my attitude has …

Yesterday, I said,

at least I've got a cell phone that works. For most of today, the network has been overloaded and I can't get any calls out. Bummer. BUT, that means no one can bother me. Gotta always look for the silver lining. Had to clean out my pants when I got home. Almost fell from a roof, today. Scared the ---- outta me, but it is gonna make me more careful, which is always good...

Don't know how,

to say it, BUT, things are pretty strange. My GPS, which usually gets me around when I am lost, is lost itself, about a third of the time. No idea why, but it gets me really lost, and even when it works, I don't trust it any more. In the best of times, traffic in this place is crazy. With traffic lights out, it is NOT the best of times. At least I have elec and a cell phone that works. Also got an AT&T Laptop Connect card. Fantastic. It took the boys at the ATT store almost 2 hours to hook it up. I could NEVER have done it myself as they suggested. I was inside as mobs of people tried to get in, after they locked the doors at 5. The sign said, 'open til 8', on the door, but they closed at 5 so they could honor the curfew and get all employees home in time. No one pays attention to the curfew, not even the cops, but it sure messes up business hours. Won't go into all the stuff, but the reality is starting to set in, and it ain't pretty. Lots of BAD…

Quite a day,

even in this strange life of mine. Found out Kari is not doing well, and it breaks my heart I am not there with/for her. Lost my room at Candlewood, so got up early, loaded my vehicle, with the ladder on top, and went to my first claim. A HUGE, cut up house, with a 12/12, (steep) roof, with lots of dormers and levels, and the ceiling gone on the 2nd floor, with water damage all over the first floor. Welcome to Houston. Had scheduled an hour and it took 2 1/2. Then saw an easy one, then another 2 story disaster. Barely made an appt to look at an apartment. Looks good, and am moving in tonight, after I get a wireless connect for my computer, cause there is NO INTERNET in the area. Can't pick up one wireless network, and that is VERY unusual. SO, starting out way behind, as usual, but I have learned the first week is always tough, then it gradually gets better, as this will, I HOPE....

Finally got to Houston,

and checked in at Candlewood Suites, where I had a lengthy reservation, and found out that since I didn't honor my original reservation, on the 14th, (there was no power, water, phone or internet) I lost my confirmed reservation to a crew of Public Service, (elec power) guys. Candlewood (Evon) bumped my (confirmed) price from $82 to $119, for the one night I am allowed (maybe 2, IF they have a room.) Am too numb to be pissed. Will cost me most of a day when I have none to lose. Got claims to see, (and write) tomorrow, then gotta find a place to live. What a way to make a living...

Big decision tomorrow

do I go to Houston, leaving a perfectly good room, (w/water and elec) in San Antonio, OR stay with all the goodies of modern life, while paying another $95, to keep the reservation for a room I'm really gonna need later? I go back and forth. I 'm thinkin' water (shower and toilet) and AC and internet may be worth the $$$. At least that's how I'm leaning, now...

For some reason,

I am not able to see my last posts, on FamGuy. I write 'em, click to post, it says 'Successful post', but then nothing shows up. BUT, when I go to the editting section, there it is. Do me a favor, please, if anyone reads this, comment and say you saw it. Thanks

Quite a day

As I left, Lafayette, I could see and feel the fron edge of Ike. Had decided to head north around Houston, but when I got to Beaumont and couldn't find any gas, cause all the stations were closed. I called the Texas State Patrol and asked where I could find some gas, they told me, and while I had 'em on the phone, asked about driving thru Houston. They said it would be easy, as Houston was closed, SO, I breezed right on thru, and drove right on to San Antone. Gotta get unpacked, etc, so will get back later, maybe.

Before I head out,

for San Antonio, just thought I'd do a quick post. Going from Lafayette, La, to San Antonio, avoiding Houston, which ain't gonna be easy, but I'm gonna try, by way of Livingston and Huntsville. Wish me luck, cause it's already starting to blow and rain, and I got a ways to go, potentially with some bad traffic. Will post when I get there...


All of a sudden, it REALLY started rainng here. One of the first bands of hurricane Ike. It's finally getting real. The first of some real wind and rain. Gotta love it...

OK , for the bad news,

When I left Colorado, had just gotten a temporary crown, until the permanent crown was made and installed. BUT, had to leave town, and, the short story, today I was eating some sushi, w/sticky rice, and pulled my temp crown off, bit down on it, destroyed it, and now have a really ugly, sharp, little piece of molar in the back of my mouth. Walked to the local CVS pharmacy and bought some temporary wax to smooth off the edges. Hopefully, UPS will deliver the permanent crown, w/in the next 2 days, and I can get it fixed before I have to leave for Houston. If not, it's really gonna suck. It's always something, but I never woulda guessed this...

FYI, in case you care,

about some minor stuff. I have always avoided using a mouse, cause I like the touch pad on my lap top, BUT, with the new Xactimate sketch program, I didn't really have a choice, SO, I bought another wireless (Logitech) mouse. I love it. Will probably never go back, to being mouseless. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Gettin' cloudy here,

in Lafayette, LA, and is s'posed to start raining this evening, then get more windy and rainy the next couple o' days, as 'Ike' arrives to the south. Last time I was in Louisiana when a hurricane struck, was about this same time of year, as Rita hit. Feel much better about this one, as I am on the 3rd floor of a sturdy building, rather than a 31' 'tryler', on the edge of a swamp. Will never forget that night of 75 mph winds and 15" of rain. If Ike hits near Galveston/Houston, it should be some longterm work. Good news/bad news. Oh well, we'll see...

Happy Birthday Mom,

My mom has to be one of the healthiest, most vital 83 year old's you could ever meet. If it weren't for her bum hip, there would be no stopping her. Along with my dad, I am SO blessed with good genes. If I could be that healthy at that age I would be SO happy. BUT, they have taken much better care of themselves, than I have. Just smarter, I guess..

Just for a change,

I decided to go out for a meal, and called down to the desk to get a recommendation on a Chinese buffet, one of my 'staples' on the road. Was on my way, when I passed a really good looking restaurant, called 'Lafayette's' (steak and seafood) , in a building like an old Southern mansion, with a sign out front, saying, 'lunch buffet'. As I pulled in, I thought, 'this is really gonna be good.' WRONG. The seafood was some overcooked popcorn shrimp in some kinda gravy, and grilled grouper, which was some tasteless, soggy whitefish. Finally tried a porkchop, which was about a 1/4" thick, with a half inch of batter on each side. The salad was good, but for $13.99, felt really ripped off. Kept waiting for someone to ask how my meal was, but I guess they had made that mistake before. Next time it's Taco Bell or a Whopper, if I decide to go out again.

Obama, the flip flopper

Just when he makes a stand, and calls Sarah Palin a lipstick wearing pig, he flip flops when he finds that some people don't like it. Disgraceful. Stand by your opinions, Barack, no matter what FOX says. Don't need no more flip floppers....

A 'pretty good' day

I spent the afternoon with Buddy Wilkinson, a Texas adjuster, in his 'tryler', outside of Baton Rouge. He had scoped 4 claims in the morning, and I met w/him as he uploaded his pictures, did his estimates, and filled out all the necessary 'stuff' to complete a file. When Buddy isn't a storm adjuster, he runs a 'hunt for hire' ranch, where clients pay to shoot exotic animals, mostly axis, an Indian deer I had never heard of. Looked like a beautiful spread, although I have a problem shooting caged game, but he does have over 8 sq miles, which does make it somewhat of a hunt. Good news is, that there is a whole lot less printing than before. Bad news (not really that bad) is that it will take a while to learn all the ins and outs of a new system, BUT, when I do, I think I'm really gonna like it. Last I saw, Ike was headed toward the Corpus/Galveston area, which wouldn't generate that many claims, unlike, say, Houston. Whatever, am still on paid standby…

SO glad I didn't have claims, today,

cause I had to line up a dentist. Didn't want to superglue my temp crown in, cause it's gotta come out soon. My Acura car alarm went off the other day, so I had to disconnect the battery, which made my radio think it was being stolen, so it shut down. The only way to get it back on, is to give the radio ser# to Acura, BUT, you gotta pull off the wood trim, in the dash, and pull out the radio and navigation system, to get the ser#. Which I did, in a hot, steaming car interior. Sweat running in my esyes so much I couldn't see,and OILA!, it worked, AND I got the (expensive) trim back in without breaking it. Also, got a prescription transferred out here. (Big deal, getting a Dr. and 2 pharmacies together. Went to local AT&T office, about a Laptop Connect card, but decided NO, cause they wanted a 2 yr contract. Printed out all the rules and regs, sample claims, fee schedules, etc. that used to be handed out. Spoke w/several people from USAA and Allcat, about several issu…

My 'Living Room'

Yes, that is a flat screen TV and a recliner, with subwoofer under the chair, for my tunes. I DO need something on the wall, so will print some of my 'fav' pictures. Don't know what I did to fall into this situtation, but I ain't complainin'. Let's hope Ike takes a long time comin' onshore. If you have a chance to stay at Candlewood Suites, I would recommend it. Who knows what tomorrow brings, but for now, life is good.

Another test

Basically the same picture, (with a little less wine in the bottle), but shot at 8MP instead of 2. The 2 MP loads lots faster for my claims/files, and am experimenting. You can read the cap logo (if you click on pic)on the refrig @ 8MP, but not that much difference...

This is a test

to see if my new (cheap) camera, and the card reader in my computer work, and it looks like they do. Didn't want to take my good camera out on the job, and for some reason, I had never used the card reader before, and I need some practice. Anyway, that is my desk and kitchen, (with granite countertop and dishwasher). Unbelievable. You may be right LadyJ, about the friend(s) in high places. Instead of me going to 'Ike', looks like 'Ike', is coming to me. Looks like a nice break before the action...


Ten years ago, McCain told a cruel joke about Chelsea to a group of Republicans:
"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno."
This joke is vile in more ways than I count. Chelsea is and was beautiful -- not that it should even matter. It's never acceptable to make a joke like that, but the fact that Chelsea was a teenager at the time makes it even worse.
Just thought I'd pass it on, if you think McCain is just a nice old guy...

Am headed out,

to Baton Rouge, with no place to stay tonight, in a town with NO rooms. Should be interesting. If you see lines of cars, on TV, heading into New Orleans, on I-10, that would be me. May not get back to you for awhile, but should be interesting. Sure wish I'd have gotten a REAL job when I was young...

Am burnt out

Drove from Broomfield, CO, to Beaumont TX. Got one of the last (overpriced) rooms in town, and now they want me to go to Baton Rouge, BUT, there's NO rooms anywhere close to there. Not sure what I'm gonna do, but for now, just sleep, after a beer or something, that is...