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Monday, June 29, 2009

Got home early today.

'cause we only played 18 hoes, instead of 27 like we usually do. As I sat down and drank my Gatorade, I turned on the TV, lookin for a Rockies game, but the TV was on a channel with Oprah. The 'guest' was Ted Haggard, w/his wife and family. Ted, in case you didn't know, was the pastor of a huge Colo Springs church, who preached 'vehemently' against homosexuals, BUT, in his spare time, Ted would meet w/a homo hooker, named Mike Jones, and snort meth, while doing 'homo acts', over a period of several years. Where do I start, w/this hypocrite? The good news, Oprah busted him, big time, in his whole BS, about demons and gays, and the crap he was able to foist on his church crowd in Colo Springs. Bottom line, he got his house and job back, and he blames his transgressions on 'the Devil'. Puh'lease! Some people just never learn how to spot a huckster.

The lyin' bastards at FOX,

are at it again. Today's FOX headlines proclaim the EPA 'suppressed' an analyst's claims that dispute global warming. Sounds bad, huh, BUT, the truth is that the 'analyst' wasn't even a scientist, but an economist, who rehashed some disproven 'facts' thrown out there by one of Bush's cronies. You had to read WAY past the headline, which implied fraud, BUT, as usual, the fraud was in the FOX reporting. What a bunch of lyin' losers. But at least they are consistent...

Am taking Acura in,

to body shop today, to have front end painted. While working in Texas last year, on Hurricane Ike, I came upon a few swarms of 'love bugs' as they're called down there. These 1/2" long flying pests swarm as they mate and cause a terrible mess when you hit 'em. I nearly couldn't see thru the windshield, but spent alot of time cleaning it so I could. BUT, I didn't have the time to thoroughly clean the rest of my car, and later, when I did try everything I could think of, to clean the little critters off, it was too late. They literally ate thru the paint of my car. The body shop people, as well as insurance adjuster had never seen it before, but agreed new paint was the only way to fix it. SO, am getting a Camry rental for the week, while they paint my car. Who'd a- guessed?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My next trip?

Passengers on a new cruise along the coast of Somalia are paying to catch more than just salmonella. A Russian luxury yacht company is now offering pirate-hunting trips that promise the chance to be attacked by real sea bandits. The yachts cruise from Djibouti to Mombasa in Kenya at deliberately low speeds in the hopes of attracting pirates. Passengers pay $5,000 for the trip, and an extra $17.50 a day for an AK-47 and 100 rounds of ammo. Former Special Forces troops are on board to make sure none of the cruise passengers are injured.

Sounds fun to me, and the pirates would get just what they deserve. SURPRISE!

Behind the numbers,

that the gov't gives us, on unemployment, are the REAL numbers. While the pols say we are at 9.4%, if you count the people who have run out of unemployment ins, and those who have given up looking, as well as those who are only able to find part-time work, the number goes to 18.8%. If you count the 'underground' work force, that never had unemployment insurance, we are well over 20%. That is SCARY. And it is still going in only one direction. Hate to be pessimistic, but in trying to be realistic, I just don't see much good on the economic horizon, for a LONG time....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

IF there has ever been.

anyone comparable, outside of Hitler's Germany, of distorting the 'news', for their benefit, PLEASE, let me know. These jerks at FOX, are so 'off the chart' when it comes to reality in reporting, that, if you get your news from them, it is just plain sad....

More FOX Crap


Just click on this, and see some 'mistakes' the sleazeballs made.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Was flippin' thru,

the channels, and came upon a classic, that I had never seen. 'Dazed and Confused', sort of the next generation of 'American Graffiti'. Kinda stupid, in places, and I guess you had to have 'been there' to appreciate it, but it had a great sound track. Lots of familiar faces, that went on to stardom. One of those 'coming of age' movies that you have to be in the right mood for.

Who woulda thunk,

the Rockies would have won 17 of 18 games? They finally got rid of Clint Hurdle, (great guy, lousy coach), which was a good move, but who woulda guessed they could do this. Kinda like the Nuggets run at the end of the season. Just one of those reasons that Colorado sports can be be fun, sometimes..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Had a great Father's Day,

with the kids over for a BBQ yesterday. Laura looks like the granddaughter could arrive any day. Got a gift certificate for Sky Ventures, which will allow me to fly, without the use of an airplane. A special 'wing-suit', and some hi-speed fans should do the trick. Will let you know how it goes. Dad continues to do amazingly well for an 86 year-old. Other good news; Nate and Matt drew their elk licenses, with Ted and I getting preference points, so we should have a chance at elk for the next couple of years.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The 25th Annual Tobin Open,

was played at Flatirons GC, yesterday, and it was approx 18 years in a row, for our foursome. The bad news? We just don't get any better. The good news? We still have a great time. Perfect weather, and the old crew, of Dog, Wally, Bwana and the old man. As always, talk of one last fishing trip to Wildnest, or Shadd Lake. Dugan, Andy and Jack also want to join in. Tough to get 6 schedules together, but hopefully, we can make it happen one more time. Lots of good food in this world, but we all agree on one thing. NOTHING beats a walleye shore lunch, with beans and fried potatoes. Throw in some cocktails, card games, the northern lights and a BUNCH of story tellin'. Let me know when/where to sign up...

Friday, June 19, 2009

On my TV

FOX is located between CNN and CNBC, so when I'm flipping between News channels, I get the propaganda channel. Yesterday, when an outnumbered liberal columnist tried to point out that Obama is just reacting to the mess he inherited, the ever-obnoxious Hannity, shouted her down saying Blah, blah,blah, (literally) then screamed how Obama could no longer blame Bush, it's HIS mess now. As if 8 years of total incompetence could be fixed in a couple of months. When Hannity complained about the bailouts, the lib pointed out the obvious, that Bush started the $750 billion TARP, he totally cut her off, saying that is 'old news', like it wasn't relevant anymore. To think there are idiots out there who get their news from this cess pool. UN believable, but true...

He noticed, too

The sleazebags on FOX aren't even subtle anymore. It's anti-Obama ALL the time, and it's been noticed by others than myself.

Interviewed on CNBC Tuesday, President Obama vented his displeasure with FOX News, the cable network whose own senior vice president of programming has called it "the voice of the opposition" to the Obama administration. Here's Obama:
"First of all, I've got one television station entirely devoted to attacking my administration."Clearly referring to FOX, the president continued:
"Well, that's a pretty big megaphone," he said. "And you'd be hard-pressed, if you watched the entire day, to find a positive story about me on that front.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama spoke today,

in front of the AMA, and got booed for saying there is a place for lawsuits. The short version here... My mother had her hip re-replaced. The first time the Dr put in a defective hip joint, AFTER leaving her cut open, for OVER 24 hours, while he waited for UPS to sent the part he needed, that he started WITHOUT. A few months later, he replaced the defective joint, with ANOTHER defective joint, that was listed on-line, as being DEFECTIVE. Bottom line, my mother, while being otherwise, very healthy, will never walk again, and my father, lost his life-mate, to an idiot who didn't have time to do any pre-operative study. It cost his insurance co about 200K, and cost my parents their future. There IS a place for lawsuits. These guys ain't Gods. They are businessmen, who make bad decisions. They are grossly overpaid, and, judging from my parent's experience, make lots of mistakes. I could name a BUNCH. We need some reform, NOW. Go for it Obama, while you can...


Was listening to one of my favorite songs/CD's, tonight, by Chris Rhea, and realized I had mixed feelings toward, 'Texas'. Have lived there several times, and have had good/bad things happen. Good economy, good seashore and hill country. Bad thing=cops don't need high school education. Most people VERY conservative, with Bush lovin' mentality. Pot possession=life sentence. SCARY! When I was a teenager, came close to spending my life in a Texas prison. Bottom line... Beautiful country, scary people....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This great blue heron,

(click on pic to enlarge)

was sitting on our roof, eying the fish in our pond, and when I went out photograph him, he went to the neighbor's roof, but kept staring at the pond. Later, about dusk, Bailey was looking out the window, and got VERY agitated, so I looked out, and there he was. I opened the door, but forgot the sliding screen, and charged out. The ruckus, I thought would have scared him away, for good. Nope. Our goldfish, or koi, were 3 years old, about 10" long, and very fat. Now, this morning, they are very gone, along with the heron. Need some new fish...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Maps for Dummies

The link below shows the entire US, with different colors, for different degrees of education. If you ever had a doubt about the relationship between education and the Republican Party, just check out the map. You'll notice where the gray areas are, centered in the South, the bastion of Republicanism, which shows the LEAST education. The lighter areas show the highest education, and are the Blue, or Dem states. Bottom line, the more education you have, the more likely you vote Democratic. DUH, who woulda guessed???http://www.commissiononhealth.org/PDF/map_edu.pdf

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Have been in contact.

with a FOX News disciple, who is the typical brain-washed recipient of their propaganda. What can I say? If you live your life, believing whatever the 'powers that be' want you to swallow, and you never come up for a breath of air, you gotta be hating what is going on, with Obama, and his effort to save our country. Is just SO sad, to think there are people like that out there...

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Was watching

live weather radar on my computer, cause the sky was dark and stormy. Saw a 'hook' form in a red area of the radar, just north of us, and thought, 'that is classic tornado formation'. 15 minutes later it disappeared, THEN, there was a blurb on the TV golf tourney coverage about a tornado being spotted just north of us. THEN, about 15 minutes after that, LONG after the danger was gone, we got a 'Severe Weather Warning' telling us to take cover. UNbelievable. The Nat'l Weather Service warned us of a tornado, approx 30 minutes after it had hit and left. Typical govt service....

Saturday, June 06, 2009

What a great day!

The boys played golf at Indian Peaks, and the girls had a baby shower here at the house. AND, a wonderful time was had by all. Then we watched 'Don Juan de Marco', w/Johnny Depp, one of our favorite movies. A fantastic Colorado day, and my future granddaughter got lots of neat gifts. Like I said, a great day, and there's some good left-overs from the party, but not many. I hear Anna was a great help with everything, including taking a bunch of great pics, (including this one of the new Grandmas), and even loading them on my computer. What a sweetheart.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Just a little history

Today is the anniversary of D-day, on Omaha Beach, and just saw a good show about a Life magazine photo from that day. Life, Look and Post were photographic magazines my generation grew up with, and looked forward to each week, in the Neanderthal period before the internet. Until Viet Nam, and Nixon, that is... Those mags published pictures directly from the killing zones of the war. The war-mongers didn't want us to see what they were doing, SO, they raised the postal prices, to deliver the mags, to a point that put them all out of business, and the war in Viet Nam went on, WITHOUT pictures. I learned a lot from that..... Bush did the same kind of crap, including banning all pics of coffins returning. Let's hope we're past that kind of bullshit. I can only hope so...

What a speech,

by Obama, in Egypt today. The more I hear from it, and the reaction from the Islamic world, the better I feel about our future. What a HUGE difference from the last administration. You don't have to do 'Shock and Awe', to get attention. Won't go into all the obvious points, but I hope you can see and feel what I do. I just hope he has real good security around him, 'cause there's a large segment out there, that just don't like the thought of what he has to say....

View from hotel window,

into our little French neighborhood, including the halogen light that kept me awake the first night, until Carol figured out we had power shutters on our window. Great little neighborhood, with markets, shops and bar/restaurants. Near the bus and Metro lines...

Just in case,

you forgot how our country got into this mess, with GM and Chrysler going bankrupt, as well as most of our major financial institutions. It ain't rocket science...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

As I hear

the Repubs whine about the emergency measures Obama has taken, to fix the HUGE mess that W left us, it is hard to imagine how these idiots don't realize that we are in this unprecedented situation because W screwed up the system SO bad. It is not something Barack chose. He MUST fix the mess he inherited, or our country is history. Excuse me, you idiots, you had your chance, and you totally blew it. Sit back and chill....

OK, I been away,

(chart stops before $147, W's best effort)
from politics for awhile, BUT, as Obama makes his tour of the Mideast, there is no way to get away from the fact that he is trying to begin toheal some of the damage that W has done, throughout his years in office. He has to reaffirm the fact that America is NOT just about fomenting violence, to pump up the price of oil. That was W's entire mission, (and he was GOOD at it). Let's hope he can formulate a new American image. It's not gonna be easy, BUT, at least he's trying. Easier said than done...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

View from the top,

of the Eiffel Tower, looking toward the Louvre and Notre Dame. It is WAY up there and I can't imagine the workers building it. Must have been REAL exciting. Was a good way to get a perspective, to start our sight-seeing.

A typical Frenchman,

near the Eiffel Tower. I really like the look, and think it will catch on here. Kari gave me a pair of shorts like those, (and I look mahvelous in them), along with the b-day card. Thanks a BUNCH, Kari. I almost cancelled the trip....

A view of the 'Tour',

from our cruise on the Seine, (pronounced Sen, I thought it was Sane). Our first day, was went to the very top, and had an amazing view of Paris (pronounced Pair-ee). Got to see our hotel, near the Arc de Triomphe, in relationship to the sights we wanted to see. When you go down to the Metro, change trains a couple of times, then come up, it's hard to keep perspective, but, when seen from above, you get an idea of when it is a good time to walk, from one site to another. Anyway, the tower was huge, and also the city. MUCH bigger than I imagined. I especially recommend the wine and pastries. Thanks again. Carol.