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Monday, May 31, 2010

Has anyone else noticed,

how the whack jobs who are always screaming about "Get gov't out of our lives!' Obama's a Socialist! Gov't is TOO big!, are NOW saying, "Why isn't the gov't doing more in the gulf?" Why isn't Obama kicking ass with BP?" Why hasn't he plugged the leak yet? " No way they'll ever stop bitching, no matter WHAT he does. Ain't gonna happen.

The right-wingnuts

are going crazy, cuz Obama chose somewhere other than Arlington to commemorate Memorial Day. Sure not something George Bush or Ronal Reagan would do! Oh wait. They both did. Never mind...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Interesting hurricane facts

From 1950-2000, there were an average of 9.6 named hurricanes per year. During 2001-2009 the average jumped to 15. Global warming? Of course not, we all know that's just a liberal plot, BUT, it is true. This year ALL the major prognosticators are calling for above average activity. Should be real interesting with the oil in the gulf. Yucchhh...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Congratulations, Kari

Coal Creek Middle school had a 'Biggest Loser' faculty fundraiser, with prizes going to the teacher that lost the largest % of weight over 2 months (I think). Kari and Ted got into it together, bought a gym membership and worked out 3 days a week, while they ate a healthy diet. Got a call this morning, after the last official weigh-in, and Kari is getting a nice check, for first place. Which is going towards Lady Gaga tickets, which is kinda appropriate, cause that was Kari's main work-out music. Good job, girl!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Talk about a flip flop

Just look how FOX/Repubs, (one and the same) try to change the fact that THEY are the big oil party (drill baby drill, etc), and make it seem like the Dems are 'Big Oil'. AND, what has always been TOO MUCH govt, as in Obama's programs, has changed into 'not enough' govt intervention, taking over the mess Cheney gave us. Unbelievable, but consistent, for those lying jerks...

That pitiful excuse,

for a news network, FOX, ran a sports spot today, about a major league ump, Bob Davis, (from Denver) throwing out a player and coach, and proclaimed 'that's what we need in Washington', 'our kind of guy'. Part of their 'anti-Obama, ALL the time', coverage. BUT, the local stations showed WHY the players were so upset. He was calling batters OUT, on pitches that weren't even close. Typical FOX bullshit. Show one side, throw out some propaganda, and provide their special kind of wisdom. They ARE consistent.

Ya wanna read something STUPID?

Just go to
It's called 'View from Mid-America', but it's really a view from Redneckville, Texas. This latest rant is about how we can't blame Bush anymore, for this economic mess we are in. It's obviously Obama's fault. You may want to 'comment' and point out the obvious, about oil going from under $20 to over $140/bbl (yup, just a coincidence), a trillion dollar war based on lies and changes in financial laws so 'liar loans' could take over the system. Pretty good view into the mind of a right-wing fanatic, who quotes FOXNews as the source of his 'wisdom'. The scary thing? There's a bunch of those 'jeniuses' out there....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No, I'm not shocked,

that during the Bush/Cheney/Big Oil years, that oil field inspectors regularly accepted lavish gifts and trips from the very industry they were paid to inspect, AND, would apply for positions with the companies they were 'policing' during their inspections, BUT, even I am a bit surprised that they would routinely drop off inspection forms that were filled out by the big oil boys 'in pencil', then the guys in charge of protecting us, would trace over them in ink. But hey, when oil went from under $20 to over $140/bbl, and it cost all us suckers $90, instead of $25, to fill the tank,there was a LOT of extra $$$ to pass around. This is after Cheney lowered the standards for 'blow out' protection to make drilling more profitable for his henchmen. No Shit. Look it up. Thanks W....

Monday, May 24, 2010

The same right-wing whack jobs,

whose mantra has been, 'Drill, baby, drill', now are blaming the Dems for not fixing their mess, IMMEDIATELY, Sorta like the economy Bush wrecked. WHAT? You can't fix our mess overnight? Unbelievable, but typical, for their ilk. And the sheep eat it up....

Shouldn't have been surprised,

but I was, this morning, as I was flipping thru the 'News' channels, and accidentally included FOXNews. There was Bill and Megan, the morning anchors, talking about the Repubs chances in the fall elections, and Bill continually saying 'WE' when referring to taking back seats. 'WE' have a good chance of this, and 'WE' should win here. Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, but this is blatant, even for FOX, the 'Fair and Balanced' (ha ha, LOL) network. Can you imagine Rush's response if Katie Couric said 'WE', when referring to the Dems. The buffoon would have a coronary on the air. On 2nd thought, she oughta do it....

Is she really that stupid?

Or does she just think we are? Sarah Palin, on a Sunday morning talk show, questioned Obama's reaction to the gulf oil disaster, because of his 'ties to big oil'. What? The VP of the party that is owned and led by the 'Big Oil' guys continued to show she just doesn't have a clue. Nothing new there, but still kinda surprising, even for that airhead.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Those of you, who know me,

know that I'm not a big country music fan, but, I'm watching the 'Brooks and Dunn' special, and am really likin' it. Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Reba, Sugarland and Taylor Swift. Normally, the only time I listen to country is when I'm on the road, between gigs. Gotta admit, I enjoy it, for a while, kinda like NPR and the smalltown news, when I'm in the middle of nowhere, for days at a time. Anyway, was kind of an unexpected treat, tonight, to hear some good country music. It's come a long ways from the old, 'cry in your beer' and twangy guitars...

First time I ever called 911, today,

and I feel kinda stupid. Was filling the hot tub, and happened to be at the elec service box, which is near a window well, and noticed a HUGE flow of water going into the the window well. I shut off the water to the house, and it didn't stop. Didn't know what to do and called 911, apologizing cuz it wasn't a true emergency, but I needed the city to turn off the water, at the street. She said OK, and she would transfer my call to right people. I finally noticed there was another turn off to my house, did it, and the water stopped pouring in, BUT, that was 20 minutes later, and the 'emergency guys' never showed up, to turn off my water. Luckily, I wasn't in danger of drowning, cuz I woulda. I cancelled the 911 call, and she couldn't believe no one had called or shown up. Oh well, I learned something, I guess...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Was just watching,

a local program on the the Colo Historical Society moving their HQ, and all these boxes, etc, are being catalogued and moved. And I thought about Indiana Jones and the Lost Arc, how they had the huge warehouse with all the boxes, stored away and forgotten about. All those stories, and all those adventures, written down, and totally forgotten. 'Tis a shame, but that's how it is.

Friday, May 21, 2010

As a public service,

I'm passing this along. If you've been around computers for awhile, you know it's just a matter of time until they 'crash', and you get that sick feeling in your gut. I'm gonna print this out, and hope I can find it, the next time it happens to me. May or may not help, but who knows?


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In kind of a hurry,

cuz I need to raise some money. I see that Bristol Palin, Sarah's daughter, is hitting the lecture circuit, and like her mommy, is getting big bucks to impart her wisdom. Compared to Sarah, she is a bargain at only $15-30,000 per speech. SO, in an effort to increase my knowledge, I need to have one of the females from Wasilla lay some 'by gollies' and 'you betcha's' on me. Obviously those Alaskan women know something we lower 48'ers don't, right? After all, you can see Russia from there, even if you don't know South Africa is a country.

Monday, May 17, 2010

What a great

birthday party I just had. Golf tourney in the morning, with perfect weather, where I came in 2nd in my flight, in the Coal Creek Men's Club (Stableford scoring). Then it was home to a BBQ, w/fantastic ribeyes w/all the fixin's, and time with my lovely wife, kids and Piper, the cutest granddaughter in the world. She is crawling and starting to talk, with SO much personality. Couldn't have asked for a better b-day. The only problem is, they are really starting to add up. Oh well, life is good....

Friday, May 14, 2010

Am watching

the award winning HBO series, John Adams, (thanks Ted and Kari), and realizing I AM a patriot. No way I woulda fought in Viet Nam or Iraq, BUT, I damn sure woulda fought w/Geroge Washington to defend my home, family and the idea of liberty. 'Tis just so sad how the original ideas of our founders have been SO corrupted by the modern day politicians. Sickening....

Not sure, how I feel.

about a bill to provide $26 billion to keep 300,000 teachers. One part of me says we have had enough bailouts, BUT, if Bush can write a check for $800+billion for Wall St, why shouldn't we help teachers? If they get laid off, they get unemployment ins, and the kids and classrooms suffer. If we gotta spend $ to ease the mess that W put us into, why not pay for teachers? Can't think of a better place to put our money. Can't bail out everyone, BUT, this is money well spent, in my opinion.

I was Rupert, last night

on Survivor. As I have said before, we get together w/ several friends to watch the TV show, draw names, have a beer, dinner (provided by the previous week's loser) and a giggle. Carol was voted off last week and I was last night, SO, we are done. It all comes to a close this Sunday night, as the Heroes and Villains, from past shows, scheme, compete and starve, for a large prize. I just hope Russell doesn't win. Please, ANYONE, but Russell.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here we go again

Woke up to 3" of snow, and a high of 42. S'posed to start snowing again this evening. Enuff, already. Am ready for summer, or at least spring. The good news? Things are REALLY green and this latest snow didn't break branches or freeze buds. Coulda been worse, I guess. Just booked a trip to NYC for something to look forward to. Carol has never been there....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In the last week,

Bailey has been chased into the house, running full speed, three times. The first time, we looked out and saw two bald eagles circling. A couple days later it was a falcon hovering over our backyard. This morning she came running in, jumped up on the desk and started growling. Carol looked out and saw a big blue heron beside the pond. I decided to check on our koi. All gone. Herons are great hunters and they love koi, who, with all their color, are easy to spot. Hopefully the babies are hiding, but don't see them either. Nearly everyone who responded to my 'baby koi' ad, last week, said a heron had gotten theirs. Now, I'm checking the ads instead of posting one. Hope the heron appreciate us buying fish and fattening them up for 'em.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm tired of this crap

Snow, that is. We've had snow every week this spring and are gonna get it again, (up to a foot, in some places) they say, this Weds. Hope it doesn't break branches and freeze buds. I love spring, and everything is green, this year, but I am ready for it to warm up. I know I will look back on this, during the heat of summer, and wish we were cooler, BUT, for the time being, it's getting real old.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Laughed a bunch, last night,

as we watched part of 'Raising Arizona', which is always funny, then put on 'The Hangover'. (Thanks Ted and Kari). Whew. I'd heard it was funny, and should have been nominated for an Oscar, but obviously couldn't be, due to content, but was still very pleasantly surprised by one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Won't begin to try to explain, other than it's a bachelor trip to Vegas, that kinda gets out of control. If you haven't seen it, why not?

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Repubs mantra of, 'Deregulation',

is looking pretty stupid, now. The big boys are continually able to work the system, and rake billions from the 401k's, and investments of the 'little people'. Yesterdays drop, blamed on a 'fat finger' mistake, still hasn't been explained, and, if they were able to do it once, they can do it again. The SEC, regulatory arm of the financial industry, was gutted by the Bush administration, and is slow getting back in the saddle. Bottom line, if you got the money, computer programs, and don't fear getting caught, you can work the system, at the expense of us little guys, for billions of dollars. Really sucks, for those of us that just want to invest....

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Don't know if anyone else

was watching the financial markets today, but it all came unglued for awhile, today. The Dow dropped nearly a thousand points in a few minutes. It has come back from the lows, BUT, I am hearing it was caused by a big trader, not saying who yet, entered a B (for billion), instead of an M, on a large sale, and the computers took over. Scary! Whatever, the market is running scared right now and there's a lot of volatility out there. Will be interesting....

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

In the 40 years I have been elk hunting,

I have made some LONG shots, with my 300 Win Mag rifle. I consider anything over 400 yds, a long shot, and have dropped elk at nearly 500 yds. I got the bruises on my shoulder, and the bloody nose, from the scope, to show for it, with the magnum rounds. BUT, US snipers are claiming to take out Taliban fighters at 1.5 miles. WHAT? Unless you hunt and shoot at long range, you have no idea how far this is. It would be just a DOT in the distance. Way to go guys. Good shootin'....

Put an ad on Craigslist,

today, and sold a bunch of baby koi, that we had in our pond. Coulda sold a bunch more. Had no idea there was such a market. Took the proceeds and we went out to Gordon Biersch for drink and appetizer specials, and with the rest I splurged on a dozen new golf balls. Can't remember the last time I bought NEW golf balls, since we get a WHOLE lotta them in the back yard, BUT, these are gonna be special, (I hope) since I paid real $ for them. Won't tell ya what kind I bought, unless they work for me, (which I hope they will), cuz they're not real common.

The Repubs are going crazy,

cuz we caught the NYC bomber, and he's singing, w/out even torturing him. Rush pointed out, Faisal is a registered Democrat, and Glenn Beck made fun of the fact he was 'Mirandized', which IS the law. The security agencies now work together, instaed of just having a cowboy mentality, starting wars and claiming 'Mission Accomplished'. The right wingers can hope and call for Obama's 'failure', but, in the meantime, his policies are working. What a change....

Damn Greeks,

have rejected the EU's $140 billion bailout, with a bunch of civil strikes and unrest, because it means they would have to actually become somewhat fiscally responsible, SO it throws all of Europe, and the Euro, into chaos, and is beginning to show up in the US, as the market is down about 250 points. May be the start of something pretty nasty, as Spain, Portugal and Ireland aren't far behind Greece, in the race to national bankruptcy.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Good ol' FOXNews,

who spreads poison like a blown out well spews oil, had Dana Perino, (W's clueless press secretary) today, tell us how the liberal press jumped all over Bush for his reaction to Katrina, BUT, has been very patient with Obama and the oil spill. NO SHIT. This is after Rush, that bombastic buffoon, continues to suggest left wing sabotage, (a mile underwater), cuz it is 'way too much of a coincidence' that this happened on Earth Day, right after Obama OK'd more offshore drilling. NO SHIT. You can't make this stuff up....

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Had forgotten,

how good, 'Thelma and Louise', is. Lazy Sunday afternoon, and we tried to rent, 'The Hangover', but the local Redbox was broken down, SO, we checked cable movies, and saw the classic 'T&L'. That movie is so good on so many levels. First time we saw Brad Pitt, and the scenery, out west, is amazing, as we see a couple of women deal with the situation they find themselves in. I really like Gina and Susan in their roles. Amazing movie, and I'd forgotten how good it really is.

Don't know how,

they've kept their name out of the headlines, BUT, unless you read the whole story, you don't hear which company screwed up the capping, and subsequent blow out of the oil well. Halliburton was paid to cement the section of the well that blew out, considered the most likely source of the problem. BP just leased the platform. Not saying Cheney did it himself, but Halliburton has managed to keep their name out of the main stream media headlines, so far. Not sure how. They were paid to seal and protect the well from blowing out. Good ol' Halliburton, making TONS of $, at the expense of the rest of us. Some things never change.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Was really impressed,

by the movie, 'Crazy Heart', that we just watched. Carol didn't like it as much, and not sure why, but it was SO obvious why Jeff Bridges won the Oscar. Great songs, acting, photography and story. Would definitely recommend it. He was born to play this role. Reminded me a lot of Kris Kristoffersen. Watch it, you won't be sorry.