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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great article, I just read

In the Netherlands, where pot and prostitution are legal, they are closing down 8 prisons, because there just aren't enough prisoners. Could it happen here? No Way! Lawyers run the country and they make huge $$ from defending the 'criminals'. Will Obama make any real changes? From the way he's starting out, I doubt it. With Afganistan, Iraq and the bailouts, etc., it looks like the more of the 'same ol' shit', to me. Don't get me wrong, he's much better than Bush, and maybe it's just too soon, but I'm not seeing much real change...

One of my favorites,

at the Louvre, was this famous sculpture, 'Winged Victory', a statue of Nike. Never knew this was Nike. The head and arms were broken off, but somehow, I don't think it would be as impressive with them on. Like the Venus de Milo, with no arms, also there, I don't think it detracts from the overall feeling, at all. To see these magnificent works, chiseled from solid stone, is truly awe-inspiring...

This was taken,

in a little park beside the Seine. Pretty good traveling partner, huh?

Had to shoot,

this pic of the mademoiselle walking in front of us. It IS true that French women are not fat, BUT, as far as beautiful? Not many could come close to my lovely wife. Really...

Sad to say,

the Nuggets season is finally over. After winning the first two 7 game series, Denver lost game 6 to the Lakers last night, in the finals of the Western Conf. Sadly, they saved their worst game for last. In a combination of the Nugs playing poorly and Kobe and the Lakers doing everything right, the hometown boys went out with a whimper. From midway in the 2nd quarter it was all LA. 'Twas still a great season, but it was a real sad way to end it. The good news? Next year Denver should build on this experience and be even better. Am looking forward to it...

Friday, May 29, 2009

This pic

was taken below Notre Dame, in the underground crypts. A dark, dank and stuffy place, that held the bones of thousands. We had just gotten inside, on a narrow walkway, with a protective guardrail, that wound through the old graves, when Carol dropped her museum pass over the side, while trying to put it in her purse. After waiting awhile for help, I decided to go over the side and get it. Will never forget crawling over the rail, dropping down and seeing the look on other tourists' faces who didn't know what was going on...

This is Fabio and Marika,

who we met at dinner one evening at a nice restaurant. After hearing us have difficulty with our waiter who acted like he didn't speak English, (BUT we found out later he did), asked us if we needed help. We had a great conversation w/them, during and after dinner, and when they heard Carol tell me she didn't feel up to taking the Metro to the Champs-Elysee, cause she wasn't feeling that good, they said, 'You HAVE to see it at night, and we will take you there in our car." SO, we ended up with an extended personal tour with a couple of locals. Got their e-mail addresses and will keep in touch. What a good looking young couple. (The pic doesn't do Marika justice, as she is VERY beautiful.)

A nap in the rain

I had to snap a pic of this Frenchman, and his two dogs, asleep in the rain. Click to enlarge, and notice the little dogs with their eyes closed. Was right outside Notre Dame cathedral, which is a amazing place. I knew it was big and impressive, BUT....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seems I wasn't the only one,

(Pic of Tim Donaghy, indicted NBA officical)
who thinks the Nuggies got screwed last night. The entire sports page is about how the refs whistled Denver out of the game in crunch time. George Karl, in an article labeled, 'No Fan of the Refs', goes into detail how they changed the game, and says, '4 of Nene's 6 fouls never happened. Mark Keizla, the main sports writer for the Post says the NBA has an integrity problem, because the TV execs want the LA market in the NBA finals. Another article states, 'Refs are Jackson's puppets'. And when the Denver players would complain after an obviously terrible call, they'd get T'd up. It stinks. It just amazes me how 3 guys in black and white can steal a game and get away with it. Last year an NBA official was charged with fixing games he bet on. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find there is something like that going on now. That's why I like golf. It's easy to count the number of strokes it takes to put the ball in the hole 18 times, and there's no one there to steal it from you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

As I watch

the Nuggets get totally screwed by the refs in LA, I just wonder how much pressure/$ is involved to get these guys to throw a game. The score was tied after each of the first three quarters, THEN the officials took over, and totally changed the flow of the game with a series of bogus calls, to give the Lakers a huge advantage. If you have a doubt. look at Nene's last 2 fouls. Some things never change. You ain't gonna beat the Lakers in LA, unless you dominate them SO bad, the officials can't steal it. The Nuggets just aren't THAT good. That being said, the Nuggets still could have won the game if they could have shot better and played some defense at the end. BUT, the game was much easier for the Lakers, with the zebras on their side.

My favorite picture,

at the Louvre. Don't remember the artist or the name, but it was amazing. My pic doesn't do it justice. The use of light and darkness was just unbelievable. I kept going back to it. Saw LOTS of famous pictures, BUT, this one really made an impression.

The pool, at the hotel

'Twas a great way to relax at the end of the day. Pretty unusual in Paris, but, it worked for me. A bottle of GOOD wine was about the same price as a liter of Coke. Tough decision...

French citizens know,

what a total disaster W was. If there was one thing that EVERY Frenchperson we spoke with agreed on, it was that America finally redeemed itself with Obama, after the total screw-up of George W Bush. We heard how America was held in such high regard, after WWII, with the rebuilding afterward, and ESPECIALLY after 9-11. THEN, Bush totally blew it, by attacking Iraq, in an obvious oil grab. If only the right wing in America was as well informed as the average Frenchman, we wouldn't have had to endure his 2nd term, BUT, unfortunately, we have a bunch of dittoheads. Se la vie....

This is the entrance,

to 'The Metro', near our hotel. The Paris subway system is a great way to get around town, and one of the easiest to use, of the cities we've visited. Clean, on time, with lots of interesting passengers. France is the world leader in nuclear power, with over 80% of the country's energy being supplied by the reactors, powering the trains and subways, as well as lighting 'The City of Lights'. It's what happens when your country isn't dominated by 'Big Oil'. Who woulda guessed...

My next few blogs

are gonna be some pics and memories, in no particular order. This one was from our walk, between Notre Dame and St. Chapelle, along the Seine, during a light spring rain. Saw lots of interesting people, street vendors and amazing architecture. 'Twas part of the fastest week of my life. One day we got there, and the next (it seemed), we left. BUT, got some good memories along the way.

We're baaaack,

Am still pretty toasted, but we are safely home after an amazing trip to Paris. Will take awhile to get back on Colorado time, with the 8 (or 9,?) hour difference. With the exception of most of a day wasted on a trip to Versailles (closed on Mondays), we had a mahvelous time, and will post some pics and tales when I get settled back in. Thanks again, Carol, (shown here at the Louvre), for an amazing b-day present. Next time, though, could we fly First Class? This tall, old body just doesn't fit too well in a normal airline seat for a 12 hour flight, BUT, I guess I shouldn't complain TOO much....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bon jour

Am heading out this morning to an exciting new adventure. Thank you, dear Carol. This trip has gone a long way toward helping me forget that I just turned 60. Sure, I've heard all the platitudes, but it's still tough, for a guy that's still a teenager at heart. I plan to get a fresh perspective, looking at the art and history of Europe, and come back with a great attitude, and memories of wine and cheese. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. Later, my friends...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Seems that I

was the only one who didn't know about the surprise trip. Good job Carol. When I talked to Don about staying here, he and Bear already had planned on it. The west slope golf trip was part of the hoax, and obviously the kids and Matt were in on it. Now, I just gotta get ready to leave by tomorrow. A little different than a trip to Mexico, where some shorts, a couple of swimsuits, and a bunch of books will get you by. Just gotta buy a 'Vive la Bush', t-shirt and learn how to order Freedom Fries. I think they're gonna love me....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What can I say

I found out that my 60th b-day present is a trip to Paris. We leave Tues the 19th, for a week. There is NO WAY I deserve this, and I can't believe it is really happening, BUT, it looks like it is. My kids added some great percs like a river cruise and a bicycle trip and a trip to Versailles. Off the chart. Will try to blog the specifics, but at this point, am totally numb. Don't even know what to say....

Hard to believe,

(Actual picture of my cake and me)
but it's finally here. That big, bad scary b-day that always seemed so far away. Yup. Today I turned 60. Bad news, good news. The bad news? I am freakin' 60 years old, and that just seems like it came WAY too fast. Woulda taken better care of myself it I'd known I'd make it this far. NO male in my mother's family has lived past the low 50's in many generations, so I figured I wouldn't either, and sort of lived with that in mind. The good news? Am pretty healthy, have a GREAT family, live in a fantastic place, and have a BUNCH of good friends. Things could be worse, I guess. Whatever, what IS, is. Have a party with the kids later today, and get to see my future granddaughter pushing Laura's tummy out. Bottom line, life is good...

Friday, May 15, 2009

What a night

Saw the Nuggets clinch the series against Houston, in person, thanks to my buddy Matt. To see those guys, up close and personal, is a whole new game. AND, to feel the energy of a packed house, especially at the end, was amazing. When K-mart slammed that last dunk, with less than a minute remaining, everyone knew it was over, and the place went crazy. Also got to see that Leanna is doing very well, in her fight with cancer. She's finished the last of the radiation, lost her hair, again, but seems remarkably strong and healthy-looking to me. Let's hope it's over. Thanks again, Matt.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

On the way out,

of the parking lot, after the Nuggets game, last night, I had a bit of a problem. I headed toward the exit, and was eating the remains of a Subway sandwich as I tried to find the fastest way out. Was just gonna merge in, when some drunk, in a car load of jerks, jumped out and stood in front of my car, saying something like, "line crasher, don't let him in". WELL, my first thought was to get out and kick his ass, as he was kinda small, and obviously drunk, BUT, not wanting to go to jail, I just ate my sandwich, making an effort to look crazy, looking him in the eye, while eating my tuna, dripping lettuce like a crazy guy, and stared him down. As I opened my door, and he saw I was a whole lot bigger than him, he jumped in his car, and I got back in mine. Bottom line, I didn't have to do anything. If he woulda stood up to me? Who knows? I probably would have gotten back in my car, since I was outnumbered. I just know I don't like drunk jerks, especially when I am the sober one, just trying to get home...

Another good analogy

As I have said, I don't have that much of a problem with waterboarding, BUT, all the other torture techniques, used by the Bush boys, including electricity, lack of food and water, extreme heat and cold, being locked in a box for days, high decibel rock music for hours and days on end, religious humiliation, dog attacks, etc, IS a large problem, EVEN if it works. It is still torture and it is illegal. Just remember, MANY of these people, held for YEARS, were found to be innocent. Calling it 'enhanced interrogation' is like calling rape, 'enhanced seduction'. It's still rape and it's still illegal. It's not MY America, no matter what the Repubs say...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Got tickets

for the Nuggets game tonight, with my buddy Matt. I will be there when Melo, Chauncey, K-Mart, Nene' and the Birdman, put Dallas out of their misery, on our home floor. At least that's the plan.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More, that I just learned,

from FOX News, just today. There has been an unexpected rise in gas prices, BUT, what is the reason? The oil companies gouging us? NO. It's the Obama policies filtering down to the pump. RIGHT... Also, some people are complaining about Dick Cheney continually bad-mouthing the new administration. Is it because he is trying to cover his own ass after trashing our country and economy? NO. It's because he is a patriot, and it is his duty to point out such problems. ALSO, Obama should be listening to him because he is such an expert. RIGHT.... Just what the American people voted for. I stay away from FOX for weeks, because I can't stand the lies, and sneak back for a few minutes, only to get all upset again. UNbelievable, that people actually get their news from these biased, bought and paid for, clowns....

Friday, May 08, 2009

Great analogy

Dick Cheney is the tail-gunner, as the Bush plane leaves town. Most VP's quietly fade away, but not the 'Dick'. Someone with less than 18% approval rating is trying to re-write history. Someone who didn't give a damn about what anyone was thinking, is finally caring about what we think. This guy, who authorized torture, "only" when other methods didn't work, and who was the major player in jacking gas up to to $4/gal, and pumping Halliburton stock through the roof, with a war of choice, is making it up as he goes along, just like he really cares about his legacy, which has to be several notches below Nixon. This jerk is the poster boy of all that has been wrong with America during the last 8 years. Just shut up and go away....

Thursday, May 07, 2009

For lack of blog material,

(exact car/color)
am posting a memory from long ago. As some of you may recall, I spent my student loan $ on a '63 Vette, split window coupe, (sold it for $1800, worth about $75,000 today). Anyway, one night, Denny Westergren, who had a '60 Vette, and I, decided to race 'em, for a tank of gas. Since both of us were going for max payoff, he ran out of gas while we were revving 'em up at the starting line. After getting a couple gallons of gas, (while unknowingly being watched by a cop) we fired 'em up, and smoked 'em out. The cop was waiting for us, and pulled out in the middle of road, with his lights flashing. Being the upstanding young men we were, he swerved to the left and I went around him on the right and we both turned (in opposite directions) at the first intersection. Well, the cop could only follow one of us, and I was the lucky one. I figured there weren't that many "63 Vettes in town, so I hid it out, in the neighbor's garage for the next week, or so. While there, my neighbor, Vince Zink, decided his '60 Ford, with a 390 in it, must be faster than my 327. SO, we decided to race 'em. Bottom line, I blew him off the road and finally got my tank of gas (about $5.00). A final thought. Kearney, NE had a main street with bricks, instead of concrete, and if you had a hot rod, you could easily smoke the tires. A favorite thing to do, among us retards, was to sit at a red light, wait for a pedestrian, then put in the clutch, gun it, and pop the clutch. You'd just sit and smoke the tires, but not move, IF you hit the brake and clutch again, just right, while the poor walker just about had a heart attack. I can't believe I used to do stuff like that, but I did....

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hey, we've all known,

that crotchety old fart, SO set in his ways. Well, I am becoming that guy. I have been there and done that, SO many times, that I don't care about that new guy behind the desk at the golf course, or that salesman, on the phone, who rents an apartment, and is gonna try to sell me something I don't need. Excuse me, BUT, I ain't listening. I may change, but I doubt it. Once you get to be my age, I feel you have earned it. Put up, or shut up. It's that simple. Not saying it's good, or right, but that's just how it is, with me. Sorry, I guess...

Amazing story,

written by my ESPN buddy, Rick Reilly, and told to me by his bro, John, on the golf course today. Gotta admit, I didn't believe it, BUT, it's true. A switch pitcher. Read the story.


A pitcher, with an ERA of .083, who can pitch from both sides. AMAZING!

After 7 playoff games,

the Denver Nuggets are averaging a 21 point victory margin, the LARGEST in NBA history. That is HUGE! These guys are SO good, and so much fun. I'm thinking I am gonna miss this season, a BUNCH, when it's over, and we are the NBA champs...

There have been several times,

that I have asked the Con/Repub lurkers ( I can detect them) to comment on my blog. I finally realized anyone who supported Bush/Cheney for SO long, (you know EXACTLY who you are) probably needs some instruction on HOW to comment, in case they ever have a thought they think they can defend. First: move the cursor (that arrow thing) to the bottom of my blog, then click on it (comments), then write a message in the box, (spelling is not important) then click on 'submit'. Pretty complicated, I know, BUT, experiment, IF you ever have a thought you can defend. We will help you. Never mind. You never had a clue, and probably never will....

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I am SO spoiled

Carol made a Cinco de Mayo dinner with burritos and red and (my homemade) green chili, sour cream, shredded cheese, guacamole, refried beans, tortilla chips, shredded lettuce, diced onions, tomatoes and peppers. Amazing....

Had quite a day,

'cause I started out the day with a large leak at our hot water heater. Had had probloms with the cold water fitting, so I replaced it, as well as the copper hot water line. Kind of a pain with all the soldering, etc. Bottom line, that wasn't the problem. The interior of the HWH is old/rusted/leaking, and we need a new HWH. Was gonna replace it, BUT, started looking at a tankless HWH, and spent nearly the entire day researching gas vs elec, different brands, the local building code, speaking w/a manufacturers rep, plumber, electrician, Uncle Al, Home Depot and Lowes people and learned A LOT about tankless HWH's. It will cost about twice as much initially, but the payback should be complete within 4-5 years, since a tankless doesn't waste $$ keeping 50 gals of water hot, all the time, in case you need it. Wasted a half hour with XCEL Energy who had a double rebate in place, but ONLY if you used a natural gas HWH, which I don't want for several reasons, but this has gone on too long already. Will let you know how it goes, and if either of my readers has anythiing worthwhile to add, would love to hear it.

The 'debate' about torture,

has evolved into a discussion about waterboarding. Personally, I wouldn't want to be 'boarded', BUT, I don't have that big a problem with it, and that was not the 'crux' of US torture against suspected terrorists, turned in, for huge wads of $100 bills. The Bush-Boys used electricity, sleep deprivation, very cold/hot temperatures, being locked in small boxes, for days on end, nakedness, religious factors, psychological torture, constant, loud rock music, cranked to unbearable decibals, no water/food, for many days, attack dogs, PLUS much more. The waterboarding, bad as it is, is the tip of the iceberg. Let's see how 'proud to be American' the people are, when the rest of it comes out. I can only hope the people in charge have to answer to the law. It's the American way, UNLIKE Bush-Boy torture techniques...

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Did anyone else

see the Kentucky Derby this yesterday? Wow. A 50-1 shot, came from last place to win by about 15 lengths. Mine That Bird, with Calvin Burrell on board, won, going away, on a muddy track. Bought for $9500, and driven across the country, by an owner with a broken leg, it was the 2nd biggest upset in the history of the Derby. You had to love the big hearted jockey who rode a perfect race, hanging in last place over 3/4 of the way. Another thrill from the wonderful world of sports.

Great b-ball game today,

as the Nuggets kicked Dallas butt in the first game of the series. Both teams won their first series, in five games, and I was a little skeered of Dirk Nowitsky and the Mavs, BUT, Denver played some great defense and the bench came thru again. These guys are having fun and it shows. Should be a good series, if you're a Denver fan....

Great poker party,

at Matt's last night. He was good enough to buy the championship fight on HBO as a bonus, and saw an amazing KO by Pacman. Lots of interesting hands, with some of the biggest carryover pots we've ever had. It was the same crew, (Dog, Wally, Matt, Dave and Kevin) that went fishing together in Canada for so many years, so we had lots of good stories. Was good to get out, but am paying for it today, as we played 'til WAY late, and I decided to sleep on a (short, little) couch, rather than take a chance on a DUI. Just not worth it. Anyway, got very little sleep, and am hurting all over. Gettin' old is a bitch, you know...

Friday, May 01, 2009

Deja Blue

is playing again tonight at Scott's place. He's also added a dinner/snack menu with a BBQ grill. Not feeling so hot at the moment, but maybe getting out will help, OR I may be spreading swine flu. Who knows, but about 10 of us are meeting for FAC. Should be fun....