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As always,

FOXNews is full of BS. At least this time I don't think they can do their 'tried and true' trick of switching pictures of crowds to support their lies. They've been caught at it, too many times.

As is almost always the case after such events, the crowd estimates vary widely, CNN reports. -- commissioned by CBS News to take aerial pictures of the crowd -- put the number at 87,000, while Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) insisted, "We're not going to let anyone get away with saying there were less than a million here."

Beck said on "Fox News Sunday" the number was between 300,000 and 650,000. And Fox itself wasn't coy. Its coverage aired with a banner putting the crowd at "over 500,000."

I'm betting on AirPhotosLive, and the real number is less than 20% of what FOX reported. Any takers?

Hardly ever

get sick, but last night was REALLY long. Seems like food poisoning, but have no idea what it could have been. Won't go into yucky details but zero sleep between 12 and 7:30. Then had to miss our 11:30 t-time w/Carol ,Ted and Kari. Real bummer but am feeling somewhat human after sleeping most of the day.

Near disaster, yesterday.

We finished season 5 of 'Lost', and went to download season 6 (the LAST season), only to find out it is a 'very long wait', on NetFlix for # 6. We freaked out, cuz after over 1oo episodes we wanna find out how it ends. Luckily, Carol got the last disc at Blockbuster so we can keep going. If you are not a 'Lost' fan, you just wouldn't understand, but, we are gonna keep going. A classic 'good vs evil' story that is VERY well done, with the story, cast and scenery. Am really gonna miss it when it's over, which is gonna happen soon. Til then, cocktail hour on the patio, and another beautiful Colorado evening. Later....

I'm shocked!

Glenn Beck's main sponsor, Goldline, is under investigation for selling 'commemorative' gold coins to his listeners that heeded his economic advice, to buy gold. Seems they charged a huge premium over the spot price of gold to these suckers who didn't do their 'due' diligence. Not really a surprise, that the same crowd who can look at 8 years of Repub rule, then blame the Dems for trying to save the economy that they wrecked, could be duped. I'd love to have that mailing list. I could sell bridges, ocean property in Kansas and magic beans to this crowd. BUT, someone with their brainpower obviously doesn't have that much money to invest, anyway...

Not just me,

who calls FOXNews a bunch of liars. Since last year, the Pulitzer Prize-winning site, Politifact, operated by the St. Petersburg Times, has been tracking the statements of prominent pundits and assessing them for accuracy. See full article from DailyFinance:
Truth and Lies
The lowest score, of 31.7, went to Limbaugh. Six of his 12 claims were rated either "False" or "Pants on Fire." Beck, pictured above, fared only a little better: His average was 38.8. Among other notable pundits, Bill O'Reilly scraped the bottom with a 32 average, while Sean Hannity, whose show follows O'Reilly's on Fox News's prime time schedule, was just slightly better. MSNBC's two stars, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, scored matching averages of 54.3, while Paul Krugman and Donna Brazile also tied at 64. You can see my full spreadsheet here.

Has it really been 5 years?

In 2005 I was in Beaumont, TX, watching Katrina coming toward us. Then, as I lived in a trailer outside Houma, after Katrina wrecked the area, I rode out Hurricane Rita, with over 15" of rain, 80+MPH winds, and rising water that stopped 2" from flooding out my truck and trailer. In some ways seems like LONG ago, and at other times like yesterday. Wow, five years ago...

Your commute could be worse

Consider this traffic jam in China.

Bumper-to-bumper gridlock spanning for 60 miles (100 kilometers) with vehicles moving little more than a half-mile (one kilometer) a day at one point has improved since this weekend, said Zhang Minghai, director of Zhangjiakou city's Traffic Management Bureau general office.Some drivers have been stuck in the jam for five days, China Central Television reported Tuesday. Villagers have been selling bottled water (for 10 times it's normal cost) and noodles to the trapped commuters. Authorities say the gridlock may continue for several weeks.
WOW! Makes Houston traffic look pretty good.

From a logical, rational point of view,

the 2110 elections are gonna come down to 'the economy', which the Repubs want you to believe that the Dems shoulda fixed, with a magic wand, by now. The rest of us can see how Bush and the Repubs had 8 years for their agenda, and took a large surplus, and with lies and wars and oil prices tanked our economy, like nothing since the Great Depression of the 30's. It ain't hard to see what happened, BUT, they want you to think it is the Dems problem, cuz they couldn't fix it, IMMEDIATELY. Let's just hope the electorate isn't as stupid as the Repubs think they are...

What a day!

Had a fantastic time on the golf course, as I shot one of my best scores of the season, and came in 2nd in the 'Strokers' tourney. Then, turned on the Rockies, as they were behind 10-1 to the Braves as I got home. Turned around a bad round, with a 3-over on the back 9, to come in 2nd, then watched the Rocks overcome a 10-1 deficit, to beat the Braves 12-10. Cocktail hour on the deck, as we celebrate....

Another way,

that FOX-on-line gets NASTY. If you happen to disagree with the right wing policies of FOX, which includes MOST of Hollywood, cuz they are among the brightest among us, you might find find yourself on this list. Started by Rush, when he stated Chelsea was the new 'White House dog', they continue their 'below the belt' personal attacks on those who disagree with their rightwing agenda. Check it out here, where they point the 'ugly stick' at those they disagree with.
Disagree with Rupert Murdoch's propaganda, and you're labeled ugly. You ever see that guys' looks???

I vowed to quit,

watching FOXNews, cuz it just drove me crazy and made me mad, to see they distort facts to present their Repub propaganda as 'News'. BUT, I still check on 'em on line. Was really funny today, after watching TV news, where Boehner asked for Obama to fire his economic team cuz they hadn't fixed the mess the Bushies made. Joe Biden hen explained how the Repubs took a HUGE surplus and blew it into a HUGE deficit that was rapidly pulling the country down, before the Dems ever got to town. FOXNews totally 'missed' the VP's answer, and reported the Boehner attack as big news. Typical Fox bullshit....

Some people say,

I'm obsessed w/Bush, SOOOO I try to get away from thinking about how he screwed us. Then I see an article like I read yesterday. As our country implodes after he bankrupted us, I can only look at HOW he did it. The Bush tax cuts mostly benefitted 1/10 of 1 % of the richest Americans. A lot of the same ones who made billions in oil and defense money from the Iraq war, (based on lies), will save over $600 Billion, in the next 10 years, as largesse for having contributed HUGE money, helping to install him and his buddies in office. Don't believe me, just read a Nobel Prize winning economist.
These crooks killed our economy, and they just keep getting richer. There's a reason I can't let go of that SOB, George W Bush, who killed the future of MY and YOUR country. Just read and and learn....

Just what I didn't need.

Taking a break from 'Lost', we saw 'Inception' today, and my brain, which was a bit impaired, got totally scrambled. If you haven't seen Lost and Inception you wouldn't understand. Gonna sit back and watch the Broncos, which doesn't take much mental energy, and let my brain try to recover....

Am forcing myself,

to watch the end of 'The Hurt Locker', cuz it must have some redeeming value, to have been rated so highly, and ALSO, to try and understand the nightmare that the troops who found themselves in W's 'oops, bad info' war, endured, while his 'big oil' buddies, family and friends in the military-industrial complex got obscenely wealthy during his trillion dollar war that bankrupted our country. This isn't conjecture or theory, it is history, that partly explains how our country's economy was trashed by the Bush/Cheney 'war for profit' machine. And the Repubs wanna be re-elected?Unbelievable, that people could have such short/misguided memories, and blame the current administration cuz they can't wave a magic wand and 'fix' the widespread damage done from 2000-2008.

Finally finished

(pic is Rooney Mara, who will play Lisbeth Salander in the movie series)
'The Girl Who Played with Fire', by Steig Larsson, whose books are runaway best sellers, after reading Girl w/Dragon Tattoo, and gotta say, these books ARE good, but not as good as I expected, for all the pub they get. Will wait for 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest' to come out in paperback, and will read that, too. I judge a book by how easy/hard it is to put down, and how much I care about the characters. These books go over the top with a convoluted plot and way too many characters, that I think will be difficult to make into an interesting movie, but he does tie up the pieces at the end. The Swedish setting is interesting and gotta admit I now want me want to visit. On the other hand, we are now over half way through the 4th season of 'Lost'. Gonna be a real shame when that's over. This will forever be known the 'lost' summer, but we have sure enjoyed it. Will be real i…

As I watch 'Hurt Locker',

I remember a time in my life, when I had to leave my little town, to find a job that paid actual money. Headed down to Dallas, to work at a 'defense plant'. that made sniper scopes and search lights, that the Dept of Defense paid big money for, in Viet Nam. It was 1969, and some of us thought the Viet Nam war was bullshit, while others were making good money. Varo Industries made it pay, for them, and me, for a while. Until, I realized the cost, to soldiers being drafted, and innocents being killed. Didn't matter to the Texans, as long as they had a paycheck coming, to buy Dixie, or Lone Star beer, at the end of the week. Got my ass hassled and nearly jailed for saying it was WRONG. Not a popular position in Dallas, in 1969. REAL lucky I didn't end up in jail for 20+ years, cuz you didn't need a high school diploma to be a cop and kick hippie ass, in those days, and if you could bust 'em with a joint, even if it was 'planted', you were a hero, to the lo…

If you had a doubt,

about the ignorance in America, perpetuated by FOXNews and their ilk, look at these numbers.
Approx 20% of Americans, about the same # that get their news from FOX, think Obama is Muslim. Need I say more? What else can I say? This naive/ignorant/stupid % of our population doesn't have a clue, BUT, they think they do. Thanks a bunch, FOX and ilk, for spreading your ignorance amongst the populace. Gotta love them Repubs....

Was watching TV news,

and saw how the Denver police just 'make it up', when they wanna beat the crap outa someone, for some reason or another. Luckily there's lots of cameras around these days and they can be held accountable, esp when they beat up a sheriff's son, with NO provocation. Duh... Been there, done that, with the police in the 70's. If they wanted to hassle/arrest/bust you, NO PROBLEM. I was a minority then, with long hair, something most whites don't have a chance to experience. The cops lie, cheat and steal, whatever it takes, and you can't do a thing. Most people don't have a clue what goes on. There was a book, 'Black Like Me', that gave a glimpse into that world. I saw it, up close and personal, with white skin, and long hair. If you haven't been there, you wouldn't believe it. A bunch of my friends went to jail, for a long time. I'll never forget....

Big Day, today

as the last of the combat troops leave Iraq. Not quite the 'pub' that shock and awe, got, 7 1/2 years ago, but HUGE, none the less. Nearly 8 years after W invaded Iraq, based on, 'oops, bad info', we are finally leaving. What can I say? So much bullshit, that we have gotten used to, and is not even news anymore. The Repubs won. The public doesn't care any more. So sad, but reality, for the sheep....

Mosque at ground zero

First of all, it's not a mosque, that's proposed. It's a community center for those of Islamic faith. Second, it's not at ground zero. If you are familiar with this area, as I am, (Carol and I walked this part of Lower Manhattan a few months ago) you realize that there are blocks in NYC, and there are BLOCKS. Between streets, as in the distance between 47th and 48th, it is a normal city block, BUT, between avenues, such as between 6th and 7th Ave, these blocks are over 3 times as long. The proposed 'mosque' is 2 avenues away, or about 6 normal city blocks. Doesn't matter to the rightwing cons, anything to stir up a fight and divert attention from our main problem, which IS, the economy that they trashed. Nothing new here, but the 'Mosque at Ground Zero' is typical bullshit designed to incite the sheep that don't know any better, and it works, cuz there's LOT'S OF 'EM....

Fair & Balanced?

You mean fairly unbalanced...
(CNN) - The Democratic National Committee called into question (there was a question?) Fox News' objectivity Tuesday after it was reported that the cable network's parent company – News Corporation – recently donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association.
"'Fair and Balanced' has been rendered utterly meaningless," Hari Sevugan, the DNC's national press secretary, said in a statement. "Any pretense that may have existed about the ties between Fox News and the Republican Party has been ripped violently away.
No Fox News political coverage can be seen as impartial and all of it should have a disclaimer for what it truly is – partisan propaganda." (Like the picture? It illustrates 'fox lying') Ha ha

Brew day, yesterday,

started out at 'Do Your Brew', where I bought the grains for a double batch of home brew. Got 19 lbs of Maris Otter (Pale malt), as well as several other varities, with some rye and barley, to create a Scottish Ale, which Nate says will taste like Laughing Lab, my favorite beer. Had it ground into a 'fine crush', and Nate had the hops, which he grows, and yeast from several Petri dishes filled with his own agar agar. True home brew. Took about 4 1/2 hours of boiling, filtering and mixing to create the 10 gallons that is now fermenting. Learned alot about enzymes cutting starch chains and certain sugars being produced to create special flavors, but mostly just enjoyed talking with Nate for a few hours. Will let you know how it all turns out in a few weeks. Did get to see Piper, though, and got some new books from Laura. Got home just in time to experience the heaviest cloudburst I've ever seen in this area. The skies opened up, as a torrential downpour dropped a fu…

Still not that proud,

to admit it, BUT, just finished watching season 3 of LOST. Has been a great diversion when there's nothing else to do in the Dog Days of Summer. An amazing series, esp when you don't have to put up with commercials and long time frames. There's a reason it's one of the highest rated TV projects of all time. It makes you think. Gotta start rationing it out, cuz we're over half way, and it's not gonna last forever...

Double-dip recession?

It's nonsense to think of the economy heading downward again into a double-dip recession when most Americans never emerged from the first dip. We're still in one long Big Dipper. More people are out of work today than were last year, counting everyone too discouraged even to look for work. Not since the government began to measure the ups and downs of the business cycle has such a deep recession been followed by such anemic job growth. Jobs came back at a faster pace in March 1933 after the economy started to "recover" from the depths of the Great Depression. And the Great Depression continued. That's exactly my point. The Great Recession continues. The only question is when it becomes known as The Great Depression II. And the Repubs, who caused it, wanna get voted back in? You gotta be kidding. Are the sheep really that stupid?

Think your job's tough?

How'd you like to be Gen. David Petraeus, trying to lead a war that has rising casualties while public support for it diminishes? Looking into the eyes of young men who could (will!) be killed and/or wounded by your decisions. As a lifelong soldier, you are trained to win, BUT, have to plan your war knowing that a big drawdown is coming within the year. How do you juggle the politics and realities of fighting? I, for one, can't believe what a stupid, no-win situation we find ourselves with, in Afghanistan, where, historically 'empires go to die', that is now our nation's longest running war, not to mention Iraq. Thanks again, George, BUT, Obama's nearly as bad, cuz he knows bettter....

Works for me!

Here's a solution to all the controversy over the use of full-body scanners at airports. Have a booth that you can step into that will not X-ray you, but rather, will detonate any explosive device you may have on you. It would be a win-win for everyone, and there would be no issue about racial profiling and this method would eliminate a long and expensive trial. Justice would be quick and swift. Case closed! This is so simple that it's brilliant. I can see it now: you're in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter an announcement comes over the PA system, "Attention standby passengers we now have a seat available on flight number...

Babysitting duty yesterday,

as Nate and Laura took in a Mark Cohen concert at the Botanical Garden ampitheater. Had a great time playing with Piper in the sandbox, on the swing and in her play room when we weren't practicing the new 'walking' thing. Then it was on to dinner and spoon practice, followed by more playtime, a walk outside, a bath with lots of toys, and bedtime stories with a bottle to finish off the day. Pretty tough duty for Oma and grampa. On the way down the canyon, around midnight, near the school where Kari teaches, saw a large black bear on the edge of road, with a very healthy, shiny black coat. Hadn't seen a wild bear for many years. Can understand why the kids at Kari's school sometimes have 'indoor recess' when one of the parents call in a 'critter alert', but it's usually a mountain lion, not a bear. Coal Creek Canyon, a real pretty part of the world, where the kids live and work.

Rock n roll tour stories

Am trying to put a few memories together and remembered I had visitied this area before, in Mar 2007, (in my archives) and late Feb. Trying to resurrect those times is sorta like the old saying, 'if you remember the 70's you weren't REALLY there" Well, I remember some of it, but as Steven King says, it's hard to find and open some of those boxes. Will work on it though, cuz it's better than bitchin' about politics, over which I have no control.

Not sure I'm proud to admit it,

but, we've just finished watching season 2 of the 'Lost' series. There's a reason that it's one of the highest rated all-time TV series, with a huge fan base, . Good escapism, in the cool lower level for the dog days of summer, when you've done all the stuff around the house that you need or want to do. Can't imagine wading through the commercials and weekly and seasonal waing periods, but with the Wii downloads, it's a pretty good way to watch a production like that. I like the way they split the time, almost evenly, between life on the island, and getting to know the characters in their lives before then. Some great casting and scenery, also...

It's a start

In an effort to slow spiraling costs, the Obama administration announced cuts in the defense budget. The US’s looming fiscal crisis is almost certain to end the breakneck expansion in military expenditure that has doubled the base defense budget in 10 years to $549 billion for 2011. When the (off the budget) wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are taken into account, total spending is more than $700 billion a year. The defense contractor lobbyists are gonna scream, like the bloated health care industry does, BUT, we gotta do something to stop the runaway train of government spending, ESPECIALLY since our economy has been wrecked.

Was watching late nite TV,

and came across a 'Jethro Tull' concert. I caught Aqualung and Cross-eyed Mary, if you remember those. Pretty amazing that these guys still rock like this, at their age, esp Ian Anderson playing his amazing flute, and some hot guitar licks. I remember the guitarist, (but not his full name), cuz when I was working the shows I was wearing a really nice embroidered denim shirt that Carol had done for me, and Mick offered, more than once, to buy it from me, but I was never seriously tempted to sell. The embroidery grew over the years as even I added some stuff to it. Still have it as a matter of fact, though it is a little snug on me, these days. Hadn't thought of them or the shirt for MANY years, but watching the concert brought back a bunch of memories from the mid/early 70's. Pretty crazy time. JT had the same opening act for every tour over the years, Steeleye Span, with Maddy Pryor and her psychedelic dresses under the black/strobe lights. Amazing....

Interesting '60 Minutes'

about Medicare paying over $55 billion last year, for patients in the last 2 years of their lives, as people deny the fact that we are ALL going to die. The Drs and hospitals have free rein to run whatever tests , and treatments (?) at whatever costs they want to charge, and the gov't pays it. No questions asked. And we wonder why the country is going broke. The Dems tried to get health care passed, but the Repubs, led by Sarah, screamed about 'death squads', and fought it tooth and nail. Nothing really changed. You gotta see the 60 Minutes show, to see how this ridulous system , with the unbelievable costs being charged, is bankrupting the country.

The Coal Creek Men's Club

tournament was originally scheduled as a 1:30, Shotgun Start, BUT was rained out and rescheduled for this weekend. I got the new schedule, but lost it somehow and asked for it to be resent, which it was, as an attachment. When I went to open the attachment, the little blue box said, 'you have already downloaded this fie, do you want to replace it?' I said no, and hit the 'open file' box, BUT, the file it opened was the original tourney times, when I had the 1:30, instead of the NEW t-time, of 8:30. BIG difference, as in DQ, for No Show. Oh well, I saved the $32 entry fee, AND I get to go to Jeff and Gitte's English Pub Party with Ted and Kari tonight. Still, feel kinda stupid.

Am taking a break,

on the political front. For a while, FOXNews can say whatever they want and I'm gonna try not to watch or listen to it. Bush is gone, and although we continue to suffer from his policies, he's not coming back. Am making an effort to remove what little stress I have in my life, and I think that's a great place to start. No guarantees or time frames involved, and if there's a particularly egregious story I MAY have to comment, but, at this time, I'm taking a break. I really don't think I make that much difference in the grand scheme of things, anyway. Adios

Record number of military suicides

The military is facing an epidemic of suicides. In the year that ended Sept. 30, 2009, 160 active duty soldiers took their own lives — a record for the Army. And this past June, another record was set — 32 military suicides in just one month. War is a meat grinder for service members and their families. It grinds people up without mercy, killing them and inflicting the worst kinds of wounds imaginable, physical and psychological. But after nearly a decade, neither war has been won and there is no prospect of winning.
Trillions of dollars are being squandered. George W. (“Mission Accomplished”) Bush took the unprecedented step of cutting taxes while waging the wars. We’re getting the worst of all worlds in Afghanistan: We’re not winning, and we’re not cutting our tragic losses. A tiny, tiny portion of the population is doing the fighting, and those troops are sent into the war zone for tour after tour, as if they’re attached to a nightmarish yo-yo. What we have in Afghanistan is a war t…

Obama had a good line today,

as he addressed a fundraiser. He said, 'The Repubs are no different now, than they were during the Bush years, and they hope you have amnesia.' I hope he, and the Dems just keep hammering home this msg. The truth is, there are a bunch of jerks out there that are hoping the same thing, that we all have amnesia. WELL, we aren't ALL FOXNews viewers, but there are a bunch of 'em with anal-cranial inversions, that assume we are like them....

Looks like they will succeed,

with their main plan. That is, W's handlers don't want him being seen or heard until after the elections. George W. Bush's first television interview since leaving the White House more than a year and a half ago will be with NBC's Matt Lauer -- one week after the midterm elections.
The sit-down will air in prime time as a "Matt Lauer Reports" special on Monday, Nov. 8, USA Today reported. Not coincidentally, Bush's memoir, "Decision Points," will be released the following day. Just like the Repub candidates ran from any connection or photo op with him during the 2008 elections, his handlers (mainly Karl Rove) have been adamant about any contact with the press, even though he has wanted to plug his book, that has had it's release delayed. They are afraid the public will connect his face to the economic mess that 'just happened' during his reign of error. Pretty good strategy, Karl, but some of us, non-FOXNews fans, aren't quite so …

Interesting article today, on AOL

Seven years after Bush/Cheney's 'shock and awe' war, based on 'oops, bad info', the victims still struggle for the basic necessities of life. Baghdad has less than 5 hours of electricity per day, and you're one of the lucky ones if you get that. The water and sewer systems are a shell of their former selves and large parts of the city are bombed out ruins. It's hard to concentrate on politics when you there's no dependable electricity, decent food or water.

"Democracy didn’t bring us anything. Democracy brought us a can of Coke and a beer."HAITHAM FARHAN, a shop owner in Baghdad who has to steal electricity to keep his business running.

This, after all the death and dollars wasted for W's war. The no-bid contracts handed out to Halliburton and their buddies turned out to be largely, no-work contracts as they took the money, but had no consequences for lack of performance. Yup, they sure love us over there. I would imagine if I lived there, a…