15 years, trillions of dollars, and thousands of deaths,

after GW and The Dick's Big Adventure, that totally destabilized the Mid East, (just ask the European countries dealing with the refugees), Obama is trying to live up to treaties and agreements, from the Bushies, that said we would have our troops OUT, by now, BUT, there's no way that can happen, cuz, like a china shop policy, 'You Break It, You Buy It', and the Bushies BROKE IT, real bad, and now We're Buying It, still, and will be for a LONG time. When asked their plans for the hundreds of thousands of soldiers that would be unemployed after 'shock and awe', they replied, 'Plans? We ain't got no stinkin' plans, other than to raise the price of oil, a BUNCH, Ha, Ha'.
GW and The Dick, the gift that 'keeps on giving'....


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