There are a LOT of things the Pubs 'just don't get'

but when bowing before the altar of St Ronald, through willful ignorance, or plain old stupidity, they conveniently ignore how FAR OUT THERE the Repub party has gone.
HE supported the biggest amnesty bill in history for illegal immigrants, advocated gun control, used Keynesian stimulus to jump-start the economy, favored personal diplomacy even with the country’s sworn enemies and instituted tax increases in six of the eight years of his presidency. He was Ronald Reagan.
Unlike his modern counterparts,  Reagan was also a pragmatist, willing to compromise, able to improvise in pursuit of his goals and, most of all, eager to expand his party’s appeal, something totally lacking in today's rabid rightwingnuts.
How did the inclusive, forward-looking Republican Party of Reagan become the crass, xenophobic party of Donald J. Trump and Ted Cruz? You need look no further than FOXNews, where the FAR right wing has not only gotten a voice, but has drowned out any semblance of compromise or negotiation, and once a formerly reasonable person has made the decision to accept FOX as 'news', it's OVER. The constant barrage of Repub propaganda, (Pubs always right, Dems always wrong) leaves no room for reasonable thought. The dark side has won.
But the loser could be the party itself. Unless it repudiates the inflammatory rhetoric of the primary, it will lose Reagan’s claim to the center and will forever be seen as the lunatic fringe they have become, with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as their standard bearers. Sure, they can enjoy their moment of rebellion against reason, but that will be small consolation as they wake up to President Hillary.


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