Although I can't stand the Greaseball,

Ted Cruz is one of the few politicians willing to stand up to the Iowa/Midwest Ethanol Lobby, that is one of the most wasteful, destructive govt debacles EVER, and costs us SO much in several different areas, mostly by inflating all food costs.
Many don't know/remember how we got the 'worse than worthless' program, but it was GW and the Dick, trying to get support(R) for their war (Oops, no WMD's) plans, and the only way they could get the necessary support from the 'farm states'(R) was to promise them a HUGE corn/ethanol debacle, that would funnel $$ from all over the country with a mandate of 10% ethanol in gasoline. Once the farm state officials did the math, they began slobbering and asked 'where do we sign?', and the rest is history, as the price of corn, and ALL the products related to it, incl beef, pork, chicken, and all the crops who got REPLACED by King Corn, went UP, like the price of oil, which was GW's MAIN target.
That's your history lesson for today, where, if you 'follow the money' you will understand all Repub policies. You're welcome...


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