The Party of NO,

in their nonstop obstructionism, claim 'the people' should have a voice in the nomination of the next Supreme, so Obama should defer. Well, idiots, the people did have a say. Obama WON in 2012, and part of his duties from the CONSTITUTION, that the jerks(R) love to scream about, makes the course of action very clear, just as when St Ronald was in the same situation. The good news? Anyone and everyone will see how they are committed to pure partisanship, instead of governing. The American people aren't all stupid, once you get away from the FOXSheep, and the undecideds will see what anyone with a brain has known for a LONG time. The country takes second place to the Pub agenda, which is too lie, cheat and steal to get their way.
BTW, cable still down and am forced to check FOX for news. OMG! If I was forced to watch this crap for an extended period I would go insane or Repub, which isn't really that different.


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