I read and watch

lots of news, (maybe too much), but what I'm seeing nearly everywhere, barring something totally unforeseen, is that the The Donald is gonna be the Repub nominee for prez. Wow! And if they find a way to go around him, he'll run as an Independent. Can you say president Hillary?
The rightwingnuts must be freakin' out, BUT, this is exactly what happens, when 'You reap what you sow'. Flood the poor little sheep brains with fear and loathing, and VOILA, you get a Frankenstein monster to save them. We're still a long way from November, but I'm loving it, as nearly every prognosticator is saying the same thing. The Donald looks unstoppable, AND, 70% of voters would NEVER vote for him. Get ready for a First Dude, named Bill. Thanks again FOXNews, cuz without your nonstop bullshit this would never have been possible. LOL!
Republicans, the only thing that can make the Democrats 'Look Good'.


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