A microcosm of the world of Repub politics

is shown by the (non) actions of Richard Shelby, 81 yr old Senator(R) from Alabama. As head of the Senate Banking Committee, he has refused to act on even ONE of Obama's 16 nominations to fill open seats.
Senator Richard C. Shelby, the Alabama Republican who is the committee’s chairman, is leaving nothing to chance — even if that means effectively shutting down the entire United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.
To avoid the sort of controversy that can animate primary voters on March 1, Mr. Shelby has stalled the work of the committee in the name of an increasingly familiar Republican tactic — failing to approve President Obama’s nominees. He now has the distinction of running the only committee in the Senate that has not acted on a single nominee in this Congress.
Mr. Shelby did not respond publicly, but earlier this year stated the obvious when he said that “I’m in a primary right now, so we’re in no hurry to hold hearings.”  It's been FIVE years.
And you wonder why I can't stand them(R)?


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