According to FOX/PARP,

Bernie is 'blowing it' by not attacking Hillary for her 'scandals', (that were created and perpetuated by Bullshit Mountain). Oh really? And Mr Sanders should take campaign advice from the party that is led by The Donald and The Greaseball?
In other news, the Pubs are bitchin' cuz Obama plans to shut down Gitmo, exactly like he promised to do in his campaign (which he WON, twice), just like GW and John McCain ALSO wanted to do. The jerks(R) are always bitching about 'wasted money', but, they don't wanna shut down a place that costs hundreds of millions, and takes hundreds of soldiers, for less than a hundred prisoners, when there is PLENTY of room for them in US prisons.
When the Pubs bitch, then you know you're on the right track. I love Obama's new attitude, which is 'Screw 'em, they're gonna bitch no matter WHAT I do, so I'll just do the right thing.'
SO, FOXSheep, any of you take my advice and put a bunch of money on a Pub to WIN the presidency? C'mon, it's a sure thing. Easy money. Cash in some Food Stamps. Get in while the odds are good, suckers.


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