After watching the Super Bowl

with our Bronco crazed, beer-fueled crew of 15 'Old Farts', reading about it in the Denver Post and seeing the highlights and comments on Denver TV, I thought it was a GREAT game, but many non-Denver fans may have thought it was kind of a boring, grind it out, slugfest, which it was. Oh well, we DO have a WINNER, and it's the Denver Broncos, riding the MVP performance of Von Miller and the Orange Rush Defense. I plan to watch the game on the DVR today, cuz I missed quite a bit with the wild celebrations going on, and check out the commercials I missed.
After Nate's b-day party on Saturday, then the Super Bowl yesterday, this old body feels like two days of 'Party Hearty' are enough, but plan to soak in the afterglow, which is SO different from the humiliating loss two years ago, AND I gotta figure out how to celebrate my winnings from having the right square (Den-4,Car-0) in the 'final score' betting box?


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