As always, they're full of crap

The Pubs in the clown car don't agree on much, but they do all spout the same rhetoric in two areas. Obama's HUGE deficit is wrecking us! AND We're gonna give a HUGE tax cut to everyone!
Oh really???? How you gonna do that? There are few economic policies that have been proven SO consistently wrong as 'The Trickle Down Theory', that allows a MASSIVE shift of wealth from the working class to the 1% (who run the Repub party), but here they go again.
Only the sheep would swallow the same tired old bullshit that says 'We're gonna cut taxes and shrink the deficit'. When pressed for details, they ignore the question, BUT, the sheep love to hear it, so the clowns say it. Who are these people? Oh yeah, FOXSheep, who don't have a clue, BUT, they vote solid Republican. It's called 'low information voter'.


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