Because I was at a (really fun) birthday party,

for my son, Nate,I missed the Repub Debate, but I saw highlights this morning, which began with Dr Ben wandering around off-stage after he didn't realize he should walk on-stage when he was introduced by name. Then it got funnier as the clowns attacked each other, and MarcoRobot got stuck in an infinite loop, and gave the SAME canned response FOUR times. Bottom line, I want the Greaseball to continue slithering to the front of the pack. The Knight in Sliming Armor is my choice for the Pubs, cuz he won't have a chance once he gets to the national stage, where it takes more than the Evangelicals to elect a prez, and he is SO blatantly unlikable, for those of us who don't believe God has personally anointed him, as he claims. But one thing I would like to know from him... Why do you need to wear TWO watches?
BTW, the SNL opening sketch on the Slimeball is HILLARIOUS.


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