Because of a cable problem,

we don't have access to a lot we've taken for granted, like real news. To 'check in' we've only had FOXNews. OMG! At least I can understand, now, how the sheep think, or don't. FOX is like a blacksmith, CONSTANTLY hammering a piece of steel. Everything they say, every comment they make has anti Dem rhetoric. It's nonstop propaganda, with liberal doses of exaggerations and outright lies. Of course their listeners hate all things Dems. The brainwashing is CONSTANT, sometimes subtle, but mostly blatant.
At least I can understand, now, why the sheep are so uninformed and rabid. They get their 'news' from FOX, which is nothing but nonstop Repub propaganda. There was a time I couldn't believe or understand how a Trump or Cruz could possibly happen, but after some time with FOX, it all makes sense, sad and crazy as it is.


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