Everyone knows the jerks(R)

aren't going to approve ANYONE, before the election, cuz that's who they are and what they do. NO! is the party motto. BUT, does anyone think they will actually approve anyone that the next prez (HRC) appoints? Hell NO. They'll obstruct til hell freezes over, just like they have with Obama's judicial appointments since Day 1.
 As I said earlier, it'll just be a matter of time til the dinosaurs die out, as more people see how OBVIOUS they are with their tantrums, in their world where negotiation 'loses out' to obstruction. I'm claiming that in 5 years (maybe 10, surely by 20) they won't be a problem anymore. The Donald, The Greaseball and all their obstructionism have opened a lot of eyes and minds. Now we just vote and wait.... They're a dying breed. It's called survival of the fittest (or evolution), and it's slow, but sure.... OR, they could change, and not be the party of rightwingnuts.
(Looks like a Mitch McConnell ancestor, right?)


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