Got my new 'Rolling Stone' mag today,

and on my way to the Matt Taibbi article, 'Trump Unbound', I came across an article about a new TV miniseries about Stephen King's book, '11-22-63', that tells the story of a time traveler who goes back to try and save JFK, before the Pubs/military shot him down in Dallas, and set Lee Harvey Oswald up, as the patsy. Toward the end of the article, about James Franco playing the lead, they mentioned that if the series is a success, it may pave the way for another King miniseries, based on 'The Dark Tower'. Wow. if it's done well, that could be fantastic, although it is a bit of a stretch.
However, in a world where The Donald (who would eat a child, in a lifeboat), is gonna be the Pub candidate for prez, it's kinda hard to dismiss anything as 'impossible'. Funny yes, impossible, no, in a world where (some) people accept FOX/PARP as 'news' and fact. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers...


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