Great day in the mountains, yesterday,

as I met Nate and we brewed a double batch of 'McEwan' type Scotch Ale. Is quite a process of grinding the various grains, mostly barley malt, boiling and cooling to precise temps and adding the different hops, at just the right time and 'throwing' the specialized yeast. Was really surprised, after grinding the barley and different roasted grains, and tasting the 'powder' that collected around the grinder. Tasted exactly like the inside of a malted milk ball. I always thought that was some kind of dairy product with sugar added. Nope, it's the 'malt' used in brewing and it's the source of the sugar that's fermented and attacked by the specialized yeast. Quite an interesting process that gave me a good chance to catch up on the Mountain Olson's life, esp Nate's new job at DataLogix, a division of Oracle, where a 'head-hunter' just scored big and enticed Nate with an offer he couldn't refuse. Great day and I think it's gonna be a great batch of beer. Then tomorrow we get to celebrate his birthday with the whole crew, at Nighthawk Brewery here in town. Hmmm, am seeing kind of a beer theme here....


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