I can almost sympathize with the Pub brass,

who are freaking out, cuz it's like trying to herd cats, when a third of them are rabid and another third have 'mad cow disease'.  It's not possible, but REALLY fun to watch. BUT, when your party courts that type of insanity, don't be surprised when the clowns show up and start throwing rocks in your glass house.
Wow, you can't buy this kinda fun, BUT it serves a purpose. While the clowns cavort in the circus, they aren't forced to put forward any policy, and when they do, it's just bullshit. Build walls, deport 12 million Mexicans, restrict women's rights, persecute gays and inflate the most bloated military in the world. Same old crap from the same bad actors. No wonder the Pubs say, 'Screw our regular jerks and replace them with a reality TV star'.
Oh well, couldn't have scripted it better myself. Hasta la vista, rightwingnuts....


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