I had a great time yesterday at the Buffs b-ball game,

with a high school buddy, as we watched a CU team that looks really solid. Since both of us are STRONG Pub haters, (growing up during Viet Nam and he ended up there), we discussed what the average, rational Repub (if there is such a thing) would be looking at as an end game, and we couldn't see one. Trump has 70% negatives in the country and he looks like a lock as the Pub nominee. If they somehow find a way to snub him at the convention, he runs as an Independent. Either way, Pubs lose, BIG time. What's their plan, is the question everyone, (including them), is asking, and no one has an answer, as the monster created by FOX and Rush has taken over the asylum.
Bottom line, 'it's all good', for the country, as the Dems will unite behind their candidate, and the Pubs will splinter into their groups, from Far Right to Far, FAR, Bat-shit Crazy Rightwingnut and shouldn't be a problem again, for MANY years. The really good news? It's gonna be fun to watch, from my side of the aisle. as the Party of NO has become the party of No Chance.


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