I know the Pubs LIE,

but they've taken it to a new level, with the death of Scalia, and Obama appointing a new justice. They use words like unprecedented and unconstitutional. BUT, when the SAME thing happened under St Ronald, the Dem Congress allowed him to appoint a new justice, cuz that's the law. BUT, the jerks (R) now, say NO WAY, cuz it's DIFFERENT now. Same old bullshit from the rightwingnuts. We'll make our own laws, cuz we don't like the real ones. Screw em, as their clown car careens down the road, with Donald at the helm and the Greaseball screaming from the passenger seat. What a joke, and is SO funny as you meet foreigners who laugh out loud at the Pubs, like most 'non-sheep' in the US.


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