I used to have a desk calendar,

'Backwards Bush', that counted down the days til he left office, including a stupid looking pic and dumb quote from him for every day of the year. Not sure if it helped, BUT, looking back on it I realize that the passing of time is the best healer. SO, I just gotta stay sane and wait.... as the Repub party implodes. The Donald leads, BY FAR, and 70% of the people will NEVER vote for him. Voila, problem solved. George Will nailed it this morning in his column, saying Trump LOVES the fact that he's wrecking the Repub party. No shit. So do I. Where I used to have nothing but contempt for The Donald, but now I LOVE him. The enemy of my enemy...
I just have to remember to savor this special time, as the Party of NO withers from their own ignorance and intransigence, and is wrecked by the monster they created (GO Donald!). Tell me one category of voter where they're gaining, other than angry, old, white men in the Bible Belt? Certainly not women, and esp not youth, minorities, or 'the educated', all of which are growing and are solid Dem. SO, I just gotta be patient, as the slow motion train wreck unfolds and our country can move on, without the obstructive influence of the 'party of the past'. Good riddance... Reminds me of an old 'Stones' song,
'TIIIIME is on MY side', yes it is....


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