If you read and believe FOX/PARP,

(first of all that means you don't have a clue), you'd 'know' that Bernie Sanders leads Hillary in a 'national' poll, BUT, this is based on FOX polling bullshit, which is way different than 'real' polls, where all the major, national, large number polls consistently show HRC with anywhere between a five and ten percentage point lead. Once again, you can believe Bullshit Mountain, OR, you can get the truth. And you wonder why they're known as sheep?
As I said before, it is so nice to be home in MANY ways, but being away from resort television that featured FOXNews is one of the best. Every day I had to decide, 'Do I want NO news, or FOX news?'
At least I can see how/why they think like they do. FOX/PARP is a 'not so subtle' CONSTANT barrage of Repub propaganda, interspersed with some real news, hot chicks, country music and religious fanaticism. Wow, no wonder the Pubs have two 'totally unelectable Bozos' driving the clown car.
 FOX, another name for Republican propaganda, or PARP, the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party.


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