If you wanna be sickened, watch the movie

"Kill The Messenger', starring Jeremy Renner, now on HBO. It's the true story of Gary Webb, the reporter who first broke the story of the Reagan administration, with Oliver North (now a FOXNews hero), who smuggled BILLIONS of dollars worth of cocaine into the US, to finance their illegal war with the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, after Congress said no to another of their wars. Once they got the cash, created the addicts and wrecked uncountable lives, they continued their War on Drugs, and busted the same people they used to get their blood money and the long-term damage of 'crack cocaine' was begun, as St Ronald and other hypocritical Repub assholes competed directly with the Columbian cartels selling coke, while they threw students in prison for smoking pot.
Then, the govt(R) officials 'killed the messenger', by wrecking the reporter's life, discrediting him and either killing him or forcing his 'suicide' of two bullets in the head. The people(R) behind Iraq and Viet Nam got their illegal war, lied about it and wrecked a BUNCH of lives. Sound familiar? Some things never change. Just another of the MANY reasons I can't stand the lying jerks(R).
Nothing new here, with the Repub military-industrial complex, but sickening just the same, as some get rich(R) and others suffer. Don't believe it? Google it...


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