In the crazy world of Pub Politics,

I like to keep it simple, as in ABC. Anyone But Cruz! GW and The Dick took our country to the edge of ruin, before being run out of town with a 22% approval rating and writing over $860 BILLION in checks to keep the country from immediately imploding. (Ft Knox holds under $190 billion, just to keep it in perspective.)
Now we have The Greaseball, who would probably do MORE damage. Hopefully, he'll keep wallowing in the mire with the brainiacs of the Repub party continuing to vote for The Donald, while blaming our problems on Obama, after he's performed a miracle, just keeping us afloat and steadily improving, after the 'steaming pile' the Pubs left behind the last time they were in office.
BUT, thanks to FOX and the 'intelligence' of the average sheep, the Pubs are still in play, putting on a Barnum and Bailey-type circus show, as the Bozos gradually bail from the floundering clown car, while the favorites yell and call each other names. I just know I'm watching and LOVING the fiasco/debacle, as the once proud party goes up in flames. What a joke(R)....


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