In the crazy/stupid world of Pub politics,

Sarah Palin can blame Obama, cuz her son got drunk and punched his girlfriend, BUT, if someone from the media asks her 'why is it Obama's fault?' that her son got arrested, she 'goes off', on the 'lame stream' media, (her name for anyone that's not FOX/PARP), and how the prez doesn't respect soldiers(?).
The crazy bitch from Alaska is a microcosm of the Pub party, who blames the Dems for their problems, but never has any constructive solutions. Just a bunch of TV 'face time' featuring bitching and whining, BUT people love to watch, to see what they're gonna do/say next, that'll be a combination of laughable/outrageous, in the comedy/reality road show that is the Repub nomination process, featuring The Donald and The Greaseball, with special guest appearances from the crazy bitch from Alaska. What a crew(R)....


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