In my continuing effort to be more 'positive'

instead of dreading the ongoing political circus, that goes on WAY too long, I've decided to try and enjoy it. I'm gonna savor every minute of the slow motion Repub train wreck. Since leaving the Repub party soon after GW invaded Iraq, I've become increasingly agitated as I've seen them wreck, and attempt to wreck, my country, with the help of Bullshit Mountain. BUT, all things come to those who wait, and now, I've seen the 'beginning of the end', for the party based on greed, fear and lies. It won't happen overnight, but the trend is clear, and I'm LOVING it.
I know it's far from over, but the writing's on the wall, for anyone who cares to read it, SO, instead of looking at them and getting upset, I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy their demise. With The Donald firmly in the Clown Car driver's seat, it's now nearly impossible to keep him from the nomination, and it's all over but the shouting. Like many others, I'm trying to see a way they could 'pull it out of the fire', and I can't see it happening, cuz he'll just go 'Independent' if they don't back him, and they're DEAD if/when he does. Too bad, so sad. I'm sure they'll go down kicking, screaming and lying, like they always do, but it's all over but the gloating, and I'm gonna enjoy every minute. And to think I owe it all to Donald Trump. Wow, I LOVE that guy.
PS With special thanks to that nasty liar, The Greaseball, and FOXNews, who helped make it all possible.


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