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The Repub wunderkid, Marco Robot used the same, canned line 5 times in the latest Clown Car Convention, even after he got called on it by Chris Christi.
In other news, last week — on Groundhog Day, to be precise — Republicans in the House of Representatives cast what everyone knew was a purely symbolic, substance-free vote to repeal Obamacare. It was the 63rd time they’ve done so.
And now the Pubs are going for BENGHAZI! hearing #40?, as they bitch about the 'private server', (that has never been hacked), and Hillary sent ZERO Top Secret/Classified emails on, although the Pub dominated committee REclassified some as such, after being sent, and the sheep are on it like a starving mongrel on a bone, though the Pub Sec of States did ;the same thing'. Nothing new here, but their lame acts get SO old, while their leading candidates are The Donald and The Greaseball. OMG!


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