Interesting article on AOL today,

Loads of Americans are moving out of these 18 states

Jan 14th 2016 2:04P

AOL today has an interesting article about population patterns, and movement, in the US. Bottom line, the most outflow is from the Rust Belt of the upper midwest. After spending some time in this area, in the summer AND winter, I am not surprised. Terrible weather most of the time, poor economy and lots of uneducated FOXSheep. I think the only thing that is slowing the exodus is the fact that most of them can't afford to move, even if they'd want to.
Oh well, since they are restricted to their low income areas they won't pollute others with their rightingnut views, although in-breeding could become an even worse problem, although the co-chairmen of the 'Cruz for Prezident' Committee, (cousins from Kentucky) say it's NOT a problem.


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