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on the news tonight, when they interviewed the residents of a small Texas town, where over 90% of the jobs depend on the price of oil, which has plummeted, after they were able to rape the nation's drivers for many years. when GW and The Dick artificially pumped up the price of oil (ten-fold), with an illegal war, based on lies. Now, they gotta accept real world prices, and they're freaking out, which is understandable.
BUT, when you listen to 'em bitch, they're blaming it on illegal immigrants who are 'stealing jobs', and want a 'wall'. WTF are they talking about? The 'Big Oil' Texas gravy train is over, for a while anyway, as it should be, but not cuz of 'illegals'. Not that I don't feel sorry for those who are hurting, but they got rich, on the backs of all of us who overpaid for gas, for YEARS. Thanks GW.
Time for 'real world', supply and demand prices on gas and oil. Deal with it, Texans...


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