Now that Donald has the nomination

firmly in hand, I think he needs to name his VP choice, and it's obvious who it should be. The empty headed bimbo from Wasilla would be perfect. Her intellectualism is the perfect match for the Repub mentality and she is EXPERIENCED. Maybe this time she can handle the 'trick questions', like 'what do you read?', (or CAN you)? They are both reality show veterans, and the Pubs LOVE their movie star heroes, like St Ronald, from 'Bedtime For Bonzo'.
Just trying to help, as I can see The Donald winning it all, EXCEPT the general election, cuz 70% of the voters say they'd NEVER vote for him. Yeah, but that was before he announces Sarah as his VP. Then it goes above 80%! LOL, and loving every minute of the Repub fiasco.


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