As the Repubs promise

not to even consider a SCOTUS pick from what they call a 'lame duck', (he's not), they are showing their true colors, and even to the 'fence sitters' it's gonna be REALLY obvious where their loyalties lie. And it's NOT to the country.
Unfortunately, for too many Republicans moderation now equals apostasy. These Republicans have stubbornly parked themselves so far to the right for so many years that it is hard to tell whether they can hear how deranged they sound.
The truth is they are afraid — and they should be. 
So Mr. McConnell and his colleagues plan to shut their doors, plug their ears and hope the public doesn’t notice. The Republican spin machine is working overtime to rationalize this behavior. Don’t be fooled. It is panic masquerading as strength.
So, it's time to sit back and watch, and ENJOY, as the rightwingnuts and their beliefs are paraded in the light of day. I can see those Las Vegas odds, for a Repub prez, dropping even lower, esp after Obama presents a totally qualified nominee, and the Pubs 'Stonewall' it. I LOVE the way this is setting up, esp with The Donald as their #1 guy. As I solid Repub-hater, I could hardly ask for more.


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