Texas gov Greg Abbott(R),

is a huge fan of Ted Cruz, but when asked to name ONE bill that The Greaseball had gotten through Congress, he couldn't. There are LOTS of bills he's opposed, and he's tried to repeatedly to 'shut it down', led private fillibusters and has been a huge obstructionist, BUT, the gov couldn't think of ONE bill he's passed.
That makes him the perfect Repub, the Party of NO! Just sit back and bitch and moan, while sniping at what others do, and offering NOTHING of substance when it comes to AFFORDABLE Health Care (None!), Immigration (Bigger Walls!), The Budget (Bigger Military!) and foreign policy (More Bombs!). Same old shit from the Party of NO, which is probably a good thing. We saw what happened, under GW and The Dick, as they took us to war, based on lies, and then totally wrecked our economy. Compared to that, doing nothing is MUCH better.


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