To the surprise of NO ONE,

FOXNews has TWO lead stories, on-line, today. The first is about Hillary's e-mails, how the scandal is 'even worse' than thought, AND, they are re-playing the event last week where an ex-Marine heckled her about BENGHAZI! This is the front page news from Bullshit Mountain.
Of course that's better than covering the fiasco of their own candidates, bickering like 3rd grade brats over make-up and little hands while dodging all the real issues. In the real world, AOL had a great article about headlines in Europe and around the world, as they come to the realization that Trump will probably be the Repub nominee. All the 'Ugly American' stereotypes are front page news again. There is a petition in Britain, signed by over half a million, to bar The Donald from the country. This is after many European countries vowed to arrest GW and The Dick as war criminals if they try to enter the country.Thanks a bunch, Republicans, for confirming the fact you are nothing but a joke, unfunny though it may be.


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