Was flipping thru the channels,

and caught part of the FOXNews 'brain trust', Brit Hume, explaining to the sheep, that Bernie and The Donald were doing well with Iowa voters, cuz the Dems in charge are SO WEAK on the economy. OH REALLY? You Pubs wanna run on your economic record, after you TOTALLY WRECKED IT last time, and it has been on a long gradual mend, since GW and The Dick were run outta town, with a 22% approval rating in 2008? I know the sheep are stupid/naive/ignorant, but are they really THAT stupid? Maybe so, cuz they DO listen to/believe FOXCrap.
Nothing new here, but WTF is wrong with these people, who can't remember 2008? You gotta remember these same Iowa brainiac Evangelicals gave us Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee in the past, with Michelle Bachmann in second place. 'Nuff said....


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